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"Let me think: was I the same when I 
rLrK got up this morning? I almost think I can 
remember feeling a little different. But 
if I'm not the same, the next question is 
'Who in the world am I?' Ah, that's the 
great puzzle!" - Lewis Carroll 

Norwell Public Library 





FALL 57 







i j .1*1 



Dr. Donald Beaudette, Superinten- 

Bruce Marshman, Principal 

Mrs. Zemotel 

Mrs. Holden 

Mrs. Gratto 

Marianne Martin, Vice- 


Todd Chicko, Amy Greene, Peter Kapolka 


Henry Kowalski 
Jim Sullivan 
Marylou Lawrence 
Joanne Vernacchio 
Susan Gilmore 


Jim Sullivan 
Susan Gilmore 
Marylou Lawrence 
John Willis 
Stephen Mott 
Jim Farrow 


Mia Doyle 
Robert Dargis 
Phyllis Dunn 
Anne Rosenberg 
Susan Ward 


Richard Holbert 
Bruce Emerson 
John Healey 
Judith Doherty 
Al Webber 


Joan Connolly 
Mary Ellen Connor 
Jay Swartz 
Virginia Giordano 
Paul Dinolo 
Patricia Butler 


Cathy Mclnnis 

|J4. ■ * t 

i a 1 1 



Gail Scott 
Judith Field 
Susan Dickman 


Al Kassatly 
Diane Tupper 
John Osgood 


"Balance Loser" 

"Just one more good point and 

then we'll go down." 
"What about those yearbook 

"And most importantly, 

continue to take care of one 

"Hey, kids!" 

"I'm not very opinionated, but . . 

"Moderation in all you do and 
abstinence in what you're not 
supposed to do in the first 

"Clearly this shows ..." 

"Time for a Polish fieldtrip" 


"When I was on my boat ..." 
"I was shopping when ..." 

"I'm not short, I'm vertically 

"Tell your mother you get an 

extra piece of fruit for 

"Get into your groups." 
"Take these parts home and 


Mr. Anthony 
Mr. Mott 
Mr. Farrow 
Mr. Browne 
Ms. Giordano 
Ms. Gilmore 
Ms. Vernacchio 
Mr. Marshman 

Ms. Doherty 
Mr. Swartz 
Mr. Sullivan 
Ms. Tupper 
Mr. Holbert 
Mr. Dinolo 
Ms. Dunn 
Mr. Kowalski 
Ms. Doyle 








This year's baseball team completed a successful season 
Finishing the regular season with a 13 - 7 record. The team 
was led by Senior captains Kevin Banks, Frank O'Brien, 
and Frank Giglio. After struggling at the beginning, the 
team came together at the end of the season, winning their 
last six games, qualifying the team for the State Tourna- 
ment. All - Stars included Kevin Banks, who was recog- 
nized for his outstanding fielding at short-stop as well as 
pitching a 5 - 1 season, and Frank O'Brien, who led the 
league in batting with an average close to .500. 

-Sir ^ 



Front Row: Lauren Walker, Karen Armstrong, Julie Christie, Lisa Brazauskas, Dianna Forti. Middle Row: Betsy Col- 
lins, Kate Mulligan, Pam Venti, Meg Barao, Coach Gerety. Back Row: Katie Laubinger, Jill McCoy, Amy Barao, 
Rachel Mangum 

This year's softball team, led by captains 
Lisa Brazauskas and Julie Christie, enjoyed 
another successful season. Following the 
all-star play of Lisa Brazauskas and the 
pitching of Jill McCoy, the team succeeded 
in accomplishing their major goal for the 
season by qualifying for the State Tourna- 
ment. Next year's team looks very promis- 
ing with a strong nucleus of returning start- 




This year's boys' tennis team put together a strong season as they finished with a solid 9-4 record. Coach Jay Swartz and captain Stefan Lukow 
led the team to exciting victories over Hanover and Cohasset with strong support from underclassmen Ross Frankenfield and Dana Isola. This year's 
all-stars included Stefan Lukow, Lee Frankenfield, and Brett Honneus. Even though next year's team will lose their senior All-Stars, the strong nu- 
cleus of underclassmen look to carry on the success of this year's team, as they will be led by new captains Ross Frankenfield and Sriram Krishnan 


• r 

This year's girls tennis team had a great season with an overall record of 13-1. Their most exciting match was a thrilling 3-2 victory over 
Scituate. The team was led by captains Amy Bowman, Anna-Joy Weber, and Meredith Twigg. Strong underclassman support was provided 
by All-Scholastics Jen Butler and Beth McNamara. Other All-Stars included Kim Waldron. Amy Bowman, Meredith Twigg, and Danielle 
McLaughlin. Next year's team looks to be quite promising as captains Jen Butler and Kim Waldron lead the team through the season. 

Complete Roster: Jen Butler, Kim Waldron, Beth McNamara, Courtney Weiden, Michelle Peter- 
son, and Meredith Browm. 



Back Row (left to right): Eric Mueller, Jake Nogueira, Rob Costa, Pet 
tar Hagaas, Jeff Wilson, Matt Klick, Barry Neely, Andrew Marchetti, 
Dave Donavan, Pete Hajjar, Mike Foye, Coach Zarella; Middle Row 
(left to right): Eric Marchetti, Dan Kelliher, Randy Holmes, Keith 
Marsden, Jay Hughes, Todd Brabazon, Dave Conlon, Jim O'Brien; Bot- 
tom Row (left to right): Dave Reagan, Brendan Culley, Chris MacNeil, 
Dave Doherty, Andrew Clarke, Steve Clegg, Ben Faulkner 

XT' s 

The Norwell High School Boys' Track team was a 
huge surprise this season as they posted the best record 
of any Norwell Boys track team since 1973. Under the 
guidance of coaches Bill Zarella and John Fournier, the 
team finished with an impressive 8 and 1 record and a 
share of the South Shore League Championship. The 
success of this team was due largely to the leadership 
and performance of a very strong senior class. The most 
thrilling victory of the year came when Norwell tri- 
umphed over a Carver team that had previously been 
undefeated and who had won the league championship 
last season. Other highlights of the season were a first 
place finish at the South Shore League Meet and a 
fourth place finish as the South Shore Principal's Meet. 
There was also a talented group of underclassmen that 
made great contributions to the team's success. Juniors 
Keith Marsden, Peter Hajjar, Brian McCarthy, Eric 
Marchetti, and David Doherty all had outstanding sea- 
sons. The Clippers also got a tremendous boost from 
Sophomore Dan Kelliher and Freshman Randy Holmes. 
Matt Klick, Eric Mueller, and Pettar Haagas were all 
selected as league all- stars. The team would like to 
thank all the parents and students that gave them so 
much support during the season. With so many talented 
performers returning, the boys track team looks to con- 
tinue the wining tradition that they have started. 



Winning has been the standard for the 
Norwell Girls' Track Team over the past 
decade and the 1 994 season was no excep- 
tion. The team extended their dual meet 
winning streak, which is the longest in the 
nation, to 109. Under the guidance of first 
year coach Chuck Martin, the success of 
the Norwell Girls' Track program has 
continued. Led by one of the most tal- 
ented senior classes in school history, 
Norwell captured the South Shore 
League Championship, first place at the 
South Shore Principal's Meet, first place 
at the Class D State Relay Meet, and for 
the eleventh straight year, first place at 
the Class D State Championships. Nor- 
well also had an impressive victory over 
arch-rival Scituate in league competition. 
Captains Cristin Napier, Meghan Prent- 
iss, Melissa Loeben, Jessica Lincoln, and 
Cathy Devine were responsible for provid- 
ing the leadership that was required to 
maintain the winning tradition. Along 
with the tremendous performances of the 
five captains, many other seniors and un- 
derclassmen made great contributions. 

Back Row: Coach Mark, Meg Halloran, Meg O'Keefe, Amy Leckinger, Katie Dorney, Sue Sabadini, Lisa Sammartino, Hillary Glen- 
non, Anne Kittler, Cara McHugh, Megan Trask, Kerri Loughlin, Nancy Bergman, Jen Martin, Alicia Rice, Emily Ennis, Alicia Sprad- 
lin. Amy Kavanaugh, Kara Angeloni, Holly Aprea, Bonnie Hunter, Meg Scott; Middle Row Bianca Bernardo, Amanda La ban, Kathleen 
Fulton, Rebecca Atkinson, Kelly O'Connor, Stacey Morris, Sara Hurley, Heather Monahan, Erin Guiney, Lisa Fabrizio, Kate Newman, 
Elisa MacCurtain, Beth Whitty, Karen Shiers, Marisa Ridge; Bottom Row Jen Banks, Jill Donovan, Andrea Paliulis, Janet Chesarone, 
Meghan Prentiss, Melissa Loeben, Cathy Devine, Jess Lincoln, Alyssa Stewart, Lindsay Devin 


This was the golf team's first official 
year of competition. The newcomers took 
the South Shore League by storm, finish- 
ing with an 8-3-1 overall record, which 
was good enough for second place in the 
standings. They also qualified for the 
Eastern Massachusetts Championship 
where they came in seventh. Juniors 
Bruce Kelly and Adam Fuller qualified 
for the South Shore League Individual 
Tournament where they finished third and 
fifth respectively. Other key players this 
year included junior Mark Cogan and se- 
nior Justin Taylor. With only one senior 
graduating, next year's team looks to be 
just as strong. 


4 ^_ 

The spring drama production, Bits 'n' 
Pieces, directed by Pam Wolfe, was a real 
hit! The talented actors and actresses of 
Norwell High School performed skits, 
dramatic readings and musical selections 
from various Broadway plays including 
Grease, Little Shop of Horrors and Stone- 
water Rapture. 


& &^&\ 

un poco loco? 

4/17-4/25 . . . long bus trips, 
Dean-1'll give you five thousand 
pesetas, Raul, "rolls", churros con 
chocolate, V.I.P.S., Kevin and 
Tim-the love square!, New York 
Mills, night cruise in Sevilla-sexiest 
man alive, Carmen, theme songs on 
the bus, Italian Stallions in Madrid, 
squishing into a taxi, long museum 
tours, one more cathedral!, 
Danielle's snore, the beggars in 
Tangiers, boxes, boxes, (buckses, 
buckses), Donda esta el banco?, 
children outside the Prado, Vayate, 
Bianca sick, directions to Retiro 
Park, helado, Is that ham?, sensor 
toilets, Plaza Mayor, how many can 
we fit into a phone booth, Xaverian, 
Al, Mad Max, Michael Jackson-lost 
in New York, waiter at the cafe, 
salads with anchovies, rain in Spain, 
belly dancer, snake shop, riding on a 
camel, Betsy in a tree, horse 
burgers, Donda esta Burger King?, 
el camerero es my guapo, tropical 
blue, all nighters, cookies, bread for 
every meal, CHA bags. Thanks to 
Ms. Bowen, Mr. Dargis and Ms 
Gilmore for memories we will never 


April 14-24 .... on the plane w/ MB, her 
hairdresser, and Joe Montana, the Alps, 
Ljuba and Vito, Wakey, Wakey!, ciao 
bella, punctual, Vito is very angry about 
his bus, scusi, discos in Florence twice w/ 
s. beach, twenty minute dinners, Super- 
man, Cutie nicie boy, Gypsies and roses, 
crossing the street, couple on Verona 
bench, lost on the city maps, Fiats and 3 
wheeled trucks, Switzerland, canal bus in 
Venice, gelato, karaoke "wham bam", 
MO es vegetario, almost motorcycle acci- 
dents, Mr. D's Caecilius bust, liverwurst, 
hard rolls, David, Pizzeria Rustica, always 
raining, cemented hallways and open 
doors, nightly walks, MJ is getting mar- 
ried, staying up all night the last night, 
Channel 13- home shopping?, Pompeii 
w/2 Vitos, Mille grazie to Mrs. Dunn, 
Mr. D, Mrs. Atkinson, Andy, and Mary, 
for memories that will last forever! 




ou sont les toilettes? 

In the spring of '94, twenty 
NHS juniors and seniors spent a 
fun-filled week in Paris. The ex- 
perience proved to be both excit- 
ing and educational. We will 
never forget: riding the baggage 
terminal, birdseed parties, 
Sophie, crepes, patisseries, 
Quickie Burger, Pizza Pub, 
sleazy men, Sri's sickness, the In- 
diana Jones toilet incident, 
"CHA", "kay!", "hein!", Michael 
the waiter, endless stairs, psycho 
bus driver, our awards, Scotland. 
Thanks Mia and Sue, it was a 
blast and we'll never forget it! 

Pizza Pub 


Every year as another school year comes 
to an end, so do the high school careers of 
the senior class. The toil which had begun 
four years ago finally reached its conclusion. 
The ceremony was highlighted by several 
speeches, one of which was by senior Matt 
Klick, and climaxed by the issuing of diplo- 
mas. Every student should see his/her gradu- 
ation as a resounding success, and this one 
did not disappoint! 




SaPi <• J" -a '-" « 

For the second straight year, the Norwell High School Football Team has put together a very impressive record in the South Shoi 
League. After a heart- breaking, 24 to 22, loss to Division 4 Super Bowl participant, East Bridgewater, in one of the most exciting garni 
of the year, the Clippers rebounded to finish as one of the top ranked teams in Eastern Mass. Division 4. The two most exciting victories t 
the season were the 14 to 7 victory over Scituate and the come- from- behind, 16 to 14 victory over Abington. The Clippers had the higl 
est scoring offense in the South Shore League for the second straight year. The offense was spearheaded by a tremendous offensive lin 
which was led by Senior Captains, Jake Nogueira and Brian Merrick, as well as Mike Ware (Jr.) and Jim O'Brien (So.). The line made j 
possible for Senior Captains, Peter Hajjar and Ray Marsden, Aaron Burwick (Sr.), Ben Levin (Sr.), and Matt Lewis (So.) to score plen ,: 
of points during the course of the season. 


The Fall Cheerleading squad for the 
1994 season was without a doubt the 
best group of cheerleaders in a number 
of years at NHS. Under the guidance 
of coach Sue Foye, the girls did a tre- 
mendous job for the football team and 
the boys' soccer team. With a variety 
of choreographed dances and plenty of 
acrobatic tricks, the cheerleaders elec- 
trified the crowds at football games. 


Front Row: Lindsay Devin, Beth McNamara, Melinda Boczanowski, Alyssa Stewart, Meaghan Halloran, Shelena Wong, Betsy Collins, 
Katie Newman, Kim Waldron. Middle Row: Heather Monahan, Sarah Cornwell, Sara Hurley, Erin Guiney, Katie Sulc, Lisa Fabrizio, 
Marisa Ridge, Meghan O'Keefe, Jill Donovan. Back Row: Coach Bruce Emerson, Amy Barao, Katie Dorney, Meg Barao, Amanda Laban, 
Susan Sabadini, Jen Neves. 

Once again the girls soc- 
cer team had quite an 
accomplished season 
under the direction of coach 
Bruce Emerson. Although they 
did not win the league as they 
did last year, they were good 
enough to finish fourth. Their 
final record was an impressive 
10-4-2. Their most exciting 
game was their 2-0 loss at the 
hands of Hanover in the quar- 
ter finals of the South Sec- 
tional Tournament. 


ront row, left to right: Tim Manning, Mike Foye, Todd Brabazon. Middle row: Joe Norris, Brian Doherty, David Doherty, Alex Waldron, Topher 
lughes, Erik Yurof, Adam Fuller, Matt Lazcano. Back row: Bill Lynch, David Goodhue, David Petty, Todd Twigg, Ross Frankenfield, Matt Jacobs, J. 
lughes, Chris Truesdell, Liam McDevitt, and coach Jon Osgood. 

The soccer team com- 
pleted another success- 
ful season this year as 
they finished with an over all 
record of 12-4-1, which was 
good enough for second place 
in the South Shore League be- 
hind Hanover. The Clippers' 
most exciting game was un- 
doubtedly their 4-2 thrilling 
victory over Hanover. South 
Shore League All-Stars this 
year were Mike Foye, Todd 
Brabazon, and David 




Back Row: Coach Martin, A. Reardon, D. Conlon, B. Culley, K. Marsden, B. McCarthy, D. Kelliher, D. Reagan, Coach Clark, 
Front Row: R. Sullivan, L. McDonald, A. Chin, J. Hardy, C. MacNeil 

The Boys' Cross Country Team com- 
pleted another successful season, led by 
coaches Martin and Clark. Behind the 
great running of All-Star Captains Bren- 
dan Culley, Keith Marsden, Brian Mc- 
Carthy, and All-Star Dan Kelliher, the 
boys finished the season second in the 
league with a 5-1 record. A highlight of 
the season was the All-league Meet, when 
the team took four of the top six places 



Back: Coach Clark, Nancy Bergman, Rebecca Atkinson, Annie Kittler, Kelly O'Connor, Megan Trask, Beth Whitty, Emily 
Ennis, Jen Butler, Seana Toomey, Stacy Morris, Front: Kelly Ennis, Alison Banks, Michelle Galvin, Erika Gulley, Erica 
Kilduff, Kate Finkenstaedt, Amanda Mayhew 

The Girls Cross Country Team had a perfect 
season, becoming league champions with an unde- 
feated 6-0 record. Under the leadership of Cap- 
tains Emily Ennis, Megan Trask, Beth Whitty, and 
Jen Butler, the girls were able to take second place 
in Class D and five of the top eight positions in the 
league. The team looks promising again next year 
with returning letterers Lisa Sammartino, Stacey 
Morris, and Kelly O'Connor. 



The Norwell High School Field Hockey Team continued to make progress toward the top of 
the South Shore League as they posted a very impressive 3 win, 4 loss, and 6 tie record, with a 
very young team. Norwell held their own in both games against league powers, Hull and Ha- 
nover. The most exciting game of the year was a 1 to I tie versus Hanover. The team was led by 
Seniors: Kathy Fulton, Leah Robinson, Bianca Bernardo, Pam Venti, Jen Cole, and Jen Martin. 
Bernardo, who played sweeper, Martin, who played goalie, and Venti, who played link, were all 
selected as South Shore League All-Stars. 





This year the Clippers 
put up a good fight against 
the Carver Crusaders, at 
the annual Homecoming 
football game. The 
members of the 
Homecoming Court were 
Freshmen Amanda 
Beaudette and Brian 
Doherty, Sophomores 
Amanda Laban and Jim 
O'Brien, Juniors Caroline 
St. Ours and Joe Toomey, 
and Seniors Lindsay Devin, 
Meaghan Halloran, Beth 
McNamara, Todd 
Brabazon, Brendan Culley, 
and Peter Hajjar. Later, at 
the spectacularly decorated 
Homecoming Dance, Todd 
Brabazon and Meaghan 
Halloran were crowned 
King and Queen. 


This year's powder puff game was very exciting, as both teams were equally matched. The officiating was outstandingly objective as it usually is, which ii 
due to the fact that the head official, Jim Sullivan, showed no favoritism towards the seniors. The juniors looked to take control early, but unfortunate per. 
alties held them back. With luck on their side the seniors proceeded to pound the ball up and down the field. The seniors prevailed in this late-fall classic 
which was enhanced by the symbolic transformation of seasons as snow flurries drifted to the ground at the conclusion of the game. 




This year's production 
of "Cheaper by the 
Dozen" was a great suc- 
cess. Stars were Jason 
Reis and Elizabeth 
Combs, along with a tal- 
ented supporting cast. 
The hard work of the 
Drama Club, directed by 
Pam Wolfe, was obvious 
on opening night. 

i > 



The 1994-1995 Norwell Boys Basketball team certainly gave 
their fans a great deal of excitement this past season. There were 
many exciting, high- scoring games over the course of the season 
and the Clippers had their share of victories. Coach Willis, in his 
first season as Varsity coach, had a great deal to be pleased about. 
The Clippers captured the Championship in the Ed Amaral Christ- 
mas Tournament for the first time by defeating Hanover and tradi- 
tional powerhouse, Rockland, in an exciting 85- 81 game. Other 
highlights were back to back twenty point victories over league 
powers, East Bridgewater and Abington. The Clippers were led by 
seniors Ben Levin, Pete Hajjar, Ray Marsden, and Mike Foye. 
Coach Willis also got strong performances from junior, sharp- 
shooter Billy Lynch, and sophomore center, Matt Lewis. With a 
strong nucleus returning next year, the Clippers look to have an- 
other exciting, action- packed season. 


Fans of the Norwell Girls Basketball team 
had a great deal to be happy about, as the 
Lady Clippers continued their dominance in 
the South Shore League this past season. 
Led by senior captain, Jen Martin, juniors 
Amy Martin and Kelly O'Connor, and a fab- 
ulous group of sophomores, Coach Gerety 
has enjoyed another fantastic season. A few 
of the most exciting games were a one point 
victory over league power, Abington, and a 
six point victory over arch rival, Hull. The 
Clippers may have surprised a few teams this 
year since they are such a young team. 
Coach Gerety started four sophomores and a 
freshman for most of the year, but they all 
played with the poise of seasoned veterans. 
Sophomores, Amy and Meg Barao were the 
two leading scorers, while fellow sopho- 
mores, Kaitlin Cox, Jill McCoy, and Katie 
Laubinger made solid contributions all sea- 
son long. With such a young, talented nu- 
cleus, look for great things over the next two 
years from the Norwell Girls Basketball 



Back Row: Mike Lane, Coach Sullivan, Jared Smith, Erik Anderson, Alex Waldron, Jamie Keane, Brian Keefe, 
Joe Norris, Andy Durica, Steven Ware, David Gordon, Mike Ware, Eric Kelley, Kevin Dawyskiba, Scott Web- 
ber, Dave Campbell. Front Row: Kristen Whittaker, Jason Valencia, Brian Costa, Greg Gallagher, Lynne Ma- 
honey, Stacy Nieroda 

The Wrestling team finished the season 
with a 3-9 record. Despite the team rec- 
ord, several outstanding individual perfor- 
mances were given. Under the leadership 
of Coach Sullivan and League All - Star 
Co-Captains Brian Costa and Greg Gal- 
lagher, the young team made progress and 
improved throughout the season. There 
were five females wrestlers on the team, 
including Stacy Nieroda, Norwell's first 
female varsity wrestler. The team will be 
led next year by a strong nucleus of re- 
turning varsity wrestlers, including Mike 
and Steve Ware, Jamie Keane, Erik 
Anderson, Alex Waldron, and Eric Kelley 



39 % 


Bottom: Jen Butler, Melinda Boczanowski, Joy Mazzola. Middle: Coach Jill Alexander, Jen Hasham, Elizabeth 
Trozzi, Dayna Mazzola, Sue Sabadini. Top: Erica Kilduff, Amanda Beaudette, Amy Stankewicz, Meredith 
Brown, Kerri Loughlin, Lauri Dunford 

The gymnastics team experienced a suc- 
cessful season earning a 6-6 record with their 
new coach, Jill Alexander, and the leader- 
ship of tri-captains, Jen Butler, Melinda 
Boczanowski and Joy Mazzola. This year's 
team was fairly young with upcoming under- 
classmen Dayna Mazzola and Sue Sabadini. 
Next year's team will be led by captains 
Kerri Loughlin, Sue Sabadini and Meredith 


Top row: Coach Zrelia, Ryan Sullivan. Eric Marchetti, Dan Kcllihcr, Jeff Marchesiani, Tim Baker, Jim O'Brien, Keith Marsden, Brian Mc- 
Carthy Bottom row: Randy Holmes, Andrew Marchetti, David Doherty, Andrew Clarke, Chris MacNcil, David Regan, Matt Fogarty, Bren- 
dan Culley. 

This year the boys' track team finished with an overall record of 1-2-2, which was good enough to earn them second pla 
in the league behind New Bedford. Although they participated in many great meets, their most exciting effort came in th<< 
loss to Randolph. The team was led by their captains Brian McCarthy and Keith Marsden, but they received strong supp( 
from seniors David Doherty and Brendan Culley. Four members were chosen as All-Stars: David Doherty, Randy Holm< 
Brian McCarthy, and Dan Kclliher. All in all, the team had a great season and they look to repeat this performance ne 
year as well. 


Top: Lesley Donoghue, Rebecca Atkinson, Seana Toomey, Elise MacCurtain, Annie Kittler, Sara Hurley, Courtenay Webster, Michelle 
Galvin, Natasha Kelly, Jen Ewart, Coach Martin. Middle: Kristin Khachadoorian, Lisa Fabrizio, Erin Guiney, Katie Dorney, Lisa Allen, 
Amanda Laban, Kate Finkenstaedt. Bottom: Emily Ennis, Alyssa Stewart, Stacey Morris, Beth Whitty, Lisa Sammartino. 

The girls' track team finished with a record of 3-1-2. They were one of the better teams in the league, along with new Bed- 
rd; their most exciting meet of the season was their win over New Bedford. The team was led by captains Alyssa Stewart, 
nily Ennis and Beth Whitty. All-Stars included Alyssa Stewart, Sara Hurley, Stacey Morris, Lisa Sammartino and 
nanda Laban. The success of the team is evidenced by the fact that they won their all-league meet late in the season. With 
iny quality underclassmen returning, the team should do very well next year. 


Top: Coach Atkins, Mike Bois-Connell, David Goodhue. Alex Alpert, Jon Petty, Mike Murray, David Petty, Coach McBrian. Middle: Jeff Camp- 
bell. Nick Mantia. Tim Messinger, Chris Evans, Joe Dcluca. Bottom: Mike McCaffrey, Tim King, Derek Smith. Adam Alpert 

This year was the most exciting of the newly-formed Norwcll Hockey club. More fans than ever before ventured out to the Pilgrim Hockey Rinl 
watch their beloved Clippers take the ice. Even though the team lost most of their games, they were very closely contested and well played. The most ex 
ing games for this hard-hitting team were their 4-2 victory over Hull and their tic with Cohassct. The team was lead by captain Dave Petty as well as as 
tant captains Alex Alpert and Mike Murray. They received leadership from other key players as well, such as Adam Fuller, Jon Petty, and Dave Goodl 
The hockey team was also fortunate to have standout Tim King in net. 


The case for the 1995 Mock Trial 
team is a juvenile" transfer hearing 
where the decision of trying a 16- 
year-old juvenile as an adult hangs 
in the balance. The Prosecution 
team is composed of Seniors: Betsy 
Collins, Elizabeth Combs, David 
Conlon, and Susanna Siu, and Ju- 
niors: Tim O'Neill, Marisa Ridge, 
K.C. Flannery, and Rick Kenney. 
The Defense team includes Seniors: 
David Doherty, Brendan Culley, 
Scott Ryans, and Sriram Krishnan, 
and Juniors: Jason Reis, Andrew 
Clarke, Meredith Brown, Katie 
Cowden, and Brian Moses. The 
Mock Trial team would like to 
thank Mr. Farrow for all of his time, 
effort, and patience. 



MintdiOi*"" « Y»f FIRSTBORN CHILD 



:l e 


This year's Norwcll High School Science Fair had thi 
largest number of participants ever. The students prescntcj 
a variety of projects to scvral judges, and when the decj 
sions were reached. Junior Jason Reis was the winner. Thi 
1995 Science Fair may also be noted for the rcmarkablj 
success of the Senior class, with Jessica Kellcy, David Cor] 
Ion, Mclinda Boczanowski and Bianca Bernardo winninj 
second place through fifth place honors. All students are tl 
be commended for their efforts, in making the Science Fa| 
such a resounding success. 




This year's edition of the Senior 
Auction has proven to be one of the 
more successful ones in memory. As 
was the norm in the previous auctions, 
products donated by various corpora- 
tions and individuals were dealt off to 
eager patrons. At this year's auction, 
items were sold ranging from athletic 
themed doorknobs to a fly-fishing es- 
capade to various health/athletic club 
memberships. Thanks to the generos- 
ity of the donors and the ardor of the 
bidders, the Senior Class profited 

Norwell High students shine in every area of the arts 
- art, drama and music. The spine is always deco- 
rated with the art students' productions, while 
plays, talent shows and concerts are enjoyed by all. The 
Parents of Performing Students raise funds to help in all 
artistic endeavors. Recent successful events have been a 
trip to sec the Harvard band, the sale of T shirts Celebrat- 
ing the Arts, attendance at a performance of Damn Yan- 
kees, and the appearance of the University of Richmond 
band. Norwell definitely celebrates the arts! 


SENIORS: Dave Conlon, Jessica Kelley, Emily Ennis, Dave 
Doherty, Kim Waldron 

FRESHMEN: Matt Mangui 
Jenn Hasham, Jon Alabiso, Li 
Allen, Liz Weber 

SOPHOMORES: Alex Waldron, Amanda Laban, 
Amy Kavanaugh, Mike Panarelli 

JUNIORS: Dave Vasconcellos, Rebec 
Atkinson, Jason Reis, Brian Moses, Toph 










1 • 






Tim, we wish you joy, love, and 
happiness- you've given us all 
of that and more. Love Mom 
and Dad. 

Brian- You brighten every 
room you enter. Your wonder- 
ful ability to see the best in ev- 
eryone makes the world a bet- 
ter place. We love you dearly- 
Dad, Mom, Bonnie, Kate and 

Greg, our wish to you is that 
your future be filled with love, 
health, happiness, and success. 
Always believe in yourself and 
what you can accomplish. Con- 
gratulations! Love you always, 
Mom, Dad and Jeff. 

Jeff, Congratulations! You are 
so special to us. We will love 
you forever, and we will always 
be proud of you. Love, Mom, 
Dad, Tony and Nonna. 

Joy, As you take your next big 
step in life, remember your 
Mom, Dad and sister Dayna 
are ever so proud of you and all 
your accomplishments. Con- 
gratulations and Love! 

Doug- Every mom should have 
a child like you. You have been 
such a pleasure, it is hard to let 
go. Congratulations! Daddy 
would be so proud. Love, Mom 
and Russ. 

"Eri-Bear" You brighten the 
world with your smile. The fu- 
ture is shining bright for you, 
go for it. Follow your heart and 
you'll be happy. We are very 
proud to have you for our son. 
Love, Mom, Dad, D.J., Mat- 
thew and Tobey 

Congratulations, Meg! May the 
most that you wish for your fu-. 
lure be the least that you get. 
You have our pride, our sup- i 
port, and most importantly, our, 
love, always. Love, Mom, Dad, 
Julie, and Andy. 

Todd, you have been a joy in 
our lives since day one. We cel- 
ebrate with you on your many 
successes today. We anxiously 
wait to see what you cook up 
for the future. Love Always, 
Mom and Dad. 

Alyssa, for all that you have 
been, all that you are, and all 
that you may be, we are proud 
of you and love you. May your 
future be filled with health and 
happiness. Love Mom, Dad, 
and Travis. 

Stacy, congratulations! We 
wish you good luck, good 
health, and lots of happiness in 
your future. Love Mom, Dad, 
and Kristin. 

Bruce, may all your dreams 
come true. We wish you health, 
wealth, and happiness. Hope to 
see you on the pro tour one day. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Carolyn, Jill, 
Nan and Roger. 

Jess, From Liddy Biddy to Spe- 
cial One, from the Lunch Time 
Dance to Paquita. Each step 
you've taken has filled us with 
pride. Your future is limitless. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Eric, Greg 
and Meg. 

Beth, entering a new and excit- 
ing phase of your life, remem- 
ber to meet all you encounter 
with three of your biggest qual- 
ities, patience, love, and under- 
standing! Congratulations and 
remember Mom and Dad are 
here always! Love Mom and 

Jennifer, Congratulations on a 
job well done. We are all very 
proud of you and wish you ev- 
ery success and happiness in 
I your future goals. With lots of 
I love, Mom, Dad, Terry and Sa- 
I mantha. 

Congratulations Lynne, We're 
all very proud of you. Set your 
goals high, and "go for it". 
Most important, always make 
room for laughter. Wishing you 
health, happiness, and a bright 
future. Love Dad, Mom, Janet, 
John and Bob. 

"Lives of great men all remind 
us, we can make our lives sub- 
lime, and, departing, leave be- 
hind us footprints on the sands 
of time. "-Longfellow- The best 
is yet to come. Love, Mom and 

Sriram, Congratulations. We 
are very proud of you, not only 
for your academic achieve- 
ments, but also because of your 
good nature. May god be with 
you always, and much good 
luck to you in anything you do. 
Love, Mom and Dad. 

Congratulations Dave. We're 
proud of you. Wishing you and 
the class of 1995 success and 
happiness in the future. Love, 
Dad, Mom, Joe, Deb and John. 

Jennifer, always keep "smiling" 

no matter what you may hap- 

pen to "fall" into the future. 

Congratulations on a job well 

done. Love, Dad, Mom, Amy, 

Douglas and Leanne. 

Leah, may you continue to be a 
trailblazer through life, sprin- 
kling humor, energy, beauty, 
and intelligence along your 
path. Believe in yourself and in 
the impossible. We love you, 
Mom and Ella. 

Melinda, May your future have 
happiness, health, and success. 
We love you. Mom and Dad. 

Congratulations to you Dave! 
We all wish you much success 
in whatever you head out to do. 
You have earned it. Love, 
Mom and Dad, Danielle and 
Jeanne, Brian and Minnie. 

Congratulations Mark. Chan- 
nel your swim through life al- 
ways floating to the top. Skim- 
ming the crests of success, 
never to sink and fish for your 
sole. We love you, you're the 
best. Love Mom, Dad, Jo. 

Brian, We're very proud of you 
and all you've accomplished. 
Your future will be filled with 
success! Always remember your 
dreams. They're on the horizon 
- Sail on! Love, Mom, Dad, 
Rob, Chris and Mary. 

Dear Steve, congratulations 
and best wishes as you depart 
Norwell High School for a 
happy, successful, and musical 
future. Love always, Dad, 
Mom, Rob, Jim and Mike. 

Emily, you are a joy and a de- 
light to us all. Reach the stars 
and share your gifts with the 
world. We love you very much. 
Mom, Dad, Alex and Matt. 

Congratulations Heidi! We're 
very proud of you and happy to 
see that your dimpled smile 
continues to reflect your happy, 
gentle spirit, and generous, lov- 
ng heart. God bless you as you 
spread the sunshine! Thank you 
N.H.S. Love Mom, Dad, Matt 
and Jenn. 

Erica, your strong will and 
powerful personality will take 
you far. Good Luck. We love 
you Mom, Dad and Deborah. 

Meliss, Congratulations- We're 
so proud of all that you have 
done and all that you will do. 
May all the joy that you have 
given us come back to you. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Pat and 

Brendan, if ever you open a 
loor and don't get a kick out of 
what's behind it, call home for 
ove, encouragement, and fuff. 
Love Mum and Dad. 

Craig - You hung in there and 
made it - May you always 
march to that different drum- 
mer - We are proud of you! 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Bill. 


1 1 i& 

Ben. you have always been and 
will always be someone special 
10 us and lo everyone. We are 
really proud of who you are. 
Enjoy your life and keep it spe- 
cial. All our love. Dad. Mom. 
Denise and Bianca. 

r i 

Congratulations Pete! We're so 
proud of you! You've always 
worked so hard to reach your 
goals. May all your future en- 
deavors end in touchdowns! 
Good luck and God bless you 
and the class of '95! We love 
you! Dad, Mom. Nick and Tim. 

Meaghan- we are very proud of 
you and ail of your accomplish- 
ments. We know you will do 
well in your future and well 
love you always. Love, Mom, 
Dad and Tim. 

Beth, you are so special! Con- 
gratulations! We are so prouo 
of you in all your accomplish- 
ments. Love, Mom and Dad. 

Aaron, we're proud of your 
skills and talents, of your hard 
work and accomplishments, but 
most of all we're proud to be a 
part of your life and to have a 
son like vou. Love, Mom and 

Jake, as you wave goodbye to 
your very successful high 
school years and greet the next 
stage of your life, remember, 
we love you. Mom and Dad. 

Lindsay, may you always main- 
tain faith in yourself, be able to 
laugh, and bounce back from 
life's tumbles. We love you and 
are so proud of you. Mom, 
Dad. Amy and Jess. 

Congratulations Kim! we are 
very proud of you and all thai 
you have accomplished. Keep 
smiling and happiness and suc- 
cess will follow you. Love 
Mom, Dad, Sara, Alex and 


Well, my dear, this rather says 
it all . . . You have been so spe- 
cial then, now, and always. Stay 
true to yourself. Be the best 
that you can be. We wish you 
happiness and success in all fu- 
ture endeavors. You are my 
world, Bianca. Love Mother, 
David and Ben. 

Emily, to our little girl who was 
curious about everything. May 
you continue to have your sense 
of wonder and joy. Love, Mom, 
Dad, Kelly and Becky. 

J, what fun its been! You've 
brought joy everyday and so we 
say, thanks for the memories 
and the best is yet to come. 
Love, Mom and Dad. 

Katie, you are a special human 
being and we are proud to be 
your family. Keep smiling and 
remember we love you always. 
Congratulations to you and 
your classmates. Love, Mom, 
Dad and Tracey. 

Danielle, you are the joy of our 
life. We're so proud of you for 
always being just you. Stay pos- 
itive and be happy! Good 
health and the best of luck. We 
love you! Mom, Dad and Su- 

We have watched you grow in 
many ways, Todd. We like the 
way you go after things - con- 
tinue on that course. We wish 
you a world of happiness. Love, 
Dad, Darlene, Mummy and 

Thank you for all the joy you 
have brought into our lives, 
Jeff. We wish you a lifetime of 
happiness - from there every- 
thing else will fall into place. 
Love, Dad, Darlene, Mummy 
and Megan. 

May the Good Lord be with 
you down every road you 
roam- And may sunshine and 
happiness surround you when 
you're far from home- We love 
you both, and in our hearts 
you'll slay forever young. 
Mom, Dad and Allison. 

Pam, Congratulations. May all 
your dreams come true. We are 
very proud of you. Good luck, 
we love you. Mom, Dad, Peter 
and Kim. 

Congratulations Shelena. 
Wishing you good health and 
much success on your future 
accomplishments. Mom and 

Congratulations Nightmare. 
May you be successful and 
happy in whatever road you 
choose in life. Thanks for the 
ten years of football memories. 
You've made us proud. Love 
Mom, Keith, Chris and 

Erik, it has been exciting 
watching you experience life. 
We are so proud of who you 
are! Challenge the future and 
enjoy the rewards of your ef- 
forts. Love, Mom, and Dad. 

Jen, Congratulations! You've 
always been so very special to 
us and all who know you. We 
hold every precious memory 
close to our hearts. Continue to 
follow your dreams. We'll al- 
ways be there for you. We love 
you, Mom, Dad and Herb. 

Kathleen Ellen Fulton, you're 
the best! Love from Mom, Dad, 
Cynthia, Ken and Dave. 

We're so proud of you, Alex! 
Love, Mom, Dad, Erica, Amy 
and Adam. 



Eric - Congratulations! We are 
proud of the wonderful young 
man you've become. Follow 
your dreams. Love, Mom, Dad, 
Andrew and Ellen. 

Congratulation, Damon. We 
are so proud of you. You have 
worked hard, accomplished 
much, and became a fine young 
man. "Go confidently in the di- 
rection of your dreams. Live 
the life you imagined ..." We 
love you. Mom, Dad, Carrie, 
Amber and Taylor. 

Kate, look what you have ac- 
complished. You have brought 
us so much joy and pride!! Oh, 
how we'll miss our sensitive, 
trusting, loving, caring Kate . . . 
but "You've got a friend." 
Love you forever, Mom, Dad 
and Ann. 

Tim, you've made us proud, 
you've made us laugh. You will 
always make us look UP. Love 
Mom, Dad and Amanda. 

Congratulations Brian. You 
have something to smile about. 
You did it. We hope you are as 
proud of yourself as we are. 
Love, Mom, Dad and Chrissy. 

Kara, "May God bless and 
keep you always, May your 
wishes all come true, May you 
always do for others. And let 
others do for you." Love al- 
ways, Mom, Dad, Chris and 

Elizabeth, "If you can't be a 
good example, then you'll just 
have to be a horrible warning." 
Thank you for living what you 
believe. Love, Mom and 

Michael- We hope life brings 
you as much happiness as you 
have brought to us. We are 
proud of you, as we love you. 
Congratulations! Mom, Kris- 
ten, Kerry and Kim. 

Damien, Congratulations as 
you graduate and enter the 
world with the kindness and 
balance you always show, as it 
is who you are. May your life 
be filled with health, happiness, 
and peace. Love always, Mom, 
Dad and Mariana. 

Congratulations Alison! Be 
happy in your life, take pride in 
what you do. We will always 
love you, just for being your- 
self. Love Dad, Mom, Tess and 

Kristen, Congratulations. We 
are so proud of you. You'll al- 
ways be Dad's "Pumkin" and 
my bundle of joy, love, and 
happiness. "Remember do the 
right things and the right things 
will happen." Love, Mum, Dad 
and Grandmama. 

Gage, At the time you were 
born, America was fighting its 
way out of a recession, a south- 
ern Democrat was in the White 
House, and our leaders were 
struggling with dictators. No- 
tice much of a change? The 
change has been in you, and it's 
one we're very proud of. Health 
and happiness, Mom and Dad, 

Alex- Don't ever lose that spe- 
cial gift you have for caring 
and that wonderful smile. Best 
wishes to you and the class of 
'95 for much happiness and 
success. Love always. Mom and 

Beth, Congratulations! "You 
are the light of the world." We 
love you, lots and lots and lots. 
Mom, Dad, Mike and Buddy. 

Jen, we are so proud of all you 
are and all you've accom- 
plished. The world is yours to 
enjoy and conquer. We know 
you will succeed in all you do. 
Good luck!! We love you! 
Mom, Dad and Joe. 

Ellen, all our lives are richer 
and happier because you're a 
part of them. Your caring, giv- 
ing heart is a gift to all who 
know you. We couldn't love 
you any more or be more proud 
to call you ours. Love, Mom, 
Dad, Danny, Mikey, Laura and 

richer . .. 

Julie, You've always demon- 
strated strength. "Hold on to 
the good. Thessalonians 5:21" 
We're so proud of you, our 
prayers go with you as you 
stand up for what you believe 
in. We love ya! Dad, Mom and 

Good luck. Jay! Love Mom 
Dad and Sharon. 

Congratulations Brandon! You 
have made us very proud of you 
as a PMC, M.S.A., and of 
your becoming an EAGLE. As 
you reach further heights in 
life, remember to soar with the 
Eagles. We love you, Mom, 
Dad, Chris, and Leigh. 

ison, thanks with much love 
r being the kind of son others 
ished they had. The world no 
nger may consider you a 
tild, but no matter how old 
)u get, you'll always be God's 
lild and ours. Love, Mom and 








Kim Waldron and Ray Marsden 

Jen Butler and Jake Nogueira 




"Chemistry with Mr. Emerson. 
- Kristin Coleman 
"Coffee in the Gold Office." 
Jeff Wilson 

"Mr. DiNolo." -Greg Antman 

"Talks with the Nurse." -Jen 

"Sara Hurley." -Ben Levin 
"Friday night dinners." - Jake 

"All of my friends." -Brendi 

"The bomb scares." -Susanr! 

"Football." -Todd Wilson 

"Flooding Mr. Healy's room." - 
Beth Whitty 

"Lunch." - Emily Messinger 
"Seeing the kids I grew up with 
all trapped in one place." - Erik 


rhe Ward-Doyle language 

.0." -Brian Merrick 

; our years of running." -Brian 


loor hockey." -Dave Doherty 

"Never coming to school on 
time." -Matt Penezick 
"Slush and Chicken patty." 
-Todd Brabazon 

"The extreme relief I felt every 
time I walked out the door." 
-Alison Hunt 

"Ms. Dickman's classes." -J 

"Ms. V's wise cracks." -Brendan 

"Away games." -Meaghan Hal- 



Melinda Boczanowski and David Doherty 


Down home, down east, downtown. ForGVCP YOI 

1'lllB WOrld 1 M«ick getaway 
according hi fti«feSfr± 
hnC'-cho Isummer varationsLJ I WHIUI 
Nil CT DllG J is something You Newer outgrow K U 

L / pjJJBaiion of !aughter...Iove ...and intense happiness 'On the Cl 

76 NATURAiuy back a ~«li oJ 






^J^j^^!^ 1 


mm — 






Make A Statement 


Sk / ^W^Q Admission and 

O ' Financial Aid 


Fight tl 



n orwelTs week ^ave all r 

omethins for everyone SUMMER STO RY U 

I frpchman r |,, ,' rl< ' rl wo^NG tOgetAer... 1 

iresnmdn da> done Survival sklll ~ omeat optl0J 

news that makes yo ur world go ■ r o u n ^B W» WhiiT#ifciei;itl>.'M?J rTiTHtTTTTTl 

I 1 What-fVf/?/ ' What You Tn ink 1)1 1 )YOl K \( )\\ \ 

I Find a Forgotten Friend 

Change Your Life 

commitment to excellence 


m I thought it would be." 

at do children want? * 

P CONTROL' Bu? n & t I 

V»__^reating friendships FOr^OttCIl 

school notebook 


Edge' sense ofh Umor 1 realized too late how much time I had wasted 

?iNorwell ^ 




f u ° f for whatever pops up in life 


Kids' Books: 




he Finish gOing an inch? | 

eTh ™S e ff ™CIOnP86 



// i> around to wn f 

™ ""personal thought, things change 

a tew things 
never should 

Moral of 
the story? 

J***? of y^<£ £v-~o~y~ <^~C?( 



. smart, honest, funny, Big ReSUltS OU ^^%^% L L 

irtMin9yoart.i/j mce JJUr 1 

t All you have to be Ms you %4 




Peter Hajjar and Leah Robinson 


Stacy Nieroda and Todd Wilson Lindsay Sesnewicz and Craig Ansell 1 23 


! 1 ; i 

Known by many as a night that makes memories, year after yeail 
the prom is deemed a success. The 1994 version of this spring evenlj 
was no exception. Held at the South Shore Country Club in Pern ] 
broke, it was an eventful night full of dining, dancing, and, com-] 
bined with out-of-prom celebrations, a night filled with fun. It was aj 
gala, first class in every way, from beginning to end. The climax ol 
the evening occured when Joe Maccini and Beth McNamara were! 
named 1994 Prom King and Queen respectively. It was indeed a J 
night to remember. 



I. Alex Alpert. leave lo TM a Porsche 91 1. EM a se- 
nior lunch. AJF decent hockey equipment, EB a 
stud like Tim. TB a lifetime supply of food. 

I. Craig Robert Ansell. leave to Adam G. a 3002X, 
Bob F $50. Nate Q. a new set of wheels for his 
SK8, Jeff C another fat HLY. and Mrs Tupper a 
pair of cut off Fresh Jive shorts. 

I. Greg Amman, leave to PG a new sportsvan with 
simulated wood, EM a map of 53, AH a man and 
God, EM someone to love who will love her back, 
MB OGFWJL. JD my lovable insanity. Me "just 

I, Tim Baker, leave Damon a day without conflict, 
TM free video rentals, KC a chauffeur, DC a pud- 
dle, Adam B. a painful high five, EM my lungs, and 
Valencia and crew a flashlight. 

I, Erica Berkowitz. leave to LD a day without worry- 
ing about food, IK a smooth relationship, BM my 
answering machine. AS her very own wardrobe, 
and to all my friends a lifetime supply of gum and 

I, Bianca Bernardo, leave to Toph a Porsche and my 
love forever; JC the Sheraton Tara KN a man; EE 
another twin; PV a third wheel; KAK Exlax and a 
quarter; Sueza common sense; KF gets AS. 

I. Melinda Boczanowski, leave to Emily a neighborly 
neighbor, Alison God; you, me and five bucks, Greg 
the captain, Sri my Polish intelligence, Beth a bug, 
Katie Gertrude, Elaine a thcta. and everyone else a 
bit of originality. 

I, Todd Brabazon, leave to Randy H. a javelin part- 
ner, Danielle M. a hearing aid, Jeff "Donald" a 
bandage for all the bruises I gave him, and to 
Michelle I leave the best of luck in your years to 

I. Aaron Burwick, leave to BL a glass of chocolate 
milk and government issued sunglasses, BM a pops- 
icle and a bottle of Snapple. RH 1,000 yards and a 
win over EB, LR my love and devotion! 

I, Jen Butler, leave to KM a road map and a conversa- 
tion in Spanish, LM buttercrunch, KM a truck of 
army men, JM a trip to Bertucci's, KH the pre- 
ferred stock man, KO a fantastic voyage, and Miss 
V a smile. 

I, Amy Chicko, leave to Katie our friendship, KC 
lunch memories. Keith awesome GA, Bickfords, 
Anne, good times on retreats, Barry continued 
laughter, Andrew his kindness towards others, Rob 
my appreciation for his encouragement and sup- 
port. Kristen more kissed hands. 

I. Brain Clark, leave EM my car, HR all my clothes, 
and to the BLC a case for each and a ptp, and 

I. Mark Cogan, leave to BM, AB, BL a good argu- 
ment and a volleyball game, to EY, AF, ND a ride 
in the pimp with the Counting Crows playing, and 
Elise two more exciting years at NHS. 

I. Jennifer Cole, leave to Carlene a good boy, to KT 
half a week short of ten weeks. BB another long 
weekend, KF a roommate in Colorado, and to 
Heidi a world full of butterflies and toads. 

I. Kristen Coleman, leave to Alicia my Spanish note- 
book and memories from Mrs. Field's room, to 
Amy the fun we had at my house and all the memo- 
ries we had with each other, friends forever, to Far- 
rah a date with Colin, and Good Luck to all my 

I, Betsy Collins, leave to Kate a row of parking spaces, 
lo Erica a permanent pass to the bathroom, to An- 
drea good times, best friends, happiness and Sven, 
and to Bryan luck and love. 

I. Elizabeth Combs, leave to SS extensions and BFs, 
EC and EH my name, EC some logic, DC songs 
and my chem grades, JR something, KM a car, CM 
a job she likes, GG pens, and everyone cough drops 
and memories. 

I. David J. Conlon, leave to JN another phone call, 
CM a bad pun, ST "a night on the town", DG a 
philosophical discussion, EM a grunt, TB motor- 
ama. Drama a hug, and everyone else a big wave 
and a smile. 

I, Carlene Constantino, leave to Jen "Dazed and Con- 
fused', Heidi 'Triple X', Timmy a blankey, Adam 
long hair, Kristen a satisfying song, Brian a coat, 
and Eric a weekend at DJ's. 

I, Brian Costa, leave to JV a non-guilty conscience, 
SR some Mountain Dew, DG his perfect Saab, Tim 

B. a new nickname (Space), CC his own CD's, 
Mary a ride to school, TH a super computer, Dave 

C. film, KW a censored barn. 

I, Brendan Culley, leave to JK my decisiveness and 
another Blockbuster night, BD a pizza and my car, 
MT an in-depth conversation, all the guys another 
night fishing, and DD a good haircut and an En- 
glish essay. 

I, Lindsay Devin, leave to KW a day without sweaty 
palms, LR cinnamon buns, EB a night when no one 
shows up at her house, BM a night without ice- 
cream, and AS a friend to watch a movie with. 

I, Annette DiNatale, leave to Rachele, BFA, "the 
tape", Mikey my shamrock, I wub you! Betsy the 
face and a Softball, Jill, Tara, Amanda, and Court- 
ney a party next summer, Crissy the roof. 

I, David Doherty, leave to Brian my unused soccer 
cleats, KW, JK a "hoserhead" convention, "BW", 
KN, MH a pizza date, EE a trampoline, "GS", MT 
a boyfriend, Murphy, Babysteps and SNL, BC my 
homework and a sail. 

I, Julie Donahue, leave to CM a rain puddle, a bag of 
grapes and true happiness, KM a rain puddle and 
McDonald's drive thru, Beth a grocery cart, MP a 
Hummel for his nose. Success in the future to class 
of '95. 

I, Alex Eaves, leave to Elaine everlasting love, BB my 
bigness, SM buzzers, GF Sprewell doll, JM special 
soap, SK stats, NQ handshake, AB '94 finals, AH 
high-pitched ahhh, DD French class, ML my verti- 
cal, JT Jordan, TM, Matrick. 

I, Emily Ennis, leave to MT a distance run and a 
Jetta, KN and DM Green Harbor, DD cape 
friends, JK tune, BC elementary school, MH the 
HORDE, and to my friends "Omaha" and a never 
ending summer. 

I, Gage Fay, leave to Alex Eaves a home where he's 
always welcome, JT a box of baseball cards, Jon S. 
"2 RANDOM". EM my singing, BF more fun 
times. Jeff M. a band, Bob more crazy times. 

I, Bob Fisher, leave to Jon Sheehan my Stan in a jar, 
to Adam Gabriel and Steve Panarelli my spine and 
brain, to Ron my lungs, and to Katy Bayard a hug 
and a kiss. I leave all my love to LeeAnn Richman. 

I, Michael Foye, leave to Bill Lynch a goal dance, Laz 
a perfect pass, Pam a boyfriend, OD someone for 
late night talks, J a war story, Jeff a 6.0, Randy a 
twitch, and Shelly chicks. 

I, Beth Fradet, leave to Elaine a Kaju, Alison "A! 
tion", Craig Night Rider, and Gage "9". 

I, Kathleen Fulton, leave to TM a girlfriend, MH| 
hot guy to f.a.w., PV-RH, BB our talks, JN somJ 
body to eat cookies with, and JC a trip to ColoradJ 

1, Adam Fuller, leave to my sister, Abbie, two go<j 
years, Marc, Eric, and Nate, my life and Neei 
Jameson my heart. 

I, Adam Gabriel, leave to Bruce Kelly a right fro 
quarter panel to his mother's car and a rock fro 
the rock wall I hit with it. 

I, Damon Gabrielle, leave to TB a bike accident ai 
the perfect salsa mix, JN plastic necklace beac 
JV a lifetime supply of touch up paint, EM n 
lung, and to TM THE BLUE SAAB! 

I, Greg Gallagher, leave to Brian Merrick a spoon, 
Coach another bad dream, to NHS an unused nicl 
name, to the football team another great seasc 
and to Mike Ware the pride of the park. 

I, Peter Hajjar, leave to BL a jumpshot, Nick my C 
spot, EM another 10 years of football, to li 
TEAM the elusive EB triumph, to Beth, all the i 
cream in the world, my heart, and all my love. 

1, Meaghan Halloran, leave to KN a house on Mar) 
Lane, MT a Dartmouth hat, EE the best bike routi 
KW a navy Deluxe Pack containing "her life", B| 
ON Rye, JK Spanish-Irish Girls, DD Paperami 
KF a cool car, BC/LR my admiration. 

I, Kristin M. Harding, leave to Jen M. an ambulan 
ride, Kate an optional stop sign, Kara dates wii 
CR12, Lynne a basket toss and another blind da: 
Jen B free water, and to all my friends the boys ' 

I, Heidi Hetzel, leave to Tim M. the S.H. Policy, Ca 
lene a corner stool at D.J.'s, Dave my shoes, KristJ 
T. a partner for the oriental, and Ellen a thumbs u 

I, J. Hughes, leave to Topher another year at Nil 
JW a bigger back seat, BC a thirsty night, DOG 
lawn talk, BOD a night alone, TW a twinkie, K1 
my love and good luck, DD a day without sailing. J 

I, Alison Hunt, leave to Katy a little bike, Beth 'Al 
tion', Boz OGFWJL, Gage a nine, Greg Bob L 
onard and Franklin Q. Rizzo, Emily a dead wca 
and all of these people two beeps of Emily's horn. I 

I, Douglas William Kazorek, leave to Bruce K ,i w. 
home from Yurofs house, Eric M. $700, Adam 
a car that cherps out, Damien R. a day out aloil 
and Lisa R. all my love forever. 

I, Jessica Kelley, leave to MT a hero, TH, an epip. 
KW John Hope, LF a three wheeled truck, DCl 
skiing yard sale, BC a girl with curly hair about ij 
height, and "them" lasting memories. 

I, Bruce Kelly, leave to Danielle Thompson my Icj 
and a fall in a puddle, to Adam Gabriel a rij 
quanton panel, a stone wall and a emergency bra 
to Red the RM, to Doug a ride in the Lemans. 

I, Melissa Kelley, leave to Maureen a happy life wS 
Neil, to Greg and John a lunch time inspector ;| 
life, to Peach a boyfriend who doesn't know IB 

I, Sriram Krishnan, leave to ANE NyQuil and soil 
Flintstone vitamins, DJC my warm and sunny p 
sonality, JMD a good insult, AB another Kni 
loss, and to everyone I forgot, some strands of i 
ebony locks. 


n Levin, leave to AB, BM, and MC a trip to Nan- 
cket anytime and a friend forever, to PH a ride to 
hool, and to SH all the clothes in my closet and 
I the love in my heart. 

irrah L. Maccaro, leave to Tim Manning a life- 
ne supply of gum, Kristen Coleman a hook up 
th TSG, Cara and Forest a weirdo to chat with 
lout adv., I leave to HG, JP, CM our old B mem- 

tra MacNeil, leave to JB a hot fudge sundae and 
membership to the club, KH driver's ed and a 
ur of MIT, JM her dream men and moon boots, 
M School Ties, and all "the gang" my eternal 

nne Mahoney, leave to Jen B. and Kara an end- 
is supply of Buttercrunch, Kristin a mosh pit and 
>ane boyfriend, and Stacy, Joy and myself apples, 
ad and a night of complete freedom. 

ff Marchesiani, leave to Damien Rizzi, a woman 
r all of the time, to Tim O'Neil an eternity of a 
toke free environment, to Steve Panarelli a date 
th Stu Hamm, to Tami S. all my merchandise 
d knowledge of Disney. 

ic Marchetti, leave to GA a new appendix and a 
r of Star Land boat pool water, to DC a generous 
>, to DG all the suction cup toys he wants, to TB a 
r stereo with a tape deck and to everyone else, a 
:kled yam. 

:ith Marsden, leave to Heidi Hetzel the biggest 
yscraper in New York City for our club, Stacy 
ieroda a disco in Paris, Carlene Constantino my 
itch, and my brother the best luck in life. 

ly Marsden, leave to BC, TW, JW, TB, Toph J. 
d Keith a small uncut muddy Held where there 
e always enough kids to play football, NHS a 
Dtball class like '95, and especially to Keith, I 
ive an open door forever. 

len P. Martin, leave to Heidi Hetzel thumbs up, 
d OK and a Jita Pop High, to DK a new back- 
ck, to PR, MT, and DN a new breafast buddy, 
d to Danny, Mikey, Laura, and George, good 

nnifer J. Martin, leave to KM a watch to be on 
ne, KH a normal boyfriend, JB a stool to see over 
:rowd, MKM a free lunch, AM a room to herself, 
d DM a day of class without distraction. 

y Mazzola, leave to Stacy the money for any lost 
ts, no limitations, a huge party with apples and 
other friend, LM and SN Brad (or any man), 
id Dayna lots of great times. 

ian McCarthy, leave to Dan and Chris another 
lass Championship, Keith a cookbook, Allen a 
:w ride, and to the class of '95 all the best of luck 
id success. 

anielle McLaughlin, leave to KN purple shorts, 
reen Harbor, and all the men she's ever wanted, 
N a trip home, JW his 28 1/2 shoe size, PV a 
essy room, BOD all our memories, and SM the 
:st of luck. 

:th McNamara, leave to Meg H. a date with BS, 
im W. another ice cream run, and to Peter my 
at friend, all our wonderful memories and all my 
ck and love. 

leryl Melanson, leave to JD a dime, a rain puddle 
id snickers, KM her own phone line and a rain 
iddle, DR a thank you and a smile, ECF common 
rose and to MS, TM, and SM a hello. 

I, Brian Merrick, leave to Ben a new transmission, 
Aaron a Snapple and a popsicle, Mark a Giant 
Gobstopper Career, Adam, Eric, and Nate a head 
high wave, Bruce a new laugh, and Erica a new an- 
swering machine. 

I, Eric Merrifield, leave to ML a box of Doodles, JN 
bigger lamb chops, DK $700, BL $28, BM a real 
goat, my stretchy skin to everyone who loves it, CD 
my love. 

I, Emily Messinger, leave to Beth a Chinese firedrill, 
Gage someone to sing to, Melinda OGFWJL, 
Elaine four quarters, Alison God, Katy someone to 
mooch off, Greg the gift of anger, and Weasel some 

I, M. Katherine Mulligan, leave to JM a date with 
Ram, BC a drive to Walpole, JB a sign that's ten 
mph over the limit, KM a call from 826-2670, DM 
a locker in the Gold, KH brown hair dye. 

I, Kathryn Newman, leave to EE Woodstock, and 
Doug Devin, MH Dreamweaver, DM Kleenex and 
the Willies, KW another stampede, BO'D another 
wheel, LF summer bunnies, JN warm hands, SC 
Green Harbor, all of my friends Wilburs and good 

I, Derek Newton, leave to Steve the remains of my 
car, if you want to get them from the junkyard. To 
everyone else I leave nothing. I'm taking it all with 
me, too bad. 

I, Stacy Nieroda, leave to Joy a life in college with ap- 
ples, freedom, and all that we've hoped for. Lynne, 
friends with no limits, and both of you a boyfriend, 

I, Jake Nogueira, leave to Eric Merrifield a pony tail, 
to Randy Holmes a round of javelin golf, to Jim 
O'Brien a moving highway, and to Matt Lazcano I 
leave a good day of fishing. 

I, Brendan O'Donnell, leave to SM some diving les- 
sons, to KN a third wheel, to JW a park bench, to 
JH another night on the rocks, and to DM another 
radius of the moon and a shooting star. 

I, Laura O'Malley, leave to Patrick every re-run of 
Seaquest he could ever want, to the girls who wor- 
ship slow children, a lifetime supply of cat noises, to 
Greg and John our lunch table to break. 

I, Matt Penezick, leave to Laura a new friend to go to 
Boston with, to Lisa a new sister, to Beth a trip to 
Bickfords, to Cheryl feet and a pinecone. 

I, Jennifer Plonsky, leave to LM a "clean" sled, BC 
my couch, JV luck finding another fruitcake, a 
chair, and a challenge, TH someone taller, Krissy a 
PW sequel, cookies, memories, and a promise of 
undying friendship. 

I, Nathaniel JL. Quinn, leave to Jeff C. and Tim M. 
everything, all my friends the rest, and Shanna any- 
thing she wants, and a bunch of "I don't lcnow'"s 

I, Damien Robert Rizzi, leave to BT and Leemo the 
memories of Woodstock, Jeff Marchesiani a life- 
time of Italian women, SP his own car, Doug Ka- 
zorek a day of freedom so we can go out. 

I, Jason Robertson, leave to MC someone to talk to 
himself with, JP a pad to crash at, to the Petty 
household two large Dominos pizzas, and some Ga- 
torade, EB and answering machine that works, EY 
a clue? 

I, Leah Robinson, leave to both EB and AS a boy- 
friend, KW the black backpack, BM, MH, and JK 
the best of luck, LD six years of memories, and to 
AB my love and support. 

I, Scott Ryans, leave to the fella's in blue our table. 

I, Lindsay Sesnewicz, leave to Dawn spells, potions, 
whips, chains, leather, leopard skins, love, Deb 
Canada, club 218 men, good times and love, Amy 
happiness, love, "G" a little house, two baby girls, 
me forever, love you. 

I, Susanna Siu, leave to EC another pathetic desper- 
ate friend, MB, KM, JB, and BC, a vacation, GG a 
googol pens, Mr. Anthony a perfect music depart- 
ment, Sri a haircut, BW the ultimate self torture 
camp, MH a motorcycle and a saxophone, and to 
all the best of luck. 

I, Peter Smellie, leave to SS my computer for an eter- 
nal Doom deathmatch, and to Mr. Swartz a giant 
mondo calculator that can almost teach the class it- 
self, and the rest of my stuff to whoever can get it. 

I, Alyssa J. Stewart, leave to LR our little song, LD 
all of our gym cloths, KW "Bobby Blue", and a 
sunshiny day, EB all of our cloths and a flashlight, 
and to Mego best of luck next year. 

I, Megan Trask, leave to LF a house key, the 3 Mus- 
keteers, JK a six grade buddy, DD a girlfriend, BC 
long talks, MH - BS, and KW, an endless concert 
and cookie dough, EE a mix, and wicked willies, my 
friends, Wilbur. 

I, Brandon Turner, leave to Baker a first name, to JV 
all the Monty Python film ever made, to CJ a ride 
to school, and to Chris and Leigh good luck in the 

I, Jason Valencia, leave to TH white socks, BC a lad- 
der, DG an intellectual mate, JP a chair, ST a bet- 
ter date, SR the table, Baker a lighter foot, and to 
Kristen my heart, love, devotion, and an unlocked 

I, Pam Venti, leave to DM Miracle Grow, to AF, BN, 
to KF, RH, to Mike a superman shirt, to TB a little 
sister, to AA a ride to Sharon, to PV and KV good 
luck in the years ahead. 

I, Kim Waldron, leave to JK reinforced-toe nylons, 
MH starched oxfords, BM all you can eat, LD the 
fluffiest pancake, AS one ski, MT choc, chip cook- 
ies, DD hot cocoa at Bullwinkle's, Alex a great next 
couple of years. 

I, Kristen Whittaker, leave to Jen thanks and love for 
always being there, a copy of "Princess Bride" and 
a smile. To Jay, "This Night", all our memories, 
my eternal love, a key to our door, and my heart to 

I, Beth Whitty, leave to Kate a date with James and a 
supply of Wise popcorn, to Kara a pair of Bow Bit- 
ers, to Susanna a paper done on time, to Matt some 
trisuts, and a smile to everyone. 

I, Jeff Wilson, leave to BO'D size 22 1/2 feet, DOG 
some fresh air in the "cage", Fab a good party, 
Preppie a night you won't get caught, BL a book 
bag and a ride to school, DM a good time. 

I, Todd Wilson, leave to Mr. K a bag of chips, Betty a 
pair of Nikes, TM ability to fight, TB cold H20, 
BC coffee space, JH next dance! SN all my memo- 
ries and love, football team best of luck. 

I, Shelena Wong, leave to JC Wonder bread without 
the ends, EE my middle name, Brabie a bucket of 
apples, KW deep thoughts, KM a round trip ticket 
around the world, SP someone to push, and PH an- 
other Spanish class. 

I, Erik Yurof, leave to E. Merrifield a BK run, to 
Nate, Mark, and Adam I leave life, together we 
will share it, Dave a cherrytin, Abby good luck 
breakfast before school. 



Al. Alpo 

Don't let your fear stay in the way of your 
dreams. -No Fear 

Wrestling 1. Baseball 1-2, Hockey 2-4 (capt. 4) 

Suspended for fighting DG, Freshman Spanish, 
Throwing erasers w/DP, card games w/EM, DP, 
DN, AW, J P. AW party, every weekend at DP's 
house, skateboarding w/BM, Pine Street fields, 
breakfast w/ MM. JP, AA, party at EM's, Flor- 
ida w/ the Fam., DP & BB fighting, street 
hockey at Murray's Arena, street hockey brawls, 
4AM practice, Mighty Mighty Bostones, skiing 
on Sunday's, ski trips w/DR, BK, working at 
Star, Brighams, Joes, Taco Bell after work 
w/MM seeing DR. visiting my sister at BU, Vis- 
iting my sister at UMass, Bean Pot w/Dad, Mr. 
P., DP. JP, MP, MM, Adam, Bungee jump w/ 
Uncle Chip & Mom, Lake Winnepesokee 
w/MM, trying to go surfing, summer hockey, no 
fighting, not finishing a game, Celtics vs. Sonics 
w/GF, sports commentator on the train, good 
morning darlings. 


Greg, Ant-man, Hairnet, Bob Leonard 

Football 1, Baseball 1-2. French Club 1-2. Win- 
ter Track 3, Spring Track 3 

?Where's 53?, Damn that fire's hot, droll. Grays- 
land and the Ghetto, directing traffic, gold of- 
fice-my second home. Marsexy, DSOC, drive 
by's on Tara, Alex-yea man, orange juice, after 
prom '94, Lew the man, Alison's B-day party, 
I'm a fern, Fuddruckers, soft lips, Peggy, obsess 
much?, coping with Emily's obsessions, napalm, 
Starland, Friday mornings, that cop won't stop 
me, Sports van, Marchetti . . . 'nuff said, crazy 
Mary, Mile Morrisey-State Senate, Beth-alrighty 
then, AA, AAA ... is that for . . ., Spaulding re- 
hab, tortellini. Pine St, Gaffield Partk, insane 
mt'n biking, nights w/ JD, Alison's much needed 
therapy, coffee w/ CH, the spectrum of life, an- 
ger is a gift, to my friends- PG, EM, JD, BF, AH, 
MB, CH, AE, EL, IA-I leave friendship, to 
Emily-I leave love and someone to talk to. to 
"God" my cat-never ending adoration, to JD-in- 
sanity and my cooking skills, Mom and Dad- 
thanks for everything, Jeff-thanks for the respect, 
to JNM-a new volare w/ cactus, to everyone 


Craighead, Krecky 

Never lose my wallet it would put me on the si 
never sense at least how much I got, never 
my family, never lose my friends, never lose 
youth I hope it never ends. Hope I never lose 

The Mighty Mighty Bostc 
I can't help it if I wasn't born with a cool m 
like Dicky, crazy rides to school doing cr 
things with Bob and Adam, no Ma, it's not : 
it's Bob's, right now writing these crazy mei 
ries bein late for school with Nate, Bob, and . 
the highway bridge with Phil and Jeff, study 1 
in the bathroom with Steve P., what's that srr 
Woodnard's salt peter-chemistry's salt pe 
servin time in detention, crashing on South St; 
with Bob. Mike, and Bechy, jumpin on PI 
tramp, givin myself tattoos, bing-bing-bing-b 
Zelda? Crazy style mortal combat, bechy 
used to be cool, not any more. Norwell stii 
skating it up everywhere, I hope I'm still skat 
See you all later, not!! Peace out to all 
friends. Ally, Nicki, Matt, Ian- YOU GU 
ARE PHAT . . .! I will always love you . . . pn 


n, Baker 

cre's never enough time to do al 
j want. Calvin & Hobbes 



jck 1-4, Winter Track 2-4, Band 1, 2, 4, Jazz 
jb 3, Spanish Club 1-3, Outdoors Club 4. 

EF, midnt. mtn. biking, Marchetti, Way, 
impa-tuck, "that fire's hot!" snowballing inci- 
it, GA, EA, EM, DG, fresh, science class, arm 
ident "Looking at you all I could think was 
n glad that's not me" DCs social contract, 
le Saab, sense of direction w/ DG on Cape, 
dge, 3AM, Ted. runs, sri tree, ropeswing, Pine 
: fall game, EM: dbl. ended , "Nice Sail- 
it!" EM's hospital room w/ balloons, lunch 
m hell w/ JG, EM, JV, private lunch w/ TH, 
ihlight tag, ticket to Loon, $86.40, JVs well 
;orated truck, Win. Track: 30 min. of Tag, 
fs pizza & subs, no practice w/ DD, McDs @ 
I DC-Motorama, red light, Scit. runs w/ DD 
KC, Crow w/ TM, AB, KC, "You can see in 
: windows" (they're stars Tim)-AB, Beavis & 
tthead w/ TM, "Who is the Bastille?" World 
p & run back w/ TM & KS, Outward Bound, 
een Day, MT Snow, snow driving @ Circuit 
y. May the Tim Devin/Boonie legacy live on 
Track, Remember not everything in high 
ioo! was great, so don't live in the past for the 
lire and the present, are much more interest- 
I Thanks family, friends, and everyone else 
o has helped me all these years You won't be 


Eri, Berky, Berks, Perky 

After a while you can learn that even sunshine 
burns if you get too much. So you plant your own 
garden and you decorate your own soul, instead 
of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. 

Basketball manager 1, 3, Cheerleading 3, Soccer 
manager 4, French Club 1-4 

Papa Gino's with ML, cordless phone, 4th of 
July with JH, Pine Street fields, Suburban-JN, 
late night talks with ML, cheerleading with BF, 
GD thanks for everything, Leah-insects, parents 
25th anniversary with LD, random drive in Scitu- 
ate with Deb and Amy, summer nights at Egypt 
Beach, party, Thursday nights with TM and JM, 
BM-BDITG-freshman science, in my own world 
at Clark with Deb and Bianca, JH thanks for be- 
ing there, Ron-talk to yourself, PA with DP and 
PH-stuck in the corner, juice boxes-25 cents with 
DP and BM, Rock soundtrack with JH on way to 
Cape, JH gets carded for coffee, LD, LR, and 
AS Best of luck in the future, Mom and Dad 
thanks for always supporting me, Deb-Good luck 
in all you do. 


Miss B, B, Binaka, BB, Bunc's 

Success comes to people who never stop dream- 
ing; Be strong be assertive. Be loving . . . But 
most important, Be yourself. Billilyn Palmer 

Field Hockey 1-4, (Capt. 4), Winter Track 1-4, 
Spring Track 1-4, Spanish Club 1, 3, 4, Student 
Government 1-4 

Why me!!, Party Wkend w/ JC, CC, EM, 4 am 
visits, sleepovers, the loft + the porch, Ding 
Dong, The Big black spot, trampoleen, AW 
party, movies at LD, Hayward summers 91-94, 
Abington w/ TH- 11/9/93 (finally), long talks 
w/ JC + SG, Spain wedgie wars + big fights 
w/BL, GUS, PV- only 10 days, FH camp, sci- 
ence fair w/ JK, quarter w/ CC, TH- quiet 
nights, Mel + Bev w/ JC, KF, FH Nw 1-Han 1, 
A March night w/ TH, SN- I miss you, Rides to 
school-J, E, M; Clark U., CY's party-grounded, 
Leap of Faith, Pete-3rd Wheel, the Big "C", 
Gaffield, Pine Street fields, Sue are you 
awake?"-smack, JC-you were my 1st N pal thanx 
for always being there, (I luv you), Ben good luck 
w/ everything you do. To all my friends thanx for 
everything you're the best. Daddy, I luv you, To- 
pher- through good times and bad you have al- 
ways been there for me, for all the memories 
we've shared and the ones still to come- I love 
you. Mom + David (+ the "p" family) I 
couldn't have done it w/ out you-I love you. And 
Good Luck Class of 95. 


Melind, Mel. Boz 

So much water moving underneath the bridge. 
Let the water come and carry us away. CS + N 

Soccer 1-4. Gymnastics 1-4 (Capt. 2-4). Track 1, 
2, 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Peer Ed. 3-4, 
Student Government I, 3, Class Officer 1 (Histo- 
rian), Amnesty International 1, Yearbook 3-4 

No rain, jogging in Han, w/ JB and KM, the 
spit. Cape w/ AM, CE, AM, JC, Aerosmith, soc- 
cer w/ Newmie, cone stealing, "Beth how'd ya 
do on the SAT's?", swimming at MF, OGFWJL, 
homecoming weekend '94, Emo's sweat pants, 
Sat. the 14th, "have you been to Pier 4 yet", Sat. 
Night Live, "headlights!", Ali's birthday at 
Emily's, Greg and Capt., you, me and five bucks, 
Bickfords. the ones who weren't meant to be, and 
all those other memories. Thanks for the fun and 
always being there, Ali, Em, Capt, Ropi. Beth, 
Elaine, and Caleb. Thanks for the support, 
Karen. Mark, Michelle, Mom, and Dad. 


TB, Brabby, Brabs, Body by Hostess 

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly 
find out how far they can go." -T.S. Eliot 

Soccer 1-4 (Capt), Baseball 1-2, Track 3-4, Stu- 
dent Govt. 1-4, Spanish Club 1-2 

Pond hockey and football w/the gang, Hallow- 
een "92" w/JW, TW, DD, JH, BC, The day at 
Blueberry Island, The Marys gang w/JW, TW, 
BC, ML, Sundays at Marys w/BC, talks w/BC, 
Florida w/DD, DD no common sense!!! Sledding 
w/ND, DK, GA, Advice from MF, Prom "94" 
w/MH, Christmas Eve at JH, TM goal against 
Cohasset JV, singing in Math w/BM, all the 
memories w/KM, times w/SN, KN, never want- 
ing to cut my hair, B.O.P.'s constant complain- 
ing. Carrying P.V. out of the Woods, PV beach 
house "93" all summer. Pounding on J "Donald" 
W constantly. Fried Tomatoes at the Wilsons, 
Elastic Golf w/TW, TW, What were you doing 
behind that Christmas Tree? Javelin golf w/RH, 
JN, Hog Relay, Cancun w/DN and all my mem- 
ories w/DN, Loss to Cohasset in the Tournament 
3-2 OT, Workcamp "94" w/JN, GJ, MP, CP, 
KD, KA, JA, JT, AC, DG, AL, Fishing w/AL, 
Thanx to my best friends BC, DD, MF, JH, BO, 
DM, JN, KN, PV, JW, TW, AC, DN, To Mom 
and Dad, Thanx for all the love and support, and 
to Michelle, Thanx for all the memories. I will 
love you always. 


Only if you've been in the deepest valley can I 
know how great it is to stand on the higll 
mountain! -Richard Nixon 

Football 1-4, Basketball 1-2, Baseball 1, Y. 
book 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Class Pr 
dent 1 

Ya-hey everyone. When in doubt air it out!, > 
Nolte!, Zatman, layonaise potatoes, You wa 
make a deal w/me!, for every sh*t there's 6 I 
people. Do you dye your hair?, EVERYBO 
MOVE!, Inconceivable!, Hello my name is 
digo Montoya, You dumb S.O.B.!, I know th 
about pigeons, you wanna get some donuts?, 
die?, Don't piss me off Art?, Hello Newn' 
Queeche, Dana's, skiing. You just lost a frie 
Nantucket, Lovers Lane, AAFNBFRG 
Club, Mr. Hajjar can you hear us?, It sure g 
me a sore neck, elbows, IT IS?, Elephant ear; 
got it boys!", fishing w/dog whistles, G 
Woods, summer painting w/Beehan, sneal 
out of John Neil, two on two, JV brawls; 
Timmy run, Vinny's catch in Norton, M; 
stole my bicycle, Medway '93, "You have gc, 
be sh*tting me!". Who's the right tackle!, G 
now!, Someday we're going to beat EB, Col 
trip w/Leah, "Look all we can eat!", 8th gi 
dance and Prom '94, train rides, math class & 
guments, 3 doz. roses, the 16th, Sister Swelli 
all your boyfriends. Thank you and I love 


ii, Bubbler, Jenny, JB 

is not the critic who counts, nor the man who 
ints out how the strong man stumbles. The 
jdit belongs to the man who is actually in the 
jna, whose face is marred by dust, and the 
eat and blood; who at best knows in the end 
! triumph of high achievement, and who at 
irst, if he fails, at least fails while daring 
jatly so that his place shall never be with these 
Id and timid souls who know neither wictory 
r defeat. -Theodore Roosevelt 

oss Country 1-4 (capt 3, 4), Gymnastics 1-4 
ipt. 4), Tennis 1-4 (capt. 4), Student Govern- 
snt 1-4 (Treasurer 3, 4), National Honor Soci- 
/ 3, 4 (Secretary), Math Team 1-4 (VP 4), 
nnesty International 1-4 (Publicity 4), RAC, 
ind 1-4, Pep Band 1-4, Chorus 1-4, Peer Ed 3, 
Yearbook 4 

mglasses incident w/KM, HOBY-I shot the 
eriff, PMA, outstanding, 16th b-day at 
Z-DB, JW, BT, MM, MF, "jogging" in Ha- 
ver w/MB & swimming at MF's, Aerosmith, 
ngsbury Club w/TP, AL, MH, North Caro- 
ia, Dribbles-LM, this can't be fat free!, adven- 
res w/EK, NY-ah, there's the reuben, Spain & 
Frica, Friday's & Bertucci's w/KH, KM, JM, 
M, Bus ride to Canobie Lake w/GW, HSTC 
9-Rock on, Moses, Thank you God for every- 
ing. Thanks Mom, Dad and Joe-I Love You. 


Ame, Chico 

Drama 1, Tennis Manager 1, 3, 4, Firld Hockey 
Manager 2 

Salty potato chips on South Street with KC, tak- 
ing a taxi to the mall with KFC, workcamps to 
Philadelphia and Washington DC, Bickfords in- 
cidents with KA, AF, and AC, Good Friday walk 
'94, youth group on Sunday's, staying up all night 
with KFC, Walk for Hunger with BN, AF, youth 
group retreats to Thompson Island and Brook- 
woods, first lunch with KCF, KP, VW, CJ, Holt 
Heritage Camp, Korea with AC, BN, AF, home- 
coming '93, AF, BN, cream cheese bagels on 
Walk for Hunger, Maine house. Thanks RA for 
your encouragement and support. Thanks Mom, 
Dad, Brett, Frank. Todd for everything you have 
done for me. I love you guys a lot. 


B, Clarke, Clarko, Red 

If I cannot do great things, I'll do small things in 
a great way" 

Spanish Club, Electronic Journalism 

KW, TC, JO, DM, and the rest of the BLC and 
all the good times. KW, my car up hill on ice?, 
JO, Saturday nights, JR, lost in Boston again, 
KW my phone twin, KW the MC, the basement 
120 mph, Randolph to Rockland 15 min, can I 
drive?, follow them, JO + KW?, bored at JR's, 
driven around, HR you did what?, order out, CJ 
our lunch table, Six flags, nice hotel, JO's house, 
who are these people?, oh well, let's party. Hal- 
loween costume party, Where's my sweater 
Kara?, CC + my bad driving, you hit the house, 
I'll buy, 60 bucks in one night, KW Brother Oh 
no!, babysitting for that little snob, the rotary, 
Phil try English, DM you look sick, at KW's you 
were, Stacy you're an alien, Ms. T, yoga?, Emo's 
tiny grade sheet, science museum 1 hr. before 
closing, nice hair, Lisa what's up?, the pool hall 
gang, LR ride to work for tutoring, Where are we 
going?, The hall after lunch junior year, Miss 
Clair. Sorry if I forgot you + now it's time to say 
goodbye for now. Thanks Mom, Dad -I- every- 


I will hold the candle till it burns up my arm I'll 
keep taking punches till their will grows tired. I 
will stare the sun down until my eyes go blind. I 
won't change direction and I won't change my 
mind. -Pearl Jam 

Football I. Baseball I. Basketball 1-2. Golf 2-4 

Singing OMAHA w/ND, AF and EY. Summer 
of '94-the best yet, Sunday surprise. Mede is. 
Road trips to RHODIE. Surfing at Pegoty, Fulls 
party. Endless parties at Justin's, Fishing at the 
bogs and reservoir, getting hit w/bullets, weeks in 
Nantucket w/BM. AB & BL. Queeche. saneking 
out in 8th grade. As Eric says. "I love sessions." 
Pearl Jam concert w/ND, AF. EY. Great Woods 
nights SUBLIME. Yourie's secret compartment. 
Brett's Boat. Skiing in Maine at ND's condo. 
Hey Full, I am my spit. Stealing Golf balls with 
AB. All the fun times with EM. Prom '94. Going 
swampy. Poaching eastside at night. 3 wat log. 
Whcrco whereo LN. Combination lock in Nan- 
tucket "I got it boys." Ski tape. Taking Mr. 
Deyesso's car for a spin. Sneaking EY into the 
drive in. Good Luck EM-have a good two more 
years. I'll miss you but we will see a lot of ea- 
chothcr in the summer. Thanks Mom and Dad. 
It's been fun. 


Jen, Jenny 

As long as you keep climbing, there will be steps, 
they will grow under your climbing feel. KAFKA 

Field Hockey 1-4. Basketball 2. Golf 2-4. Span- 
Spanish Club 1-3. Student Gov't. Outdoors Club. 

Buffet, skiing w/ CC, HH, Waville, B. Valley- 
red pants, Boston w/ CF, H-coming '91, PTUP, 
PTUS, cool kids, Blood/Spit, Chathan w/ RA, 
Rush, '92 Prom, Tedballs, CC's 16th @ Hard 
Rock, New Years '93, CM, Long wknd w/ BB, 
CC, EM, corner, nt. to forget w/ TM, ML. GH 
nts. poker, Holland, BB-smack, Regionals, Hay- 
ride, Grease, 1st nt. Qn. of mtn. HORDE, Run- 
ning, C & J what time? JD's Grad party. Cape 
w/ KK, golf, secret, Prom, mad dog Bri, Lima's, 
16th w/ SM, accident-up on a cliff, Jared's, 
Steve Miller, Cher's last nt. BM's, Party Animals 
ABC, Maine, Kennedy Comp-Heidi Cole, Snow- 
boarding inst. Lollapalooza, Fly a Kite, vacas in 
FLA, VA, SC. NC, GA, Gold, Barnside w/ HH, 
walk, sprint, run, KT's parties, Limo rides, bike 
ride w/ SM, slumber party, FH, Bev & Mel nts. 
Rootbecr, Boomer, Snaps, Lingo, IQ Saab, KF, 
Colorado, Canada, machine, DJ's, 281, late nt. 
talks w/ SG, Mom, Dad, & Herb thanks for al- 
ways being there. To my friends thanks for all the 
memories- Good Luck! T.L.F. 


Kris, Krissy 

Gymnastics 1, 2. 

Freshman year in high school, totally conf 
and clueless, Hanging w/ FM best friend, si 
ing at her house almost every weekend, surr 
in Maine w/ AC's family, summer house ce 
coming down, toilet overflowing, "locked out 
a Friday night w/ AC, Celtic's Games w/ I 
Boston w/ HM, AR period 4- Ms. Field w/ 
guy". Gym w/ MK w/ 2 of "my guys" Georr 
w/ HM and CW, Mr. Dinolo, a great teai 
football game w/ AR, Thanks for HM, CW, 
MK, CJ, N, M, and FM for putting up with 
also thanks to my family for supporting me ii 
high school years. I love you all. 


ts, Betsy, Collins, LARS 

) man, for any considerable time, can wear one 
x to himself and another to the multitude 
thout finally getting bewildered as to which 
ly be true. Nathaniel Hawthorne 

sketball 1-4), Soccer (1-4), Softball (1-4), 
Dck trial (3, 4), Amnesty International (1, 2), 
inch Club (1, 2), National Honor Society (3, 
Peer Ed (3-4) SAC 4. 

ergizer bunny, Walpole, Gary, tree!, Duquette 
tty from h . . ., Duh . . . I'm confused?, insom- 
i, LF, World History, Sleepless in Seattle, 
)C, Jeff M, BFF, Mad about you, road kill, 
thfully, Iris, The Evangelist, Phil hola!, har- 
rd square, paintball, volleyball, niner. Anyone . 
nyone EC + Pink Cadillac, tap dancing, hom- 
wm, Subway, Betsy-Anne, 4wheel driving, fire 
drant, darth veda, yoda, advil, psycho neigh- 
r, theta barbie, Ian, Naranja coconuts, it hurts 
ire you twit!, FOH, piano room, chickens in 
jtocco, And you are?, Bu-bye, Kate's head, 
ili's, picture freak, being towed in Spirit 1 , bull 
rs, Moses, DD + log, study hall w/ Beth + 
idsay, betinator, I'm okay, I'm okay, I'm 
ay-Toys, Map Man, cactus, lightning bolt, 
at ramp, fried eggs?, want some candy little 


Liz, Lizzi, Lizard, Lizzil, Betsy Ann, Biz bef. 
Sissy Beth, Gertrude 

He who is certain he knows the ending of things 
when he is only beginning them is either ex- 
tremely wise or extremely foolish; no matter 
which is true, he is certainly an unhappy man, for 
he has put a knife in the heart of wonder. -Tad 

Pep Band 2-4, Peer Ed 3, 4, National Honor So- 
ciety 3, 4, Mock Trial 3, 4, Drama 1-4, Yearbook 

Blind tennis, little blue book, G-class, Strange 
dreams, It's a Boy!, the inner sanctum-corruption 
by seniors, Do your b's hang low?, Shoulda been 
blonde, Classes w/EC, -Logic/lack of, "Notes" 
w/BW, Search for BF's-SS, you are pathetic, 
Like, how did you know I'm from, like, Califor- 
nia?, VW's desperate crushes, "Holbertese", 
MB's & KM's stress-homeroom hw checks, Prom 
'94-evil influence on KP, NEMC w/TA, SWE 
w/BN, "I'm so confused.", Pear meditation, Q, 
DC driving off the Quincy T, Chem lab bench 
w/out a clue-DC, BC, KF, & adoptees PH, GG, 
Sri's snoring, Drama-2 days to memorize, Monty 
Python, BM's acting. Backstage- HH's dress, 
"trombone hellos", firing flutes, I miss you all so 
much! Thanks to everyone here who made me 
feel like I belonged-I'd list all of you, but I'd for- 
get many & besides there's not 



Life moves pretty fast-If you don't look around 
once in a while, you could miss it. F. Bueller 

Cross Country (1-4), Winter Track (1-4), Spring 
Track (1-4), Boys State (3), Drama (4), Histo- 
rian (3, 4), Math Team (1-4), Spanish Club 
(1-2), Amnesty (2, 4), Mock Trial (3, 4) 

To the Bat Cave!, the inner sanctum, coalition! 
sophomore lunch table-DG, SR, BC, Boku, 
Eric's lung, my songs, drivng off Quincy Adams, 
like wow, EC, phone call essays, motorama, Oh 
my knee! someone should really do something 
about those potholes, passing on your left, Levon 
and Barry w/ JR, AW, yeah!, disco + 80's, 
what's the deal? sick-minded people!, danger 
mouse and penfold, Allah the light, Mcdonald's 
runs winter track, I will survive-winter track, 
hockey, time warp, James Bond, Stef + Joe, 
High tech computer crime- SS, SL, MD, BH, + 
ME, Phase II Me, EM, PL, SR, and who else?, 
Ms. V's class, radioactive mutant hyperactive 
wookie beaver, boy's state gang, coach Pan said . 
. ., Thanx for the memories NHS. I'll miss ya. 
Mom, Dad, John, Joe, + Deb - Thanks for all 
your support through the years. You showed me I 
could reach for the stars. To everyone else - 


"Must've been a dream, I don't believe where 
I've been, come let's do it again." 

P. Frampton 

Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball, Student 

Pete's going away party, Bobby's cheese farm, 
Lollapolozza and the mercedes, Heidi's 16th at 
Great Woods, volleyball at JC's, Homecoming 
9-12 (grounded), JC's red face, SH dance, home- 
sick in Maine, CF's last night and BM and the 
caravan, HH and the rawmeat, beach in the rain 
"you forgot your shoe", ME and his vegetable 
additives, our trip to Norris, HORDE '93-4, 66 
starting with everyone, wicked game, Mike's 
grad. party, HH and our wave to PQ, late night 
with Jimmy Buffett and the gold rush, "It's going 
to be one of those nights", the tattoo man, 58- 
"found out about you", prom, "Bu-Buy", JT's 
last night, Tedeschi family party, Jen-thanks for 
the smiles, Kris-thanks for the laughs, Heidi- 
thanks for the talks, Cheri-thanks. You're my 
best friends in the whole world. These memories 
are for you. Thanks Matt and J ill- 1 love you. 
Mom-we make a good team, thanks for you love 
and support. 


Hiker, Flip, Costa Rica, Cost 

A child becomes an adult when he realizes he has 
a right not only to be right, but also to be wrong. 
Thomas Szasz 

Wrestling 1-4 (Cap't 4), Football 1-4, Band 1-4, 
Spanish Club I, 2, Drama 3, 4, Student Gov't 3, 
Peer Ed. 3, 4, Outdoors Club 4. 

Lunch table & UFOs, point of no return, Cruise 
Tall ship-Mystic Seaport, Sea Explorers 169, 
WW rafting, Philmont, New Mexico, Canadian 
Jamb. SR no eyebrows, SD w/ Fam. '93 Jamb. 
TB/ Space, Ms. V's class, RC & unforgettable 
night w/ punishment flash light tag, H-ween w/ 
shaving cream, Billy Joel concert, WWF & 
earthquake w/ elastic, SR Beatles and Mountain 
Dew, Eagle Scout w/ bros. SR & 20 ft. red light 
skid! Norwell Brass w/ Mr. Weller, JV's flings 
before KW, Riverside, "Carpenter's Dream" 
CDs, Camp Wonderland (Boatman), West PT 
4th place, Swimming w/ Franca, skiing w/ JV, 
SR, F-ball dinners, Valley Pines, TB speeding 
ticket to Loon, NFL, NY b-ball, Hooters/Hard 
Rock, biking in Nan. Buffalo will win the Super 
Bowl, Sparky to Shadow, Sr. year & deluxe 
room, Salv. Army (Jeremiah 29:11) Mon. Night 
Football, Hacking forever & ones on the roof, 
DCs disco 2.2 mi. Newport, P & C, 6x9=42, 
horse breeding, scav. hunt, E toilets, Mirth & 


Cul, Culster, Cul-dog, Cul-pepper, Cul-meister, 

It's those changes in latitudes changes in att 
tudes, nothing remains quite the same-with all t 
our running and all of our cunning if we couldn 
laugh, we'd all go insane. Jimmy Buffet 

Cross Country 1-4 (Capt. 2, 3, 4), Winter Trac 
1-4, Spring Track 1-4, Student Government 1- 
Nat'l Honor Society 3-4, Peer Education 3-«| 
Discipline Review Commitee 3-4, Mock Trial 
Spanish Club 1-2, Spirit Club 2. 

The path between our houses + the bologn 
sandwiches-MT, the front-door pranks-J + 1) 
the pumpkins, Chemistry-KF, up all night-Tw 
JW, JH, the Sunday afternoon (l-7)-TB, drivin 
"Eddie"-BD, satellites, "a girl w/ curly brow< 
hair about my height"-JK, "alrighty then", Cro: 
St. gms, "Wolf Man", floating in the whaler V] 
ML-TB, JW, TW, the trampoline-EE, KN, MIS 
DD, JK, MH, Pier 44-JK, the "Cape"-DD. Tl 
night at MT's and the cookout, swimming i 
DMc's, Event yr-PV, JH, SN, TW DMc, 3 h 
Cape ride-TW, JW, 1 like that boat-TB Lost 
Boston-JW, PV, AA, TB, Where's the Omni 
New York, Rationalize, you can decide! - JH 
let's "buck up", "Beowulf'-DD, the tux-DD, Tl 
Good luck w/ St. Gt. LF, (No) it's my fault, l'i 
sorry-DD, sanity + going out alone- J K, thanx t 
all my friends, support from the "fam." 


"The very least you can do in your life is to figure 
out what you hope for and the most you can do is 
live inside that hope. Not admire it but live right 
in it, under its roof." 

Barbara Kingsolver 

Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Track 2-3, Softball 1, 
French Club 1-4, 

Films at M.T., MH spitting on me, camping with 
AD, LR, "tie it in a not + forget about it", 6th 
grade w/ the weird girl, fist fight w/ M.T, MB's 
sparell parties, Sugarloaf w/ KW, halloween at 
AS w/ KW, EB 25th party, night of soccer clip- 
per fun night w/ LR, SM, AS, KW, New Year's 
Eve w/ AS, Snr. Cruise, Allman Brothers for my 
birthday, Jimmy Buffett, John Mellencamp w/ 
SM, in pond w/ AJ, NM, MT, KW, AS, wres- 
tling w/ Kim in the leaves, soccer dinners, gym- 
nastics at Mass gym, birthday party when people 
threw apples in the pool, pancakes, late night 
swim at McMullins, broken toilet seat at EB, po- 
lice at AS's party, 4H dances, homecoming. Se- 
nior English w/ KW, Maine, Myrtle beach w/ 
AJ, prom '93, crying everyday in 3rd grade, 6th 
grade musicals, "that's my coach", Thank you 
Leah for the past six years. Good luck to the 
class of '95. 


Netta, Netty, Shorty, Andree, Dizzy, 

Live now and have fun, why let anything get in 
the way. 

August 26th "93", Summer 93, Halifax and 
Chris, Mike T's house. New York style b-ball, ju- 
nior prom 93, homecoming 92, sophomore semi, 
September 7, 93, - the best day that happened all 
year, see ya Tim! Runaway train, the spot, gour- 
met, volleyball, North Weymouth Papa's, The 
new golden girls, french class w/ Mr. Murray, 
Hull, Mark + Eric and Kevin, 30 minute break, 
deliveries, the path, the side door, last May 93, 
patience, Joey, the tape, cowboys, the outfit, soft- 
ball, 10th grade, Mr. Tate, rumpshaker ZY auril- 
lio the factory, door hanging for Mike in East 
Weymouth, the cemetery, mountain dew, tetris 
JL's house, Sparkey, very special Big Daddy 
Kane, Pete, tough dog, September 21, 93 7:20 


Dave, D, Double D 

We sailed from the port of indecision, Young and 
wild with oh so much to learn, Days turn into 
years as we tried to fool our fears, But to the Port 
of indecision I returned. -J. Buffett 

Soccer 1-4, Track 1-4, Peer Ed 2-4, Student 
Gov't 2-4, Class VP 4, Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4, 
French Club 1-4, Mock Trial Team 3, 4, Boy's 
State 3, DRC 3, 4. 

Team Gurky-CP, BM, TF, BF, MW, BD, SK, 
MA, "Way Back Seat" NS hat, Essay nts. talks 
w/ BC, FL w/ TB, Welcome to Treetop Villas, 
H-ween nt. Sugarloaf w/ KW & JK, Hide & 
Seek, "you're going for a swim" Hoser, Bullwin- 
kle's & Bucksaw, BBR w/ DO, Bev. w/ BD 
"Where's that piece?" Gurk sm Gurk-berries, F- 
yard F-ball & IH gms, Craigville, MTV? Magan- 
sett, WH fun wk. When's it gonna happen? 
Tramp, nts. Paperama Pickup w/ MH, mon. 
long fts. ND, watch out for that bench! BC & 
DD w/ 1 13 in Bio. same mind, tennis games w/ 
DM & KM, What. SNL w/ DM & KM, FAM, 
What About Bob? sum. days @ WH, BB Bash, 
sailing across BB, no worries, JB w/ KW- 
SORRY! JB, Eagles, PJ, L-house, Murph wish 
you were at NHS, track w/ TH, w-ball, 3-Ds, 
Spar f-ball, 4-H dances, Prom 94, JKs, st. grps. 
run w/ DM, Wait up! Fan Club, Aryon, Kara, & 
Liz, BBQ "Just call!" To the class of '95, Best 
Wishes, To D & J-thanks, To B-best of luck & 
may your goals become reality, To M-good for- 
tune, & to M & D, my thanks & love. 



Do not follow where the path may lead. Go in- 
stead to the path less traveled and leave a trail. 

Band 1 

Dinners at Uno's w/ CM, and nights at Bick- 
ford's, Macdonald's drive thru, puddle jumping 
and grocery carts w/ CM + KM, Mall echos, 
Baricudas in Purity, the dime of death, singing in 
front of Ames, Flying Spams at Chinese food res- 
taurant, "oh no! I'm in the wrong movie". Night- 
mare in Hull- "I heard gunfire!", oily skin, 
hello?. Who is this?. Hello!?, trouble at the water 
fountain, "Help I'm sinking!" Pennsylvania- 
nights on top of trailer, fireworks, "Did that 
scare ya? Did it make ya . . .?", outhouse sign 
stealers. Hey buddy!. Hey man! walk to 
Christies-Sarah, Jen. Burp contest at pizza place 
w/ CM + KM, Time in Boston + man on T 
mailbox openers, Fanny Farmer candy sample 
stealers, smelly trip home from Pennsylvania. 
"What are you doing?"-Just sitting here. "Who 
drove you home?", Um, captain . . . Rich! Thank 
you Mom and Dad for all the support. You're a 
great kid Joe! And to everyone, thanks for all the 
memories! Good bye for now. 


Alex, Al, Beav, Eva 

"A question rose from my soul; A question I be- 
gan to hold; A pitch fork pinned to my chest; 
Will I, I not pass the test; Will I, I not pass the 


Basketball 2-4, Baseball 2-4, French Club 3 

Elaine-Dennis the Menace, Maine, sports, 12 on 
the dot-honk, what movie haven't we seen, "can 
we play pool", doubles don't work, prom '94, 
sleepovers. Raspberry ears, skating with BB, SM, 
NQ, JM, MS, TM (my Mom sure can read), 
BB-Happy T, 1 1/14/92, the ramp, SM-haircuts, 
no food, squirt gun fight, SK-NBA JAM, coach- 
ing, GF-llth and 12th grade, trips to bicycle 
town, 9/9/99 (Spreewell breaks the backboard 9 
times over Mureson), AG-New York house. 
Myrtle Beach 9th and 10th (Freestuff, Misty), 
Poolhall, CD-Lollapalooza '93, toddler town vis- 
its, NG-West India University, handshakes, 
AH-Ahhhhhh!, SP's shot incident, IAN, 9th 
grade hoop (snowballs?), ND semi w/ BF, EC, 
AC (all black, hat, sneakers), SK-'Tm thor- 
oughly irate". 


Em, Emmy, Ylime 

". . . there's a reason to life! We can lift oursel 
out of ignorance, we can find ourselvo 
tures of excellence and intelligence and skill 
can be free! We can learn to fly." -Richard B 

Cross Country 3-4 (Capt.), Winter Track 1 
Spring Track 1-4 (Capt.), Soccer 1-2, Peer 
3-4, Nat'l Honor Society 3-4, Stud. Gov't I 
SAC 4, Yearbook 3-4, Class Secretary 3-4 

Trip to NJ & NY /w KN, trampoline, ski tr 
X-Mas Eve @ KN's, 1st Night /w MT, mi 
shed, night swimming @ DM's, Green Harl' 
24/7, swing kids, RAC, lighthouse, JLS, V 
burs, Fr. overnight /w JK, BC & DD, st r 
groups, Steve Miller-the Joker, Buff( 
HORDE, AMIZ, "Omaha", "Hero" 6/94, Nl 
tucket, SM & SP, Fab, Mags, Twiggy, Gr 
Light, lost in Boston, Ace, road runs. Brown 
Becky, Minot, Falmouth, Homecoming, YAI> 
KCID, Nov. '93-JK, Grease, Pete & P.J., bikj 
to MH's, Sunday's @ MT's, Camp /w BB. N I 
/w X-C team, track buddies, France-AJW, J II 
AP, Carver twins, giggles. Prom '94 (a Kellc' 
Northfield B-Day, cooking, illegal beach (I 
Winnie the Pooh, St. Elmo's, To all my fric 
thanks and never forget our memories-I'll r| 
you. Good luck Mom, Dad, Becky & K(j 
Thanks for everything. I love you all. Good I 
class of '95! 


greatest pleasure in life is doing what people 
you can not do. -Walter Bagehot 

tetball 1-3, Art Club 1, Spring Track 2, 
ma 4, Spirit Club 4 

ketball with Al (Zo & Sprewell), Prom with 
i F., Celtics games with JT, SR & AE, 9 
;s with Joe, summers in Maine (waterskiing 
;nee boarding), Earl Phinkerstadt!, random 
:s, All those funny times with BF, GA, DK, 
NINE, JS and JR. All those great memories 
i EM, AH, KB, EA, TA & AA, jamming 
i Mark, John and Steve. Sorry to all my 
ids I forgot to mention. A colossal thank you 
he Eaves for graciously inviting me to live 
n for my senior year. Also a titanic thank you 
iy parents for standing by my side and sup- 
ing my decisions. Best of luck Class of '95! 


Bob, Bobby, Rob, Fish, Fishman, Reginald, 
Reggie, Mike, Tom, Eric, Booby 

One is insane when no reaction or retaliation sat- 
isfies except for execution. Robert Fisher 

Freshman math class w/ MAN, AG, DK, GF, 
boating w/ AG, JS, MR, killing a sheep w/ AG, 
killing a duck w/ AG, killing a human w/ AG, 
I'll kill you, homeroom w/ Jeff M, Finger exer- 
cises w/ Beth, library w/ Katy, the great bicycle 
crash w/ AG, Doug's quad, Mark's parties, ca- 
noe ride w/ stolen paddles w/ AG, after school 
scrape sessions w/ MM, eating lunch in shop w/ 
BK + AG crazy rides to school w/ CA, MM 
beating up SH, driver's ed brawls w/ RL, beating 
up Frank, Fuller and friends there so tough, any- 
time girls, sitting in Bickfords writing this while 
we're supposed to be in school, oh well! Adam's 
sister's house. Mission control w/ MM, reading 
w/ Mrs. H, late night busts, bust in the green 
machine, getting pulled while 12 under in AG's 
car w/ Dan, parties at Norris, bust at Norris, 
NH party w/ AG, Texaco, Mr. Marshman's pink 
sweater, Mrs. Martins new bowl cut. 


Mike, Mica, Mike D., Foy Boy, #21 

If you say it can't be done, I'll give it a try, only 
because I never say die. If I'm knocked on my 
face, I'll just brush off the dirt, because I'm more 
afraid of being nothing than being hurt. 

Soccer 1-4 (capt. 4), Basketball 1-4, Track 3-4 

I'm immortal, 3 Amigos, sleepovers at BL's, 
AW's bendy, BL bus rides, JC's sleepover, the 
park crew CG, GG, BF, JN, BOD, chem boat 
'93, New Years, 4-H dances, AJF how many 
points?, SAV's superbowl party w/ AS, JS. AM 
mission w/ Pithie, J. we are locked out. Street 
signs, soccer w/ Hingham boys, grad w/ JL and 
EM, OD's late talks, BC football games, Norris 
w/ EC, OD who's the man. TM benders. Blue- 
berry Island, calls to AS 4 help, EB thanks a lot, 
Mel and Ben w/ the girls. Prom '94, rocks w/ 
Od, JW, J, LF, Pam and Bren you R my best 
friends whatever we do in our lives, I'll never for- 
get you. Thanks M and D Jenelle and shell, along 
w/ everyone else who made my memories and 
dreams come true. I love you all. Bye. 



QOM2, Shuka, Butta, Ethel, Beathy 

I don't slag no one, I don't even judge. Don't care 
cause I'm not gonna budge, I just wanna be who 
I want to be, guess that's hard for others to see, 
I'm not trendy. -Offspring 

My Hing. friends TJ, DG, GM, DS, TG, PO, 
WS, MH, L & J, RW, where's the phone I can't 
see, PG w/ML, B club, Hampt, cape, NY, ME, 
got lapped, Alladin w/K, E, A, ACE, I-don't hit 
me! vahan pok German lessons w/MH, My 
Spleen! scribble, Fri. night w/CA, fing. ex w/BF, 
tool, why thank you! fishing w/JM & RW, Hing. 
prom, EB-H-prob. paint budd, KK-butta, 
SQUEEK! Lunch next? 1025973, work w/Jill, 
eating w/KM, date w/SD, NDA-GT, SN, TG, 
NL, EC, CC, Limburg, TG PAB, Turkey Hill, 
Gov. study w/LS, BC & MP,, walk at L & J, 
pewee, paperboy! JM the Jo, scores back, BOZ? 
math 8th gd. w/AG & BF- wiggy woman, whistle 
LS, Boston HS, history JB, ED! CB thanx for 
nothing Jo, famos, pasta S, jump around, frijoles, 
lOg w/GJ, seizure girl, AE & AC, Cel. lock 
room, Marsexy, I have a bro, lady bug, thanx 
EA, AH, KR, SK, SD, JR, EB, EM, AE, CA, 
BF, AG, MB, GA, LS, GF, RL, I luv you guys & 
esp. IS, RD & TJ thanx for putting up with me. 
Dad, Mom, P & A thanx for everything. RS, JW 
until we meet again you'll always be in my mem. 
& esp. in my heart-wish you were here. 


Full tad, Flavor, Fulla, chop 

The past is but the beginning of a beginning, and 
all that is and has been is but the twilight of the 

The May Elm gang-TM, SB, DB, JT, JS, the 
cape w/NM. 4H dances, Lollapalooza 92, ND's 
playground, trampolean. BBQ's at my house, my 
tongue just got stung, Great Escape TM, SB, JS, 
JT. Fiendish foursome ND, JD, KT, all systems 
go, TM waht's that macaroni doing there? Prom 
night '92 ME, DP, clinched, back yard football 
at BC's, T-bones at 230 JT, GD, EY, Marsh's 
Gone surfing, Summer '94 surprise visitors. 
JAmes Taylor '94 w/JD & SG, JD what did you 
say? Pine street sneak-outs. Bridge jumpin, soc- 
cer party '94 my house, WOW ML, EY, JR, AF, 
MW, Feb. vacation '93 w/NJ, whoppers w/NJ, 
NJ thanks for all the good times, Egg in the mid- 
dle, Mayelm missions. Falling asleep over the 
phone w/NJ, Fuller, I have been arrested, 
BOOM! EY, ND, Golf team practices w/JT, 
MC, BK, July 4th w/JT, GD, BM! Oh what a 
night! State finals '92, w/mr. B, Camp Curry 
w/EV, sleeping in the Regal, Egypt beach in 
Subaru w/Ey, Switzerland w/ND, Shawnee 
Peak weekends, ND, EY, MC, Visuals sublime, 
Omaha MX, EY, ND, Prom '94 at HP. Sunday 
Surprise, Cumby's coffee and a few GPC's, sum- 
mer '94 MC, EY, ND-best of friends. Wachenb- 
achs. Good luck Abbie, thank you Mom and Dad 
for everything, I love you! 


Kathy, Kat 

"Walking through your allies; Walking throug 
your bounties; Here comes another lesson; Th| 
lesson you live; The lesson is life. "-Love an 

Field Hockey 1-4, Capt. 4, Winter Track 1 -2, S|i 
Track 1-4, Student Govt. 2-4, SAC 3, Spanisi 
Club 1-4, Nat'l Honor Society 3-4 

Freshman year-CS, "Save the Ants", art w/ Bi 
& EE, the boggs, biking to Scituate, playin; 
cards, walking across town, Norris, Paul Simo 
& A. Bros. w/M & M, #23, NEHR pool PI)/ 
Sting, Midnight Oil, Ziggy & Hothouse Floweil 
w/JK, Madison, "I feel like Anne Frank", MWj 
9/14/92, Spanish w/JN, Mustuda, canoein 
w/M & M, night swimming & bridge jumping 
OKRIH, Carver fight, FH, H. vs. N. 1-1, r. 
treats, Spain-VIP's, rowboat in Madrid w/KW . 
JK, Dean, Raul, Al & Bertha, Blue Hills, M 
Monadnock, Whitney Woods & Hillside Nl 
w/JK, Morocco, "tu es estupido", cess pool, roi 
rico, Egypt, meooow. New year '93, Sunda 
River, Bum chicka baw baw, the 4th '94, Bev , 
Mel at JC's. I wish the best of luck to DN. VI 
MH, BM, JC, CC, JN, GG, EE, KN, BB, P> 
MP, TM, SW, RM, KM, AO, PH, KM. To rr 
famiy, thanks for everything and Joe, I love yc 


abe, Maxi Priest, Chicken, Crash, Ziggy. 

We as people can get the job done collectively 
a team, but first knowledge of self is neces- 

aseball 1-2, Hockey 2, Golf 3-4 

tealing motor boats with JS, BF, and MS and 
le getting caught. Burning the oak tree with BK 
nd red. The Budget quad with DK, BK, and 
>R. Rostage with BF, BK, and DK on the Bud- 
et quad. Missions with BF. Snowboarding at J- 
lill with BF, BK, DR, and DK. All the great 
mes with LS the best friend I've ever had and to 
eep be-ing best friends forever, I love you. 
rashing BK's mother's car. All the great times 
ith CV. I will never forget you, till we meet 
gain. My sister's house with BF and the wacky, 
he Killer B with DK. The ride in the Sentra. 
iolf with BK, DK, and red. The rides in the 
lundia with CA in the snow. Abington. Scituate 
ith BF and CA. The spiritual walk with JC and 
ic. All the great times with MV. I miss you. My 
ood friends KR and B. Fradet. To my good 
iend MM for being there, 1 will be here for you. 
he shop class, we were always together. 


"Things don't always turn out the way you 
planned . . . deal with it. (DG) 

Swimming 1-4, Spring Track 2, Outdoors Club 4 

Sophomore lunch, the swing, Bromley trip, 1st 
Loon trip on a whim, Smashing Pumpkins Back- 
ground, "Tim, I broke my arm!", Nail in the toe, 
Figure 8's in the snow, Candy store trips at 3 
A.M., Campsite, Flaming Splints, Exit 46 sus- 
pected robbery, Throwing snow on the wind- 
shield, Sm. Italian coldcut w/ Pickles at Maria's 
w/ JN, Sand Cliffs w/TM, TB, JV, The Tree, 
Slurpies at 7/11, The Bridge, Renting movies 
w/DC, TB, TM, DK, Hangin at Shaws, Snapple 
snd York Patties, "How ya doin!" The Scavenger 
Hunt Sneaker testing, Mt. Biking w/TB at night, 
BGSC Swimming, Muddy Mt. Snow, Flashlight 
tag at JV's, Hiking Tuckermans w/JV and KW, 
Green Day and coins on the tracks, trip to Wa- 
terville w/TB and TM, The OK Soda craze, In- 
tense Ping Pong games, 80 for 78, Turning on to 
Green Street, Hacking at 3 AM, Philosophizing 
w/TM, JV, TB, ED, The art of Nachos w/TB, 
Mt. Biking w/TB and ED, Vista light night ad- 
ventures at the Cape, TB's Great sense of Direc- 
tion, and to LM and AS, I didn't forget MASK. 
Everything else I forgot. 


Freak, Sloth, Ethiopian Nightmare, Egor 

There is a road, no simple highway, betwen the 
dark of night, and if you go, no one may follow 
that path is for your steps alone. Grtfl. Dead 

Football 1-4, Wrestling 1-4 (Cap't 4), Math CI. 
Club 1, Yearbook 3, 4, Nat'l Honor Soc. 3, 4. 

Riding w/ JN & CG, Elks, Pump House, Grove 
Pits, Brantwood Trls. Southwick 338, Coop's 
powerband BMXing, Assinippi Jump, JN's 
moped. Tennis B-Ball, Green Monster & 600 
club, fatbus stories, Fun Bus, rap club, . . . Man, 
ding dong ditch, Rita GG could you be any more 
annoying? err, Frosh. mid-year w/ Ms. Claire, 
KO'D by Gappa, wrestlin w/ JD & BC, Theta, 
see that sign? No dinosaurs allowed, hoser, the 
Park, H-ween '91, shot heard 'round the park, 
street signs, JN's st. light, Homes, Fine . . . Fine 
then, GG found a hole OK RIH, coach it's a lit- 
tle muddy out here, one would think, watch your 
step, LR crossing her legs, Scit. Bickford's, 
Friendly's, rope swing, Quick Pik, Summer '94, 
Da Bis, Little Casanova, . . . dude, name it Greg, 
Dead '94, Okay, DN stealing pants, destroying 
JC's house, JC & RM motorcycles, BB & JC, 
running away, Wompatuck, low rider, OB's jelly, 
BB, RM, JN, CG, JC, DN, MW, TL, EM, JM, 
EM, SN, KB, AB, KF, PH, JK, JN, BM, MC, 
SK, & everyone else. Thanks everyone. I love you 
Mom, Dad, & Chris. Best of Luck, Steph! 



"We're not where we want to be and we're not 
where we are going to be, but we sure as heck 
ain't where we used to be." 

Football 1-4, (capt. 4), Basketball 1-4, (capt. 3, 
4), Track 1-4, (capt. 4), Class President 2, Na- 
tional Honor Society 3, 4, Peer Education 3, 4, 
Student Government 1, 3 

All my football teams. Super Bowl 7th & 8th 
grade, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, "Grand- 
ma's" Dartmouth camp, Queeche w/ BL, AB, 
BM, MC, 10 years w/EM, GG, Friday night din- 
ners, "Miracle in Norton", Thanksgiving '93, 
Carver '93, May EB never win another football 
game, "The Comeback" at EB, Auntie's pool, 
Ride to school, Omni, movietime, "Pick the pasta 
Pete", home from camp, 2/21/94, "the kit". 
Auntie's, Minot, Feb vacation '93 w/BM, Hing- 
ham game '92 (Mo's catch), double chins, Beth's 
Baathroom, "What are you, a jerk?", Thanx to 
everyone that has made NHS the best 4 yrs. of 
my life: KW, MH, AS. LR, AB, BL, BM, JN, 
EM, RM, SK, JK, TW, and a special thanx to 
my teammates on all my sports teams: BL, AB, 
BM, EM, SM, VA, JK, JN. Thank you so much, 
Beth, my best friend in the world, I will always 
treasure our times together, I love you 4-ever. 
Thanks, to my bigget fan, Grandmother and to 
my biggest influence and top supporter, Dad. 
Good luck to all of you in the class of '95. 



No one is guaranteed happiness. Life just gives 
each person time and space. It's up to us to fill it 
with joy. -H.J.B. 

Class Vice President 1-3, Peer Ed 4, Student 
Government 4 (Public Relations), Spanish Club 
1-4, Soccer 1-4, Track 2-4, Basketball 1 

College!, Sparrell School, LR: "We fit America . 
. ." DD, best buddies, Paperama, Milk on LD, 
4-H dances, Karen-good luck, I miss you. Gem 
and Assyla, Mr. Browne, crushes (CM & BS), 
Bobby, Jeff, Mark, R.I. P., Dribbles, Scituate 
Fair w/BM & PH, I wish you guys the best to- 
gether, JR/SR Cruise, Prom '94, 6/4/94-the 
search, DJSCWM-football men, jamboree '94- 
the wave?, DP & JM-Medfield, Steve Miller, 
KN & TD, Jimmy Buffet, one more . . ., "The 
Breakfast Club", Beanpot, Marc Cohn, Shhh!, 
#12 CC Crusaders, Powder Puff, Mattapoisett, 
Horseneck, Minot (1-4-3), lighthouse, Wilbur's, 
Wicked Willies, "Strange Brew", Sugarloaf, Bol- 
ton Valley, "California Dreamin"', "Respect", 
Rec, Reggie, Norris, Brewed Awakenings, good 
music. Thank you to all of my friends, don't for- 
get our memories, I love you all & will miss you. 
Thank you Miss V for everything. Thank you 
Mom, Dad, Tim, Bruin, I love you guys and I'll 
miss you even more, I appreciate everything, 
now. Thank you, Congratulations and Good 
Luck to the Class of '95. 



Kris, Blondie, Poncho 

"I always knew that looking back on my cryin 
would make me laugh, but I never thought the 
looking back on my laughter would make m 


Cheerleading 1-4, Spring Track 2-4, French Clu 
1-4, Student Govt. 1-4, Yearbook 3-4, Outdoor 
Club 4 

Snassanippi Ark w/LM, half day lunches @ Fri 
days, Jen's 8th grade Halloween party, KL 
BOD, Band Exchange, SAPP, Lost in Scituate 
B-days w/BW, the underwear incident, Sebagc 
Halloween car chase w/JS, discus party: JM 
KM, AV, ND, broken window, no boyfriend/lif 
parties, Omni w/JS, JM, KM, Why are th 
buildi ngs tilted? BCH conventions, PG Crev 
'93-4, Nutcracker & Sox w/GR, JV's scavenge 
hunt, Sci. fair nerds, JS: Chess, Sci. Museum-re 
ally! MIT, car washes, Normans 92, April '94 ii 
Paris, Gin Blossoms @ Riverside, crowdsurfing 
Billy Joel, Gimp parties, Hardrock @ lam 
Aerosmith w/JM, JB, Greenday-BK is closed 
crowded lunch table, "Kate you laugh like ; 
mute!" CR & KM's almost date. Friends forever 
KM, JM, KM, JB, LM, BW and especially JS 
you'll always be in my heart. Mom, Dad & 
Michelle, you've given me so much. I can nevei 
thank you enough. 


lud, Hide, Happy, Hoot n' Annie 

Encumbered forever by desire and ambition, 
lere's a hunger still unsatisfied, our weary eyes 
ill stray to the horizon, though down this road 
e've been so many times." Pink Floyd 

T's house, starting early, the oriental w/ZD, 
itenight w/Gaye, ice cube/wedgie fights w/GG, 
almouth w/MM & GG. Soccer games, CC's 
low, DJ's, XXX, Alex (thanks Jen), Lollapol- 
Hjza '93, Peace, Love, Toad live 4-ever, the 
»ead w/CC, KT & ME, Great woods 16th b-day 
go ahead check it", U@, Jimmy Buffet, Lem- 
nheads, pit w/KG, SM, HORDE, Breaking my 
ose- family, Vermont ski trip-CF, JC, CC, CL, a 
ttle Jane's w/CC + JT, Dressing up w/KW as 
hryl @ DP's. shaving creme fight w/CC, play- 
lg in the rain, racing home to JC's, hiding at 
arnside w/JC, Prom '91, Sr. Cruise, Rummy 
00 w/CC, Babby's cheese farm. Ted balls, 
lood/spit sisters? CF, JC, CC, New Years '94 
oston "Whoop, there it is" Hayride, Hard Rock 
afe & Limo-CC's b-day, Prom '94, Water- 
ille-CS, & my wave, CC's 2 second dash, hang- 
ig on CC's deck, shotgun to trampoline, Spar- 
les @ Pegott Beach and all the good times w/ 
uds, To all my friends, thanks, I'll never forget 
ie good times we shared "For us these are the 
ays." Mom, Dad, Matt, and Jenn, Thanks for 
verything, I love you all very much. 


Ho the Mike 

Just Do It!!! 

Math Team, Tennis 

Before I left Hong Kong, my friends reminded 
me all the time. "Make some new friends in the 
States Mike, you need friends." Yes, I knew that. 
Two years ago, I came to the States for a trip. I 
found that the people here were very nice. But 
now that I am going to study and live here, would 
there be any difference? The answer was NO, ab- 
solutely not. You guys were really nice, Greg, 
Melinda, Jake, Jen, Brendan, and more and 
more. It did not matter if I knew them or not, 
they were all nice to me. Also, the teachers were 
very nice too. I can surely tell my parents and 
friends that there is no need to worry anymore. 


J. Joe, Preppie, Hughesa, Skippy, Hughesy 

Winners never quit and quitters never win. 

Soccer 1-4, Winter Track 2-4, Spring Track 1-4, 
Spanish Club 1, Outdoors Club 4 

5/24/94, Pool hopping at Dave's, Trips to Den- 
nis-MF, JW, BO'D, war stories w/MF, Dave 
Hamilton dance w/KL, NR Boat talks, Night on 
my turn, "Do you want to take out the trash?", 
Aerosmith '94 w/JW, MF, TH, LF, KN, Sum- 
mer of '93 Cape w/GT, MT, TH, Fateful night 
on the beach, "sad, mad, & talk again.", Minot 
rocks 4/94 w/BO'D, JW, MF, LF, "I got a snake 
man", F. University w/JK, 6 little metal things, 
pond hockey, secret mission, KL's Grad. party, 
Skills talks, Minot rocks w/KL, JW, BL, Green 
Harbor, Nice Limo Sandra-6 for 8, Plymouth 
Harbor, River Rat-one long night, KL did you 
tell your parents?, lawn talks, X-Mas Eve '93, 
Prom '94, Trips to Boston-SD's house, Canada 
trip, 4/94 on Early Riser, Breakfast at 1st Stop, 
Gas dock day w/JW, rides on my turn, Martha's 
Vineyard w/JW, Boat women, Gravel Pits, 
Blazer tournaments. The Bomb, 2 is better than 
1, Katie- 143, Thanks for all the memories & I 
hope we have a lot more, & Best of Luck. Thanks 
to all my friends, I've had a lot of great memories 
& to my family, I couldn't have done it without 
you, Thanks a million, I Love You Mom, Dad & 
Good Luck Toph. 


Qoml, Ali, Little Moe with the gimpy leg 

"It's a nice place to visit but I would'nt want to 
die here." -The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones 

Apples, JaJons, Happiness, Squirrel etc., 7.5 
minute party, Florida w/ Martins, Ali move your 
bag, xylephone, winter st, Afta, threeway fiasco, 
stupid dance, Jason Wheeler, the why DWGDAS 
philosophy, black shorts/white shorts, CB's 
party, the spit, BK's, points, she said!!, fat cat 
and wombat, Spitalungi and Ginsu night. Pit 
Parties, Paul (??), Emily loves Tess-a-Roo, 
searching for RJ, Guns n Roses w/ EM and LM, 
nascabamihi, the TENT, hanging w/MB and 
Neb, Homecoming Hell, MS; the wet day vac, 
the Drum's Fab Four-CY, EM, TB, AH, Greg 
directing traffic, kicked out of a BK, April vaca 
w/JM & KR, Somerville-02144. George Jr., 
Crazy Mary, party at CY's w/o her, Katy will 
never know, return of apples, Hackey Cat, Alex- 
ahhh, Scituate, Hanover, prom w/Billy, Ace 
Ventura quotes, Chinese fire drills, Great Woods, 
Smoky and Butts, fighting w/Smyco, Bickford's, 
still obsessing over MD, OH school 90210, An- 
ger is a GIFT, my party at Embo's, everything 
else that hasn't happened yet. Thanks for the 
memories to BF, KR, EA, AE, JC, Don, MM, 
Big Eyes, GF, KM, MP, Big-Man, CY, KM, JM, 
SN, Marsexy, TB, MB, CE, SK. Apologies, 
thank yous and love to Greg, the negative one, 
and Emily, the optimist, from me, the apathist. 
M, D, T & T, I love you. 


Doug, Dougi, Dougi Fresh 

The more I sort it out the more it gets distorted. I 
sort of think I'm better off just leaving it un- 
sorted. The more I try to change its course the 
more off course it goes. Of course I'll reach my 
destination someday I suppose. The Mighty 
Mighty Bosstones 

Rush '92, Beastie Boys '92 w/ Merrifield & 
Mucci, Blackcrowes- Rizzi, what concert? Rizzi 
hanging out the side of the Lincoln, beach party 
w/ AG & BK, BK chucking in my room, Merri- 
field breaking EB's toilet. Ragged Mt. w/ AG & 
LS, Smuggler's Notch w/ LS, pulled over some- 
where in Mass. after skiing at Wachusett MT, 
driving around w/ BK & HD in the LeMans, 4- 
wheelin', Webber's bender freshman year, 
Bruce's benders, sitting on porch w/ AG when 
big J. pulls up, all of the great memories w/ LS, I 
love you honey, good luck. Thanks Mom, Jimmy, 
Joanie, Russ, Jim, Good luck Class of '95. 



Jess, Jessie, Jecca 

"What keeps you going isn't some fine destina- 
tion but just the road you're on, and the fact 
that you know how to drive." -B. Kingsolver 

Field Hockey 1-2, Student gov't 1-2, Peer Ed. 
2-4, Yearbook 3-4, Class Pres. 3-4, Natl. Hon 
Soc. 3-4, Football Mgr. 4, Spanish Club 1-2. 

6th grade buddies, tramp, Wilburs, MHJ 
MH-WM, Wkends w/The Hero, Emily- 
seagull, Taffeta MT/Dominos Man, This is my 
friend MT-bee allergy, BC-fish = 36' 
KNEE-2:30, if you want! 24/7-how do you do 
that? lost in Boston, MT-isn't he hot? take mei 
back, Jimbo-Paquita in the parking lot, Sugar- 
loaf: DDKW, hosers, bumps, a swim? LFTT It- 
aly, Bethany-yeast girl, BC-plans yet? KW @ 
Minot, MT + TH, MT-hot dogs w/cheese, Z 
at MT's, night typing, prom '94, I'm a tree 1 
blowing in the wind, WSSH, yuck-PDA, bite 
me, medley + picnic in Norris, EE's shed. 
MT's Dartmouth hat?, KW-yellow jeans. 
Bimbo in clay, Margarita + Juano-the Span/ 
Irish girls, KW-King Pine Boy, BC-ideal girP 
curly hair, my height, LR-boy talks, to THEM , 
BC, DD, EE, MH, DM, KN, MT. KW, I'll 
love you always and will never forget our times 
together. Mom, Dad, Eric, Greg and Meg 
thank you for all your love and support, I love' 
you and I'll always be the Special One. 


Never was a cornflake girl, thought it was a 
good solution hangin with the raisin girls. 

Tori Amos 

M and R in Slow Children, girls who took our 
leftovers, Chris and the broken hubcap. Did the 
cat ever find out dancing duck was missing one 
important thing? Zeus' woods, Juliana w/ GW, 
BB, MMO, LO, and getting lost, Moonpie and 
Tigerboy, Freshman pact w/ Frogface and 
Zeus, MO and Neil in Cape Cod, Sleepovers 
w/ BS, Frying pan, Lemonheads, Midgets 
dancing at 1st Juliana, Olive & her chipmunk 
face, Peach & her Tre annoying cousin, 
Groovin Merkin, Sunkist night w/ Brian, lunch 
w/ GW, JS, BB, MO, LO, midnight phone 
calls from D. Mand, Big nose C, Cousin Erin & 
PDL drummer, Hingham Cafe, BS is really Bill 
the cat, JS-'That would be them!" One day 
Zelda will see the folly of his way, "I'll help ya" 
MY "Should I fudge it, that's rough", It's 
about time. 


Ogor, Kell, Rico, EcurB, Supper Donkey 

"The only fate is what you make for yourself so 
make it good." Bruce Kelly 

Football 1-2, Golf 1-4, Basketball 1 

visiting the monks with Yuri, Full & BT, Hunt- 
ing w/Red and the crash on the Big Wheel, The 
Horde w/ND, EY, BM, KT, MC, AF. meeting 
DT for the first time and lasting for a full year 
with her. Thank you for all the good times hon, I 
love you. Climbing the rocks w/Merrick & Red, 
my cleaning job w/BM. GKIR on my head 
w/DP, BM. Curing depression w/AF, Laming a 
goose at PCC. The trapcase w/EM. Danielle's 
boat & Aunt Missy. The fire down the street 
w/AG & Red and the Big crash. The parties at 
my pad w/everyone. All the times at PCC. The 
secret bathroom window w/ Yuri. Danielle's Bal- 
let performance. Mr. Butler the new guy. 
Dougie's Quad & Adam. Cookout w/Doug. Driv- 
ing in the lamans w/DK. HD Surfing all day 
w/ND. TB w/Rizz, and snowboarding at J. Hill 
w/DR, AG, GA, BF & DK. And to Danielle T. 
have a good senior year and just remember that I 
love you. Going for a Driving hour after Fuller's 
house. BB paper boys. Ryan Lindsay 83 viola- 
tions w/the RM. The Brewsters cleaning job. 
And all my love to Danielle Thompson. 


Sri, Fro, Sh-Boom 

It is a sorry business to inquire into what men 
think, when we are everyday only too uncomfort- 
ably confronted with what they do. M. Arlen 

Math Club 1-4 (Pres), Nat'l Hon. Soc. 3, 4 
(Pres) Tennis 3, 4 (Cap't 4), Basketball 1, 2, 
Baseball 2, Football 2, 4 (MGR), French Club 
1-3, Spanish Club 1, Yearbook 3, 4. 

As I was attempting to fill out this form, I en- 
countered difficulty. To ennumerate every mem- 
ory I have would not only take up an entire year- 
book but would serve a grave injustice to 
whomever I neglected. So I finally decided to 
write this. Ten to twenty years down the road, I 
may forget most of the "memories" of my child- 
hood, but I know I won't forget the people From 
my first day at Cole School to this very moment, 
I have been fortunate to encounter unforgettable 
people (some I'd rather not forget, others, well 
let's be positive). In all my endeavors this has 
been the prevailing constant. The people I have 
conversed with, dealt with, and even befriended 
were (and still are) truly remarkable. Finally 
some notes: to ANE-the Hornets will win, hope- 
fully w/ Chief, AB good luck (no way NY wins), 
ARMH-a mind is a terrible thing to waste, 
DJC-you'll be a success I just hope I can match 
yours, GG-if all else fails, you can work for me, 
RM-need a contract? call me. Good Luck. To my 
folks, I love you all. 



Ben, Hen, Grover, Donut 

Do or do not, there is no try. 

Basketball 1-4 (Cap't 4), Fotball I, 4, Spanish 
Club 1,2. 

Ya-hey, when in doubt air it out, N. Nolte, 
wanna make a deal w/ me? do u die your hair? 
EVERYBODY MOVE, inconceivable, hello my 
name is Indigo Montoya, I know about pigeons, 
wanna get some donuts, Edie? my hair doesn't 
look right, don't tick me off Art, Hello Newman, 
Queechee, 2/2 w/ JM, GO, U lost a friend, 
Nant. AAFNBFRGSW, Mr. H can U hear us? 
IT IS! "got it boys" MC, fishing w/DWs, G. 
Woods, sneaking out, golf balls w/ AB, MC, RM 
dunk, flying J, snow day practice, "Did I ever tell 
you're a wimp?" FG, PH wrong room, manhood, 
Queena, mean kranky, stupid, goon, goof, our 
thingies, VM, mucking free, tummy aches, naps, 
MH's hugs-red face, Joe's B & G, are you mad at 
me? SORRY! MOs mouth, cry baby, injuries, 
tank, abuse hotline Blake my buddy, KH's bob- 
bing head, dinners, f-ball talks, ice cream, stress 
box, surprises, you smell good, frizzies, track mts, 
kabiny, will you bring me? Did I ever tell u I love 
u? do u hate me? I gotta feed my animals, don't 
go away, popsicle, shopping. Thanks to my par- 
ents, friends, and esp. SH, I love you all very 



Miss Red, Smiley, Pebbles, Flash, Ms. 
I.C.D.I.M., Vallerie, Veronica, Roxy, Miss 
Summer, Stubby, She-Ra 

I had to, it was a must, you understand. Oh ye 
most definitely. 

Drama, Chorus, Gymnastics, Football Manag* 
Amnesty International, Art Club 

CC, me sleeping in the car, Boston bagger, 
WHIP!, Bickfords, spinnies, tailgate moshing ( 
bang w/UNSEEN at the approach in Boun: 
Cape Cod, Street playing, CC, MT, ZW, CS, J 
DB, MM, MM, Summer of 92-94 Falmouth, 
& my road trip to Providence, BI, CC, me, Z\ 
MT Lollapollooza 94, GX, No!, Bridge FlasheJ 
up all night, work all day. Union St. Bridge, Ci 
place in me, tree climbin' & singin' 3am, shi t 
mey up the drain pipe. Jam popover, no!, t 
restless cooks, LO, MK, Good Luck Class of Si 
I'm already gone and feeling strong, the adve 
tures of us all, have fun, break some rules, no I 
grets, Primus at B w/CC, MT, S., BB, VB, Ej 
glishman, I'm lonely, hurricane me w/newsjl 
pers in J, B room what did you say about t' 
cat?, Twizzlers many tricks, my tatoo ugh!, (, 
trips tw my "93" hit list, Monumont Bea< 
Bourne, Mortons Pond Wed., beating Jeff up L 
tresor "the Ferret", why me?, Kill that bird, E 
crew vs the best. Thanx for the memories NH| 
See ya. I Love you Mom, Dad, Anthony, Mid 

14 i 




arissa, Kariss, Kar 

know I'll never lose affection for people and 
ings that went before-I know I'll often stop and 
ink about them-In my life I'll love you more."- 
ne Beatles 

eld Hockey 1-4, Spring Track 1-2, Peer Ed 3-4, 
ational Honor Society 3-4, Spanish Club 1-3, 
mnesty Intrn'l 2-4, Student Gvt. 4, Yearbook 4, 
iris State 3. 

jarrell, quote for the day, ice skating, "biggest 
ir", 8th grade Halloween at JM's, band ex- 
lange, "no boyfriend/life parties", 7th grade 
En w/JB & JM, DZ w/JB, DB, MF, AM, & 
J, Sun. drive w/JB-sunglasses, Span, talks, 
omecomings, Discus Party I & II, study 
oups, "plastered on the cover of the yearbook", 
anover men & sports, Italy-Apr. '94, lost in Mi- 
n w/JK, Chem 30-OKRIH, Baby-"show no 
ar", "how's your PMA?", Star w/JM, butter- 
unch, Fridays at Fridays, Girls State '94 w/BB 
don't do highways), gimp party, my endless in- 
tuation w/Phiso & C.R. (the date that wasn't; I 
lly go for geniuses). To all my friends, esp. JB, 
U, KH, BW, & KM-thank you; I'll never forget 
mr friendship; may our memories last us for- 
r er. Chris & Julie-the best of luck always. Mom 
Dad-All my love and thanks for everything 
m've done-I owe you so much. To Class of '95-1 
ish joy & success always. 


Lynnie, Lynnith 

To laugh often and much, to win the respect of 
intelligent people and the affection of children, to 
somehow leave the world a bit better- this is to 
have succeeded. -RW Emerson 

Cheerleading 2-4 (Cap't JV), Gymnastics 1,3,4, 
Drama 1, 3, 4, Boys track 1 (MGR), Spanish 

Apples, Jasons, Happiness, nicknames, sneaking 
out, 1AM w/ Spit & Lew, 71 min. party, Spi- 
talungi Dacar, DL, EL, GG, Ginsu nt. Winter 
ST, walking, SN's ashes, the spit, black & white 
shorts. Porky Thank . . . Breakdown to SN at at 
Martin's!" Snassinippi Ark, GN'R w/ AH, EM, 
guy w/ Kalvins, 5/7/93, 7/9/93, tent, KH's set 
ups, 8/23/93, H-coming '93, Hangin w/ JV, TH, 
BC, DG, study talks w/ Alyssa, Sledding & driv- 
ing w/ JP, scav. hunt, GF's, Prom '94-bedtime, 
laughing fits w/ JP, kitchen seat, milk out nose, 
Joy's spot, J J con w/ DD, JM, NL, "Do you 
have a tatoo?" Ply. w/ JP, Summer '94 w/ SN, 
JM, Brad & Phil, Scit. SN & psy. obsns. con. w/ 
KH, Jim, Chris, moshpit, Aerosmith w/ JP & 
the disco dude, laughs w/ Jim & KH Butter- 
crunch w/ KM, JB, CL camp-"Yeah", Ange & 
JM-man in the window, TV nts. w/ LS, "Don't 
eat that!" Gail's big L, guy talks w/ HM, Mad 
Mazzy 3 in front, Mom, Dad, Janet, John, Rob- 
ert, Coco thanks for always being there for me, I 
love you! To all my friends, good luck always! 


Tim, Timmy 

"Imagination is more important than knowl- 
edges-Albert Einstein 

Soccer 1-4 (Capt.), Basketball 1-2 

Freshman year w/AW, ND house, AF car acci- 
dent, world champion at DB, Football w/SB, AF, 
JT, JS, DB, RM, TB, NM, AW, BC, AC, mud 
bowl, AW party, JT first party w/JL, BW, JM, 
SB, CN, LP, ER, DB, GD, bridge, DB jacuzzi, 
falling out of the tree, AF pool, Sophomore year 
w/DP, KW, going to parties w/SB, AF, JS, 
Great Escape w/JS, AF, SB, JT, LD, BS party 
w/AF, JT, JS, JL, SB, DB, BM basketball, 
Chase on May Elm Ln., ND trampoline, Green 
Harbor w/JC, HH, KT, CC, NB, SB parties, 
Half days at JT, Last day junior year, HP, CN, 
NJ, HH, CC, FG, SM, JL, AF at HP, Loon Mt. 
w/SB, JT, AF, relaxing April vacation '94, CM, 
AT party w/AF, ND, SB, JT, JS, LP, EB, dirty 
dancing HP, CN, JT parties, Dave Petty, EY 
w/JT, EY swimming pool, AF party, ML, JC it 
was fun, going to school w/DB, DP, EB, AS, JM 
at AS house, Thanks SB, JS, AF, JT. 

-1 — 





Cheesy, Boulbus, Jezery, Marchexiani. 
Captain "X" 

Time lies in the path strewn before you . . . Given 
that it is of much complexity . . . Given it has 
long been beaten by the sun. It's yours to have . . 
. all you must do is . . . stay awake 

Jeffrey Marchesiani 

Winter Track 1-4, Spring Track 1-4, Stage Band 
3, Art Club 2, 4 

Nursery school with Mrs. Dings, RM falling off 
the jungle gym during class pictures, star wars 
w/ GA, big wheels, nap time, black top recesses, 
Willie, MS, BEN, why are we yelling?!!, PG and 
the sports van, off roading w/ BA, FM, Frank 
Molla day . . . FMC, big "D", KJ, "The big ba- 
nana". Minds Eye w/ Riz, Brett and Matt, 
"Darth", Chewy + BB, "The Deli", remember 
Ian Anderson, "drool", summer talks w/ DR, BC 
thanks Boulbus, all the bands w/ SP, Chaotic 
Utopia, Metallica, Metallica, Extreme, Cinder- 
ella, David Lee Roth, Aerosmith, Van Halen, 
Rush, Candlebox, Dream theatre "4", Alice in 
Chains, Pantera, Short guy, lunch talks 8th grade 
talent show, Mr. Orlando and music class, talk- 
ing w/ TA on the phone about disney. In love w/ 
JR, 15 months 14 days w/ Esther Kuipers. 


Chip, Marky, Hairman, Marsexy, Egon 

Rules are made to be followed, but there are ex- 
ceptions to all rules and I am one of them. -For- 
rest Gump 

Spring Track 1-4, Winter Track 1-4, Cross 
Country 2 

Camping in W.S.P., "Damn that fire's hot!", 
"Look at the body!", Bullet wounds, Deadheads, 
TB's sprint through the woods, IA's Drool Pool, 
Fire mosh pits w/IA, GA, PG, TB, Ant Jemi- 
ma's kitchen. Napalm Death, Sam Black 
Church, "Lindsay!", "Nice sailboat!", TN-the 
land of the inbreds, Pat as Elvis, Greg as Rodney, 
Myself as Hairman, Juice-No thanks!, I'm black. 
The sports van with simulted wood siding, 
RAGE!, B-E-N, Habib & Akbar, & of course. 
Bob Leonard, pulled over twice in one hour. Star 
* Land, Mike Pinkham-"Hello!", Bickfords, 
"Where's 53?", "Why are we yelling!", BF & the 
ladybugs. Anger is a gift!, Pat & I at Green Day, 
To GA, TB, DC, DG, JM, BF, and all my other 
friends at Norwell high, I couldn't have done it 
without you and my life would have been boring! 
You definitely make my life interesting. To Pat, 
Ian, and Kathleen and my other friends not at 
Norwell-without you guys I know my life would 
be boring. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. To 
everyone else-don't forget me-I won't forget you. 
Thanx Mom, Dad, Andrew and Ellen. And last 
but not least-I Love You Amy! 


But I won't cry for yesterday. There's an ord; 
nary world somehow I have to find. And as 
make my way to the ordinary world, I will lear 
to survive. Duran Duran 

Football 1, Cross Country 2-4 Capt. 4, Basketbai 
1, Winter Track 2-4 Capt. 4, Spring Track 1- 
Chem Club, French Club. 

"There's Mrs. Doyle" w/ EM + SN, Birdseei 
+ up all night talks w/ EM, EE, SN, "K", CI 
burger, and all my other memories from Franci 
sneaking drinks w/ SW in Jr. High, Hallowec 
freshman year. Study hall JR year w/ BL • 
HH, My Skyscraper w/ HH, Pigging out w/ B! 
Emily + Katie and summer of '93, Shirley, til 
three buffs Jen Karolyn and Courtney. "Yd 
can't fire me because I quit". Youth group lo< 
ins, fourth of July 1994. Can't buy me love. Sail 
(Sydney) Where are you? Foods class, thanli 
Mrs. Rheault New York City w/ XC team. Hill 
ary and all our laughs, Yoko-Ono-Bono, Xmv 
tree/Palm tree, smuggling mcc icecream, and i 
course sticky buns w/ CY. Thanks for everythirl 
and don't change. You're the best and I'll nevi 
forget you. Au Revoir Class of '95 



jive me one moment in time, when I'm all that I 
hought I could be, When all of my dreams are a 
teartbeat away, and the answers are all up to me. 
N. Houston 

-ootball 1-4 (Cap't 4), Baseball 1-4 (Cap't 4), 
Jasketball 1-4. 

Dape w/ TM, W. Dennis Beach, loosening boats, 
' f-works, closeline, WDYC, midnt. walks, SA, 
1/2 b-ball, dunk shows, SEGA, eggs & f-works, 
roxing, fire, grad. parties. Thanks for everything 
Hm, stay in touch, May Elm b-ball, ping pong, 
nud bowls, bridge, adv. day, TM, AF, BM, BK, 
:hase, st sign scav. hunt, summer '92, W Park, 
Jhaqued rim, pool NY 21, missions, Vinal, Spar- 
ell, JHS, roofs w/ proof, BAREWOLVES, Peg- 
>oty, pool Vball cellar, movies, Batman, cards, 
x>ot from McDs & BK, FOB's last nt. free mov- 
es w/ KD, Gettysbrg JOB's bad jokes, Fenway 
ibl. header, Green Day, Storrow Dr. MW, KD, 
IOB, "let's drive" $5401.85 tower, YG look in, 
Uh July, Prom w/ JC, babye, H-coming LR, 
-enway AB, TM, MC, UMD & HR derby, 
-ross f-ball & hockey, yth. f-ball, Frosh f-ball, 
Norton Brawl Concussion, Frosh b-ball, "ride", 
*ut me in coach, I'm ready to play, today-JF, V 
-ball, When in doubt, air it out, P.O.W. Turkey 
Day, Hull Brawl, baseball-tourney, #42 1st to 
lunk, thanks to '94 & '95 f-ball for the best 7 
easons, Keith- stay in touch- you're my best 
riend. Good luck in whatever you may do. 


El, L.N. 

"I don't know-may be something good, may be 
something bad- I guess we'll never know" -Ren 

Field Hockey 1-3, Track 1-3, Spanish club 1-3 
(secretary), Softball 1 

Getting arrested 8th grade feild trip, Party 3 day 
wknd w/JC, CC, & BB, 8th & 9th grade ski trips, 
9th grade homecoming night w/JC & CC, Yes 
Sir!, Pine street field parties, sneaking out w/ 
AS, LR & KM, & getting caught, Chinese food 
w/LD, "sorry we forgot our money", Maine trip 
w/Jc and family-getting marooned on take, 
Bando Solei w/KM, dodging soda cans w/ AB, 
AS & KM, Soccer Plus Camp from hell, trip to 
N.H. w/CC & JC, AW"s party, breaking BB's 
finger w/toilet bowl cleaner, LR hurling ride 
home. Sweet 16 surprise party, track w/KG & 
MG, barking pit bull w/LR & BB, Humarock 
beach trips, Jimmy Buffet w/ AB, MT, AB, HF. 
CCD w/ JK & CC, hitting JN, breakfast w/ 
DM, PR % MT, Spanish trip, "Why does Spain 
have a statue of the devil?" Party in rm 1131, 
Dean-the ice cream boy, Pigeon woman, BW's 
cartwheels on beach, MW & toilet, dying cat, 
Good Luck to the class of '95! Good luck & 
thanks to Mom, Dad, Danny, Mikey, and 
Laura-I love you all very much. 


Jen, Jenny, J. 

"Time goes by fast, people move in and out of 
your life . . . never miss an opportunity to tell 
those people how much they mean to you. 
-Frasier Crane 

Field Hockey 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Spring Track 
1-4 (capt. 4) French club 2-3, Outdoors Club 4, 
Amnesty International 4, Yearbook 3-4 

Omni w/KH, KM, JS-BCH Lawn, Aerosmith 
w/KH + JB-lunches w/KM, KH, MKM, BW 
+ JB, me being obnoxious, bike rides in Worn- 
patuck w/AM and AH, First Night '94 w/ 
MKM, AM, PN, AM + SH-snowball fight in 
South Boston, Billy Joel w/KM, AM, BW, FUQ 
= I love you, Fridays and Chilis lunches, Rainex, 
KH-Wrong Way! Disney World w/AH, Habitat 
for Humanity w/MKM, EY, ND, Jean Claude 
the Trainer, "Kill, kill, kill, die, die, die", Admir- 
ing CZ w/MKM, SW, BB + LM. To BB-all I 
have to say is Yuck! Field hockey camp '94, 
Atrium Mall, Kristin's Blind date set up. "You're 
so junior high" 8th grade Halloween party, West- 
borough band exchange-"Home"-hom . . . PR's 
party fresh yr., Ram-he's gonna be mine. I'm the 
best! Good luck to all my friends: KM, MKM, 
LM, KH, JB, BW and everyone else. Thanks to 
Mom, Dad, Amy, Doug and Leanne-I love you 
guys- oh yeah- Discus party forever-AP & AV, 
KH, KM, CAK- we're the party girls. 


Joyus, JTTW, Yoj, Philal, Mad Mazzi 

"To be loved is to know happiness and content- 
ment, to give love is to know the joy of sharing 
oneself . . . For it is through the miracle of love 
that we discover the fullness of life." -Robin St. 

Cheerleading 2-4 (capt. 4), Gymnastics 1-4 
(capt. 4), Spanish Club 1-4, Spirit Club 2-4, Am- 
nesty 3, Environment 3, Pep Board 1 

The beg, mid and end of the SF legacy, walking 
everywhere, pits, woods & pond parties, hatred 
for fat cat (RER!), wombat, BK 3 weeks, diets 
(107), jasons, happiness, apples, stress, the SPOT 
tent 7-31-93, Homecoming 93-the illusion SF 
again Bowling, Arizona '94, BC + DD, 
SQEEKI-BF Scituate crew (JW-DUH) Squeaky 
clean, Summer '94 w/Stace & Lynne; ditched, 
lifeless-star, Phil-seesaw + phone (6X/3 hours) 
Timmy, Brad, the caravan, Joe & Lynne, Trev 
Gregga G, Gaffield, Ace, Wilburs, Lighthouse, 
Spit, The bets w/SN: broken and kept, Golf frus- 
tration, Starland, Cheerleading camp (Ack!) 
Frank, cracking, valley girls, SF at WH after SB, 
my pool, BS-Christy's, Spit 'n Wilma, the 5 hr. 
car ride w/MJ, homecoming dresses (Ha) My li'l 
buds: KR, EA, CW, + DM + her boyfriends, 
hugs w/BF. Mom, Dad, Grama, De + Max, I 
love you so much. Thank you! Stace, Lynnie + 
Suze luv you + thank you. Deeba, have a better 
time than I had. 


Elvis, Mikey, McCOFY 

The earth does not belong to us. We belong to 
the earth. - Chief Seat He 

I don't want to change the world and I don't want 
the world to change. Me-Ozzy 

Soccer 1, Hockey 2-4 

Fishing w/AG, BF, mignight runs w/AG, BF, 
living room experiences w/SH, SP, BF, AG, JC, 
DR, Homecoming before & after w/SP, harbor 
fun, let's get necked, Stone Temple Pilots, Lala- 
polooza, once upon a forest w/Stewie, and that 
girl, 16th B-day at SH's, Rockland Studios Roon 
K and others, talent show, Boom Slang, Super 
Roedy, mind's eye, getting slugged by Stewie, 
bedside at B's after summer hockey w/DP, AF, 
JM and tons of fun. Ethyl it's OK no rabies, 
Wompatuck-dead heads, Winnie the Pooh sacri- 
fice, off roading w/ AG, hack circle during 
lunch, frog hack w/SP, SH, Mantis, 0-60 in no 
time, school will be out and we out and we will 
have a blast out party- okay guy?, I leave my 
friends any sanity that I have left, leave SH and 
AG a new clutch and BF a llama and SP a new 


Mac, Maccy, Mac Attack, Big Mac, Puke, 
Speedy Gonzolas 

"Tomorrow is tomorrow but today is forever ." 

B M 

Cross Country 1-4 (Capt. 4) Winter Track 1- 
(Capt. 4) 

Rambo runs, TP shorts mid winter-playirl 
hockey for winter track practice, tp crack id 
with his head, Run, Northfield-falling asleep c 
ride home, pickups, JM fresh year, "introduci 
mc", camp-"Stud boys" movie, 10 miles up an 
down a mountain. "funrun"-what the hell's a fin 
run? Duck Duck goose BC, ML crush AR "I g< 
to go and I can't hold it" get a bathroom, voic 
cracks. No. 2 before 2 miles indoor-hence nan - ' 
"Mac Attack" DC, "Z" or Zipperhead, baske 
ball before states, chuck, dancing on bus rid' 
"GOALS", sub 10, sub 9 And so much more 
BC DK CM DC State Champs, Bob, Dan Ca 
ton, Zarrela, Chuck, REL., thanx for the expcr 
ence-I'll never be able to repay you-AD-And 
special thanxs to all my past teachers, you'i 
great. Thanx Mom and Dad JA CA and ever; 
one else love you and see ya. Best of luck to tri 
greatest class ever '95. 


Dani, Dan, MC, 

Vou're not short, you're vertically challenged, 
iood things come in small packages. 

3asketball 1-2, Tennis 1-4, Spanish Club 1-4, 
Yearbook 3, 4, Outdoors Club 4. 

^ong talks w/ PV, + SN, All the good times w/ 
vIB weekend nights w/ PV, SN, KN, EE, BC, 
<M, JH, JW, BC, DD, TB, BO'D, Spanish class 
v/ KN- nice can!, Is it hump day yet? Halloween 
92 - Where did those pumpkins come from?, 
wrple shorts, How much time do we have left?, 
Vlay flower Beach Perfume fights w/ PV, SN, + 
ICN, Sundae School, New Year's Eve at MF's, 
J izza from Sears w/ AA, Wilburs, Spain - BB's 
:ough. The radius of the moon w/ B'OD, KW's 
ilarm clock, a long trip home, Yo tengo llamar 
os Estados Unidos w/ MT, Green Harbor w/ 
<N + LF, Jimmy Buffet, "Bigfoot" Danielle, 
'I'm smokin", Exit 8, what?, just kidding. The 90 
egree turn w/ JH, BC, JW, B'OD, The Hing- 
lam Rotary, Did tou see a funny?, shooting stars, 
>N I love you and miss you, night swimming, 
hopping, midnight English papers, tree decorat- 
ng w/ TB, miniature golf, trips to CC, mud fight 
v/ MF, PV, SM, PV, Jeeps food fights w/ PM 
+• SN, Celtics w/ BO'D, trips to Boston, contro- 
'ersies w/ TW, PV + SN's barking, To all my 
riends I love you and wish you the best of luck, 
md to my parents and Suzanne 1 love you, 
("hanks for everything! 


Betty, Bethie 

"I don't know why, but somewhere dreams come 
true & I don't know where but there will be a 
place for you." 

Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1-2, Tennis 1-4 

Newport, Martha's Vineyard w/PH, "Grand- 
ma's", Double chins, my friend, omni, "The Kit", 
Auntie's Pool, soccer bench, "Pick the Pasta 
Pete", 3/12/93, clean up, Minot, Feb. vacation 
'93, Prom, 16th surprise party w/KW, 12 K's, 
4th of July fire-works, summer nights, carpet, 
Christmas '93, New Year's Eve w/PH, SM, VA, 
AB, "Dut, Dut, Dut, Dut", "What are you a 
jerk", Saturday Night Live, Tennis talks w/AP 
& AB, KW, nights in Boston w/PH, VA, AB, 
SM, LD, talks w/MH, Home from Camp, scrub 
a dub dub, long skirts, baaaathroom, Bolton Val- 
ley, Loon, Waterville, "Your books on fire", 2/ 
21/94, "Nice laugh", billboard, Scituate Fair, 
Strawberry Fair w/KW, MH, soccer camp, Sug- 
arloaf w/MH, "Are you mad at me?", Hey 
Sweetie, Sat. nights, 2001, math w/MH, KM, 
Shut up!, Lost in Needham. Thanks to all my 
friends. Peter, Thanks for making and being a 
part of so many of my memories! I love you. 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Jay & Dan for every- 
thing. I love you always. And good luck to the 
class of '95. 


Niblets, Smiley 

"What lies behind and what lies ahead of us is of 
little importance when compared to what lies 
within. "-Oliver Wendall Holmes 

Band 1-4, Pep Band 1-3, Chorus 1, 
Amnesty 2 

Drama 3, 

Puddle jumping, wild carriage rides, Thurs. sum- 
mer nights '93 Bob is God, stone heads on the 
lawn, JD and squeaky floorboards, noserings, the 
police incident-Sara & Jen, 10/15/93 JC, Scitu- 
ate Lighthouse, Going to Boston w/JC, Cape 
parties w/J.C.C.R. & S., do you smell something 
burning?, getting lost going to Brockton-Where 
are we?-Holbrook!, Gullible is written on the 
ceiling, the date from hell, 3/10/94 MS, There's 
a big B on the ceiling, Prom '94 w/MD, Help I'm 
sinking!, Sleepovers at JD's, the bags open-act 
normal!, Creation '94-John, John, Josiah & Ter- 
rance, the survival kit, on the trailer roof-Did we 
scare ya-Did it make you . . .! Bickfords, Matty 
D. & his calls, night mailbox openers, Boston es- 
calators w/AM & JD, the guy on the T who sang 
to us!, Nantasket Beach, Tom, You're in Hull. 
JD, MD, KM, CH, BC, RS, JR, MS, MP, MM, 
DM, AM, EC-thanks for the memories! Thanks 
Mom & Dad I love you! Lots of luck to my sisters 
& brothers. Good Luck Class '95. 


Scamus, Flounder, Speed Racer, Moosh, Behan 

"Listen to my words as I speak of rivers, some 
may be shallow and some may be deeper my 
brother, open your ears to the grooves and beats 
and be complete, now the waters deep." -Me Phi 

Football 1-4 (capt). Wrestling 1, Chem club. Stu- 
dent Gov't 3-4, Outdoors Club 4 

Queechee w/MC, BL, AB, NM, & AJ, Z man & 
Zobin, "You just lost a friend", MC-I'll meet you 
half way, EM, house w/the magic balloon, the 
cruise w/ND + Cynthia, back of school w/AF, 
EY, ND, Bruces House Party, Nick Noltey, 
surfing w/ND, AF, EY, BK, + CS, ND off the 
wall, EM It was real, 4 wheeling w/JN, Allman 
Bro., HORDE '93, '94, prom night-Bye, Bye mad 
dog, CT's house & AH, New Year w/CM, SLU 
W/JM, CM, Jimmy Buffet, Green Day w/JN, 
DM & cape w/AB, BL, Sleepover's at MC's, 
painting w/AB, Rock climbing and skiming 
w/BK, nights at Egypt, Lovers lane, talking 
w/EB, advice for AS, adventure days, Dave my 
DB, aimless driving w/BK, chased by a dog, 
wedding reception w/AB Football-beat EB, 
Playground Football: AB, BL, MC, BK, ND, 
AF, EY, JC, HH, CC, CT, EB, AS, AF, JN, 
EM, RM, MW, TM, ML, TW-friends 4-ever & 
to my family, thank you for your support and you 
know I love you. 


Merri, Merraman, Merriweather, Fielda 

"Too many times we stand aside and let the wa- 
ters slip away 'till what we put off 'till tomorrow 
has now become today. So don't you sit upon the 
shoreline and say you're satisfied, choose to 
chance the Rapids and Dare to dance the 
tides. "-Garth Brooks 

Football 1-4 (Capt. 4), Wrestling 1, Track 3 

Shamrock, Recess, Rugby, Rocky Pt., #43, Flor- 
ida, DJ's graduation, playground football, SL 
w/JP, SL w/ CD, Fighting w/DP, Boston & NH 
w/ML, 10 yrs. of football, superbowls, PMW, 
Homecomings, youth football, Abington, #20, 
2023, Mighty Python, EB party, 9/16/92, 
1/1/93, Atitash w/ CD, NH w/ CD, Football, 
Jr. year 9-1, Sunday River w/CD, my bros place, 
6 Flags, Melencamp, HORDE, Prom, all the sea- 
sons w/CD, Cushing Center dances, McD's 
w/Ms. D., going away & everywhere w/ CD, gas 
scams, 10 seasons w/PH, GG, our line, our back- 
field, my cuz, Ms. D thanks for everything, To all 
my football buddies, thanks. I love you guys. I'll 
never forget you. DN, DP, ML, JN, EM, JP, 
TW, AW, DB, TM, EY, AF and everyone else 
thanks, DJ & Matt I love you and good luck, CD 
I want-need-love you w/all my heart, Mom & 
Dad thanks-you guys are the best. I love you. 


Em, Embo, Bonk, Abe 

Summer's going fast, night's growing coldi 
Children growing up, old friends growing old* 
Freeze this moment a little bit longer. Make ea 
sensation a little bit stronger. -Rush 

Winter Track 1, Cheerleading 2-4, Spirit CI 
2-4, French Club 1-3. 

Ali, move your bag, Jasons, happiness, apples 
min. party. Winter ST, Spitalungi & Ginsu i 
EL, beach studs, missing CBs, AE & weasel c 
sessn. thank? Ian's briefcase, J Ms almost bend' 
GN'R the FH, pit parties-Em loves Tess-a-r( 
tent inc. Rege Ds, weasel hell-DR thanks I 
nothing cool Cs baby, Bickford's, Drums, Ch 
has the chips, 'kay, France w/ SN, KM-ther 
MS Doyle! Mickel-denied! Han. & Scit. bo; 
MLs party, EL again, Minot, Pine ST, Gaffie 
etc. Greg dir. traffic. Star Land, Soft Lips, Sl( 
povers, harbor, sport's van, AHs party, DSO 
Marsexy, KOOSH? DD-family! Fri. morn, 
fasts, Mildred, 9/23/94 Buffy? b-day, Spectru 
sugar cubes, ther. ses. at AH's, Good Times < 
SN, JM, LM, CY, EA, GF, BF, JC, RB, S 
MB, & everyone else-I'll never forget you gu 
All my thanks & love to Mike, Katy, Greg, A 
& my family. Shagg Pond attitude forever! Th 
my exuberance, purity, and power of spirit, I c I 
ate a world of harmony and vibrance where t 
human soul is free. -Matt Messinger 


Margaret katherine 

late, Mully, Mullymeister 

You judge a man's success by the amount of 
me he can spend on the beach." Chris Gilmore 

rew 1-4, Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball, 
imnesty lnt'1, Spanish Club, Outdoors Club 

1. Joel: JM, BW, J. Taylor: PN, Live + Basia: 
'H, Greenday: KH, Riding the Pine, Walpole, 
pain 94 Naranjas, Energizer bunny, And UR?, 
)mni Theater, KH Paranoia of hitting trucks, 
.unch w/ JM, Reffing B-ball, Rain X, FUQ = I 
3vc U, Friday's + Chilis, Summer 91-94, 
vICBP Balls, drag racing at the lights, Morocco, 
st night w/ the Martins "Oh my head", KH 
vrongway, "do you have a beach tag"?. Habitat 
or Humanity, JB's slow driving, snow ball fight 
n S. Boston, optional stop signs BC whalemobile 
rew race 1st win, Head of Textile, My random 
noughts, 4th of July 94, Mosh Pit @ Live Clem- 
■nt Stand, BC's insomnia. Crew tm 94, EU, SS, 
iead of the Conn, Trips to Raynham, NH 
hampionships, long talks w/ PH, BC's garage 
loor, Walk for Walden, KM's school ties, KH's 
et ups, obsession, crew dinners, hockey games, 
ames, California, "God", Span 31, Bird, Ba- 
lanas. The best of luck: JM, BC, KH, KM, JB, 
>W, TB, BW, KD, MG, EU, LW, and a special 
hanks to PH and all my love + thanks to A, M, 
¥ D, By-Bye. 


Katie, Kate, Newmie, Newmdog 

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. 
Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. 

Soccer 1-4, Basketball 1, 2, Winter Track 3, 4, 
Spring Track 1-4 (capt. 4), Peer Ed 3, 4, Student 
Government 2, 4, Spanish Club 1-4, Yearbook 4 

Three Muskateers, What?, Nantucket, May- 
flower Beach, MT dancing cars, Alrighty Then!, 
No means yes, Dude come here, I'm just kud- 
ding!, I saw a funny, A man for all seasons, 
shooting stars, Wilburs & Minot, 24/7, 
DJSCWM-football men, The HORDE, Jimmy 
Buffet, Aerosmith, Steve Miller, Tom DeGraan, 
Abrakadabra, Fire & Rain, I am a CS, wander- 
ing off w/KW-shafted, JK ballet in the parking 
lot, Danielle, I'm smokin', Medfield, Buh-bye, 
MT & inflatable bottle, 11:11, 6/4/94-the 
search, 2:30 am ... if you want, alarm clock 
prank, "Where does your food go?", just one 
more . . ., lighthouse, Hero, J.L.S., Omaha, the 
Willies, DD the beggar, jerry talk, Babefest(s) 
Mony, Mony, Whoomp, there it is!, Sullivan's 
Brians, Liz & Marisa-the dunes, Danielle, go to 
the bathroom. Exit 8-95 MPH!, Baby Joey, Hal- 
loween '92-smashing pumpkins, purple shorts. 
Summers w/SC, Grease, highway guys, New 
Years DM, BO'D, EE, MH, MT, JK, BC, DD, 
KW, LF, SC- You guys are the best! Good Luck! 
I will miss you. I Love You, Mom, Dad & 


"This is not the end. This is not the begining of 
the end. This is the end of the begining." 


I'm sorry I've lost my mind. If anyone finds it, 
please return it to me, but until then the area will 
have to remain blank. Thanxs to those who were 
my friends. Too bad I can't remember who you 


Stace, Space, the Rodester 

"The dogs bark, but the caravan passes on." 

Cheerleading 2-4 (Capt. 4), Winter Cheerleading 
2, Track 1, Spring Track 1 (manager), Spirit 
Club 3, French Club 2 

Spitalungi, the Lewser, Pop quiz, nicknames, Xy- 
laphone head, worst night of my life 1 AM with 
Spit and Lew, Lynne M. and the man, Soph. yr. 
nothing, hanging out in the woods, walking all 
over Norwell, the tent, France: Keith M and 
Emily M., then this thing rose out of the floor . . 
I, Miguel the waiter, birdseed, gossip, EM-our 
copying parents, Drum's, George Jr. Bickfords, 
Star Market, Timmy and Joy, Phil-6 times in 
three hours, Lynne and Joe, TM's party, Brad, 
Ace Ventura, Scituate lighthouse, Wilbur's, 
Summer '94 with JM and LM, the spit, Gaffield 
Park, Pine St, rope swing, teaching JM to drive 
standard, I'm not going unless they mention my 
name!, JM and my bets, Starland, golfing, JM- 
hitting each other under lunch table, Omigod-is 
that Christiiine? humiliating nights at GG's, BB, 
Beverly Hills clan, Cheerleading-stress! Jr. 
Prom-not, food, fine-fine then! 


Jake, Jakester, Butkis 

The future is here at last. I stand at the entrance 
to a new world I can see. U2 

Football 1-4, Wrestling 1, Track 2-4 

Superbowl 7th + 8th grade, Duxbury twice, EB 
twice, night games, playing in the mud, bowling 
and shootin' pool w/ EM, ML, Workcamps-New 
York Philadelphia, Wash. DC, All night game of 
spit w/ CAP, rematch + the beginning, Brook- 
woods, Boatin' + fishin' w/ ML, JM, AW, NM, 
AS, Sleeping Beauty, EM-kiss our feet, Jumpin' 
in at I AM, May 33rd?, rope swing in Jan. w/ 
MC, AE, BM MT- forest fire, 4-wheelin' w/ AB, 
MV, BM, 3 Dukes, Mt. Madison, laughin' w/ 
MP, fishin' at the bogs w/ EY, football behind 
the town hall, BINGO, Cape, Cathay Hanover 
w/ DN + JN, X, Belize Rocky Horror Picture 
Show, CHBC-IC, Player's Edge, Stonehill w/ 
DN, Boston w/ BB, NM, Foxboro Stadium- 
Pat's, javelin golf, Spanish w/KF Webb's w/ 
EM, AD, 8th grade-warehouse, EM-barefooting, 
To Mom and Dad, my gratitude, to Adam and 
Rachel and all my friends, thanks and good luck. 


O'D, BO D, Bren 

"Nothing is more simple than greatness, indee 
to be simple is to be great." -Emerson 

X-country 1, Football 2, Basketball 1-2, Tcnn 
1-4, Spanish club 1-2, outdoors club 4 

3 Musketeers, Craigville beach '93 w/JW, JFl 
AA, DU, MF. Lisa, I got a snake. Star Spangle 
Banner w/JH, JW, Nantucket '94 W/DM, KN] 
EE, JW, MF. How much time is left? Are w 
gonna make it? P.O.T.O. w/DM. Shooting star: 
I saw a funny'! Radius of the moon w/DM, For 
est st. turn, 3rd Wheelin', Mayflower beach. Nc\ 
Year's Eve at MF's, nights in Boston w/DM 4 
KN, Wilburs, DM-what did you say? Yes I an 
her translator. Dude come here! Newmie yoi 
want that? No means yes! driving lessons w/ SM 
Hey baby have you seen the moon? Green Har 
bor 94. Night talks w/MF, TW and those grea 
movies, trips w/DM down the cape. Weekent 
trips to Maine. The bunny slope. Skiing w, 
Bruce. Celtics game w/DM, DM/s parking jobs 
3 months of boredom. Big foot, Mr. 22, 1/2 
Tower records w/MF & RH. To all my friend 
thanks for everything and lots of luck to you all 
Danielle thanks for all the best memories, I'l 
never forget them, I'll always love you. Thank: 
Mom and Dad for everything, and lots of lucl 


walk around this little town I spit on the ground 
nd wait for the sky to fall down. Show me the 
/ay to the door show me out 'cause I'm so, so, so, 
o bored. -Juliana Hatfield 

n the woods looking for Z, The Frog Face/Z 
act, "Pretty much purple", Grandpapy's Jacket, 
ortured in science by CA. Meeting MJ for the 
irst time, I'm the first Laura, "Think about 
)ixie, "RJ-you bet, Sleepover with BS, Crazy 
iris who called constantly, RG/PDL, Lemon- 
leads, BD gold bracelet. The Tre Peach and her 
nimalistic friends, "Meow", That was cool, Juli- 
na Hatfield meeting Olive and the Little one, 
jetting lost with C, "grass stains, back burns 
he's a screamer", The baby bottles from the cen- 
er, MJ . . . thats Blah #, The Candy Cane, Lost 
n his thoughts, JS, GW, BB, MO, MK having 
unch, Staying out and up all night, Swinging, 
Che sunkist night with Brian Frying Pan, LL, 
vlM- she can 1st, Finding heaven is the parking 
ot. The Groovers used to be the best, Freshman 
irush never went away, "You can't beat Deon", 
1 K I was once a tree, ra with me, Read Thoreau 
o me. Miss N rules. Lemons all around, Moon 
>ie and Tiger boy, Groovin Merkin, The frog 
naker. Cool kid followers, JS "That would be 
lim", Harvard Square, "I'll help 'ya", "Should 1 
udge it?", "That's rough", Low red moon, "Hey 
nan, hey dude, would you like a Menthos?" 


Steve-O, Geiser, Butler 

I'm not going crazy, I'm going sane in a crazy 

The "living room", Boom Slang "94", New PJ 
Sorry, chasing women Grove st. Pits, Go to bed, 
late night rendevous, shop, minus a finger, lovely 
Norwell High, red hair, Lytholympics, NY, trips 
to school, Ms. Gilmore Hah, Lion Chucking, 
Birdie baseball, Animaniacs, Pantera, Dream 
Theatre nights at Vinal, Yellow chucks, Ann's 
parties, P-town, Forest of Enchantment, SH, 
DR, MM, EL, PL, MK, MD, BF, CA, SN, EM, 
Lunchtime hacking, Mr. Arena, Jack'en Birdie, 
Studio 15, Study hall w/CA, LS, May 13th at 
the Ranch House, AG, LM, JM, What's the 
point to all this mess? what is it here for and why 
is it that the saddest sadness comes from our 
most joyous joy? Pink Floyd with Holleys, Kari- 
na's finger, talent shows 


Matt, Big Dog, Matty P 

"Did you know ... it was all going to go so wrong 
for you. And did you see it was all going to be so 
right for me. "-Pink Floyd 

Drama 2-4, Student Gov. 3, Class Officer 2, 
Track and Field 1, Amnesty International 3 

Boston w/Laura, stuck in EB w/no ride, we're in 
Stoughton, following a stranger, Minnesota 
w/BB, Anytown, shroom mobile, feet, I want to 
be an astronaut, Prom '94, the light house, 
Chrissy let me drive; Thanx, Canobie Lake Park 
w/DK, LS, DR; I like your boxer shorts, It's atti- 
tude check, the Red Stuff w/GA; I'm feeling 
tipsy! Is that from the Gap, Detectives; I never 
stole anything, I want Ice Cream, Food fight at 
Cathay Hanover; the teapot, quitting the movie 
theater w/Laura, 1 work at Burger King, getting 
in fights w/JD, traffic jam w/LS, stuck in be- 
tween the seats w/AC, Let's go to Scituate, 
Homecoming w/SM, Reggae Sun-splash, Cano- 
bie Lake Park freshman year; setting off the 
alarms, Art class w/CM, The Weekday Sunshine 
Special at Bickfords w/BF, AH, EM, GA, My 
locker buddy JP, Thanx Mom, Dad, Kerrie and 
Donna for being there and helping me out and to 
Laura you've been my best friend. 


And we scorch the earth, set fire to the sky. 
Stoop so low to reach so high. A link is lost, the 
chain undone, now we wait all day for the night 
to come, and it comes. U2 

Football 1, Soccer 4, Hockey 2-4 

MM graduation party, getting run over by SB, 
Pat's games w/ PH or EM, all the times we beat 
up EM, Vermont logs, the worst 210 days of my 
life, Webber's party w/ EM and MC nail polish, 
5 am w/ DR, PJR and a bookbag, pine street, bi- 
kini briefs on TM roof, busted prom night w/ 
ME + AF, Deux, Burn the evidence, HF and her 
caravan, wearing a motor cycle helmet at EM 
house, Catholic holiday's w/ NM, ride w/ the 
hippies, 7/3 wasn't Ron a stud, PH graduation 
parties in two different states, everything that 
happened w/ UW, EM loves live entertainment, 
AA on monday nights, 4h dances, hockey prac- 
tices, ski trip w/ ME, EM, DB, ER, LP, fights at 
hockey, giving EM a life long ear infection w/ 
CA, trying to play soccer, Captains Quarters, all 
of BB paperboy's, chilling in the left lane w/PH. 
Sorry about all the things I screwed up. Good 
luck Jon + Matt. Thank you dad and anyone 
who was there when I needed them. 


Jen, Jenny, Planka, Ike 

"Life is not a piece of cake, it's a blob of mud 

Cross Country 1, Spring Track 1-2, Field Hockey 
2, Year Book, 4, French Club 1-3 (Pres. 3), Na- 
tional Honor Society 3-4 

August 1st Scituate beach, walking in Hingham 
at the school playground, friut punch in school, 
Scituate Fair coolers, "hello", France '94, SAT's 
and 8 hrs, sleeping with TH on the phone, Angels 
SR kisses ground after 80 mph, "Rita", Fridays 
"Don't eat that!", Aerosmith w/ LM would have 
been Billy Joel concert, milk in the nose, B-day 
'94, coffee talk, complaining homecoming '93, 
How's the Patriot's? Bruins? Huck a what? Yo 
SN! I bet I won, laughing fits for 12 years, phone 
calls until 3AM, cobblesquat. Good luck Alberta 
be good, Goodbye CM, LM, KW, DG, BC, JV, 
KW, SR, + TH keep smiling! Krissy, what a 
great 6 yrs, let's do it again sometime OK? 
Timmy good luck in luck and love "Never let the 
sun go down on me" Thank you everyone . . . 
Goodbye NHS ... I remembered you, now you 
remember me. 


Nate, Nathan, Hey You, NQ, Matt Schwinn 

. . . cause she's the cheese and I'm the macaron 
. . -Beastie Boys 

Amesty International 2-4 (coordinator 4), Dran 
1-4, Gymnastics I, 2, Art Club 1-4, A.E. 1- 
S.R.I. 1-4 

Billy B. & the band experience!, "I'm an onion" 
. . PN & PE I will never forget . . . Goin' to t) 1 
mazes w/BM, TM, AC, TD, EN, JQ an all tlj 
fun stuff . . . 12AM Rope Swing, All senior Tr 
class . . . Chem 30 w/RIH, MC 900 w/Shanna 
Co . . ., LM & JM (I ain't got none to sniff 
SK8 fest w/AE, CA, MS, TM, TM, DD, & t! 
whole harbour posse, Lollipop '92, '9 
P.Y.W.O.I.T.A.S.G.J.G. . . How can he be 
smart and live so stupid?, The foreign exchang 
JPF I won't forget you, Wacky Club Casper '9 
". . . He's installing a phone . . .", JQ w/i 
clothes, "CRAZY" Shute . . . Tramp Conte: 
SPAZ ... I want to thank my brother for beii 
so cool to me, I Love U and Thanks to Mom ai 
Dad for everything, I Love You Both . . . A sp 
cial thanks to Shanna. Thanks for being a part 
my life and helping me out . . . Elephant shoe 
Without all of you, I would have never made 
this far and for that I am forever grateful, and 
you "... I want to offer my love and respect | 
the end . . ." CAUSE A SHEEP CAN HEAR 



izzman. Dame, Rizzdogga, Rizzi 

Dancing fires on the beach, singing songs to- 
cher, though it's just a memory, some memo- 
es last forever." -Rush 

olf2-4, Outdoors Club 4 

ig Yellow 79 Ford f-150, Metallica x4, G 'n R, 
erosmith. Pink Floyd, Black Crows- what con- 
rt? Rush, Candlebox, Stone Temple Pilots, 
leat puppets, Danzig, Suicidal Tendancies, 
'oodstock '94 w/LF & BJ, Dream Theatre, pa- 
fic princess, Darth, the living room w/SP, SH, 
IM, etc. "can't stop the budget quad", Fire- 
wer, there goes the access road . . . crash! 
ghts in JW's garage, the Grim Reapers, Taco 
ell, Wompatuck w/PU, KD, "she wants me!" 
ippin' w/CD, Wachusett w/DK, Loon, LF & 
R = Dunkin' donuts, New Year's Eve at Fair- 
eld '93, the Deli, NC . . . thanx!, you never 
now with me, 4 Bucks, ML my Bolle bro., the 
ew = MR, MD, CD, DR, BT, LF, 4 years 
/LF, LS, KL, SK, BH, BH, etc. Good luck 
jys, nowhere rides + talks w/BK, chase in 
K's yard, the Omelette Factory w/DK, the 
arbor w/RB, the bogs DK, BK, SP, BT, PV, 
M, ML, RED, TO, MS, SD, etc. thanx guys I'll 
Iways be there, thanx for everything Mom & 
'ad, good luck MR, to everyone else good luck, 
sep in touch, its been a great party, thanx for 
le memories!! Peace! 


Ron, Rono, Jay-Bird, Phil A. Bole 

She's got everything delightful, She got every- 
thing I need, takes the wheel while I'm seeing 
double, pays my ticket when I speed. 

The Grateful Dead 

Soccer 1 , 2, Track 1 

Fall Dead Tour, Sept. 27, 28. Oct. 1, 3. The 
HORDE, Burgers w/ ME, TM's problem, Hik- 
ing Sugarbush, "We can make it over", EMc + 
ME memory, SK to ME "it happens", turkey 
subs. The Cape w/ SG, JD, EMc, SK, DB, ME. 
"Hey I love U man" JP. Memory of Black Betty. 
"She was like a mom to me", JR, NL sweetness. 
Beside ML's w/ DP. Toga! School Summa Trip 
w/ DB, SK. Paint fights w/ ME EMc, Air fresh, 
April Vakay trip w/ SK, DB. "Do you feel like 
we do", PF, ME, VT trip w/ Beavis and Butt- 
head, Phish, JC, VT, w/ SK, JB, DP, EMc, wif- 
fleball, falling down stairs, Formal Apolo, Scott, 
pull over", UMass w/ DP "take a picture of this" 
"What?", Purple H, Black B, (RIP), Brass M, 
Fire, Light my Fire, much love. Vinny's nuff said, 
The Dead September 21-27, w/ JA, "Dead or 
Bust", my pad, EM + CD at DP's + CC's, AF's 
house, the warriors, DP, EM for pres., Amy for 
the many memories, never forget ya, don't be a 


That it will never come again is what makes life 
so sweet. Emily Dickinson 

Field Hockey (1-4), Basketball (1-4), Spanish 
Club (1-4) National Honor Society (3, 4), Year- 
book (3, 4) 

Freshman year w/ ER + MN, Youth group- JB, 
TL. Canada w/ ER + LP, homecoming '93- 1 
1/2 years w / Chris - summer, Scituate, 
Chatham-gone to PC "Camping" w/ LD + AD, 
Europe, Bball w/ LD, BM, KM - PAT. AS's 
party: police + being sick. April vaca., Piggy, 
Prom '93, Allman Bros w/ JK, LD, KW, New- 
port, Junior Year, EB's endless search, Field 
Hockey-no wins. Christmas '93-Pink turkey w/ 
ER. BP- New Years. Cinnamon Buns beach 
house, BC basketball game w/ AB, AB, + VA 
8th grade dance w/ AB, Myrtle beach w/ LD, 
Mexico, Xmas w/ the Devins. AD's in Boston, 
LD + SM- omni w/ AB, Mattapoisett w/ KW 
-the Dance Kenny and LD. Moms 40th, ER + 
JM then ME then JM, 2 breakups w/ CS, study- 
ing for finals w/ JK Van Morrison w/ JK, LD, 
+ KW. "a night in" w/ KW, april vaca. w/ AB, 
train ride, hotels w/ BS, Good Luck Kaitlin, 
thanks JK, BM, MH, KW, AS, EB Thanks for 
all the memories LD, AB-I think we've finally 
got it figured out- good luck. I love you. Thanks 
Mom and Ella. I love you guys. 


Sott, Scotty, Scottee, Scottie 

In the way of righteousness there is life; along 
that path is immortality. 

Proverbs 12:28 

Soccer 1-3, Basketball 1-2, Wrestling 3-4, Band 
1-4, Mock Trial 3-4 

The "table" and UFO's; Halloween bashes, 
flashlight tag, Bruins games, 100.7 and Jonny 
and the Moon Dogs, "you were born 30 years too 
late". Camp Wonderland and all those involved 
thanx!, Mountain Biking in Wampatuk and Nor- 
ris with CR, DC, TB, DC, and EM, Prospect 
Hill, Mountain Dew, Scavenger Hunt with BC, 
JV, TB, DG, JP, BC, and others, flying like an 
eagle with BC, CC, and KD, brass bands, lessons, 
movie nights at other's houses, study groups that 
went astray, hacking, hacks on the roof, band 
studies, JV good luck in GA or whatever BC, JV, 
DC, DG, TH, TB, KW, and JP, thanks for the 
times and God bless everyone, sorry I didn't get 
to know you but thanks for the memories. May 
God guide you wherever you go and whatever 
you do. Good bye. 


Linda, Linzerd 

"Lord here comes the flood, we will say goodbye 
to flesh and blood. If again the sea is silent, in the 
end he's still alive. "-Peter Gabriel-DH 

Art 1-4, Soccer 1 

Campin with DD, DM, KC, Pink Floyd, Dawn 
your car is dead! First time with Heather, Deb, 
Reardon at the river. Woodstock '94 w/DM, JN, 
DD, JB. Bowling, ES, AK, JN. Bush, bush, bush. 
Talks w/DD. Wild thing!! First trip w/JP. 
Christmas '93, ML. Wamp, "G". Stetson "G". 
Maine, Egga! Cape Cod, Welfleet. Pink Floyd. 
Dark side of the moon, DL, PW, BP, JT. Run- 
ning in the rain JT. The cops are here! Lollapal- 
ooza. DD, DM, "G", AF, NL, BS, DH, GG. 
Wampatuck, LM. I love my flashlight!! (Bal- 
loons) Dancing w/ML. Driving in the Hornet 
w/"G", Hit the toggle. Nights at River, Norris. 
Nights at my house, "I dare you"! Cops!! The car 
goes beep, beep!! Talent show w/ES. Rollerblad- 
ing w/"G". Thanks "G", DD, DM, AF, JP, BS, 
LM, ES, JM, DP, SO, for all the good times! 
"G", I'm still waiting for my white house, two 
baby girls and you! I love you baby!! Thanx 
Mom, Dad, Brett, Jenna. Love you all!! Good 
luck Class of '95! See ya!!! Ha, Ha Mike one year 



Jue 2 , Suzie-Q, Fredricka, Sue-Siu, Oh Susanna! 

roday is ours: Why do we fear? Today is ours: we 
lave it here: let's banish business, banish sorrow: 
» the gods belong tomorrow. -Cowley 

\mnesty International 2-4, Mock Trial 3, 4, 
Vlath Club 4 

Why?, locked in the bathroom, Erin/ Aaron, stale 
;andy, summer "goals", Secret Santa's jello & 
jinecones, vegitating club, crystal necklace, IPS 
.iass, onion paper, JR gift-wrapped, let's have a 
Christmas party, AI dining experience, ET's let- 
ers, Trig God, YAD-POC, E-lie-zah, 5 am Bos- 
on trips, 4-day practices, candy binges, trio in 
fU, have to have my sour patch kids, loser cruiser 
"or 4 years, last minute science projects, summer 
ichool, card games on the T, ant's car problems, 
iway, PATHETIC, earthy-crunchy camp, speak- 
ng/thinking impediment, "Wait! That's New 
Hampshire!", all nighters, Wha? Whateva!, fro- 
zen baked preserved (NOT!), mentally, intellec- 
:ually, optimetrically auditorally challenged, cho- 
•us-COUAC!, salt makes things shrink, BF (or 
ack of BF's), problems, I dunno, 3-coffee 2 tea 
•ecord, "I thought you were quiet?", I Love gym, 
Ha Ha Hee Hee Heee, "We're gonna explode!", 
rerm 1 Yikes this is hard 2 I'm confused 3 I'm 
joing insane 4 Oh Well!, I gave up 6 hour holds, 
Chem for lunch. Thanks Mom & Dad for every- 
:hing. I Love You! Good Luck Rye, Son, Dave, 
Mike & Class of '95. 


Pete, Pedro 

"That which does not kill us makes us stron- 
ger. "-Friedrich Nietzche 
"If you're searching for a silent sky .... 
You won't find it here, 
Look another way 
You won't find it here 
So die another day. "-Dream Theater 

Spanish Club 1 

I'll remember waking up every morning craving, 
at least, three more hours of sleep. Wishing every 
school day were Friday, so I could have a week- 
end off. I'll remember the car chases in the in- 
dustrial park. The Role Playing Games that 
stretched my imagination, and Harvey the nu- 
clear reactor. Other than that my memory is a 
blank. Care for a Greenie? 


"In the beginning is the future, and the future is 
at hand. "-Yes 

I will always remember the wisdom gained in 
high school, and the suffering endured to obtain 



Alyss, Lyss, Stewie 

So much to do that is not e'en begun, so much to 
hope for that we cannot see, so much to win, so 
many things to be. -Morris 

Soccer 1-4 (capt. 4), Winter Track 1-4, Spring 
Track 1-4 (capt. 4), Class Secretary 1, 2, French 
Club 1-4, Yearbook 4 

Vinal school, fire, 8th grade, bike rides, MH's 
garage w/BM, KM, MH-GEM & thunder- 
storms, Horseneck beach, Bolton Valley-Munch- 
kin mogul & shanghai, I know huh?, track camp 
"OWAN", track w/CD, CN, JL, CD-IHCC, AI- 
lman Bros., H.O.R.D.E, JM, SB, study halls, 
RB's candy supply, Abington game, NYC, Cali- 
fornia Dreamin', Clipper Fun Night, weekend at 
LR's, UMass camp, Thriller, pm's at EB's, prey- 
ing mantis, LD-OBBLAMM, New Year's Eves, 
T & JB taking me out, M.E., Florida, Colorado, 
dinners w/T, LD- who are you?, Breakfast Club, 
LD & KW food fettish, BM & ice cream, KW's 
BC dancing, relationship talks w/PH, Chem 
w/MF, Footloose, being obnoxious-NQ, 6am ad- 
venture w/RB, bobby blue, Mattapoisset, pm's at 
Egypt, summer '94 w/ND, EY, AF, TM, EB, 
LD, LR, "we'll cream them", MH's infatuation 
w/BS, DM, BF-Perky Berky, EM-license dinner, 
dude, Emo-thanks, you're the best. Mom, Dad 
and Trav, I love you guys, thanks for always sup- 
porting me, someday I promise to make you 


Meg, Meggie, Nagem, Magoo 

Only those willing to risk going too far can possi- 
bly find out how far they can go. -T.S. Elliot 

Nat. Honor Society (Tres.), Winter Track 1-4, 
Spring Track 1-4, Field Hockey 1-2, X-Country 
3-4 (capt 3, 4), Chem club 3-4, Yearbook 3-4, 
DRC 3-4, Student Gov't 4 

6th grade buddies, chase games, 3 Musketeers, 
cookie dough KW, BC talks. Green light Ne- 
braska? 24-7? Ace-Lost in Boston, bike rides 
KW, Spain '94 DM, BB, KW-Sangria sweater, 
Costa del Sol, orange rinds, JB '93, DM, LF lost? 
walk and yell Dave! JB '94, AMIZ-take me back! 
Isn't he hot? ballet, Dartmouth hat, ticket re- 
fund, KW-CA dreamin', RAC, wicked willies, 
6/94 hero, SM, PDA, hairball, LP '93, -crying, 
dancing car, KN, KW, the spit, JK-bees, rational 
talks, green tafeta dress, Minot light, EE-JLS, 
giggles, night-swimming TH, long talks, moon, 
MH-safety 1st, 16th B-day JK, KW, satellites, 
NYC w/BC, EE, KM, cape KW, driving w/LF, 
alarm clock! Distance, U2-DM, LF, Fairfield, 
Chicago LP, LD, AT, MT, trampoline, Matt. 
KW, mobiles, Prom '94 sleepover, Reality Bites, 
dinners + cape w/LF, rides to school-a tree- 
wind, to all of THEM-I love you all and I'll never 
forget you, and my family-Mom, Dad, Julie, and 
Andy, thank you for all you have done for me. I 
love you! 



Fred, Turner, Turna, Turndogga, B 

Don't give up-Do you think the United Sta 
gave up when the Germans bombed Pearl H 

Animal Ho 

You come from nothing- You go back to nothi 
What have you lost? Nothing. 

Monte Python Life of Br 

Football 1-3, Wrestling 1,2 

West Point w/ Scott, Brian, Frank + Al 
Camp Squanto w/ Alex + Mike Lunn. Soi 
Shore Chapter, Order of Demolay #1, Conch 
94 w/ Pearlstien, Rob Mckay, Sully-throw 
rocks at midgets. Demolay Softball Wo 
Championships 1992 South Shore loss to M 
rose an end to a dynasty three years of Span 
II, DeMolay Minstril shows Too Tal Turn 
Alan this ducks for you. You have been charg 
w/ rebroadcasting a Boston Red Sox game 
out the expressed written consent. Jay in DeV 
lay - We're good. No really we are. Monty 
thon nights at DeMolay. A machine that gi 
Ping, the International Lunch Club. 


ly, Jace, Valencia 

'ou never have to accept the cards that life deals 
ou, the deck can always be reshuffled. 

ootball 3-4, Basketball 
lewspaper 3-4, Band 4 

3, Outdoors Club 4, 

Have we passed the point of no return?", NY & 
Shoot the Dot", the table. Freshman lunch, 
and Diving w/DG, McDonalds #4, the chair, 
2.5x2, Thursdays, good times & bad, Junior 
ear, English w/Miss V., Trip to Canada, TH & 
is flat tire, robot box man, Halloweens, the of- 
ce, Gaffield Park, BC & his hack, "Cruise '92", 
ephant toilets, shopping instead of the beach, 
oon trip one, the deaffening snore, Cohasset, 
orcelin and poetry, Feb. 13 a dance in a drive- 
ay, "This Night", Billy Joel concerts, 5 AM 
ips, a shower, Norris, Both EB games, Combos, 
le ruined Christmas, 106.7, making tapes, "The 
'atural". Adventures w/TH, Clue & a friend 
ho knew all the words, Campfire & a bottle of 
am, BS artists, Plesteek & Pumpkin, Doogie, "I 
slieve your son was truent from school", Home- 
iming '93, white water trip (didn't that work out 
•eat). Challenges, Nights w/KW, Good luck 
G, SR, BC, TH, DC, TB, KW, JP & BC, Any- 
ing that may happen, Interchangable parts; 
on't, Friendly's, George, Goodbye!!! 


Pam, Pammie 

Field Hockey 1-4 (capt. 4), Softball 1-4 

Only those who risk going too far can possibly 
find out how far they go. -T.S. Eliot 

Freshman field hockey camp w/SN, "where's my 
bed?", KM's house freshman weekends, 11:11 
make a wish w/ TW in the trunk of EE's Jeep, 
town hall dances, sleepovers at KN's, summer of 
'92, swimming at DM's pool, sneaking out w/AA 
& KB, getting caught, SN Thanx for 8 years of 
memories, summer of '93, Blueberry island 
w/JH, JW, O'D, MF, TB, AC, yelling at big 
boat, on the rocks at Minot, thanks for all the 
memories JH, KL's grad. party, was it fun?, what 
was TW doing behind the X-mas tree?, thanks 
TB for carrying me out of the woods, Mom, I'm 
going fishing, 3AM, staying out all night, MF, 
BO'D & me-three amigos. DM and AA- you are 
my BFF, Thanx for the memories. 


Kim, Kimbo, Berly, Kimmy 

"Promise only what you can deliver. Then deliver 
more than you promise." 


Soccer 1-4 (Capt. 4) Basketball 1-4, Tennis 1-4, 
National Honor Society 3-4, Class Treasurer 2-4, 
Student Government 1, 2, 4, Peer Ed 3-4, Span- 
ich Club 2-4 

Jimbo 92, 93, 94, Sugarloaf DD, JK, "wanna 
swim?" Bolton Valley AS, LD, BM, MH, yeah, 
baby-say, Spain BB, MT, DM "please find the 
alarm clock", HORDE, MH and all, the 
barge-of course you can fit, "totally casual" in 
London, quiet night with LR, the spit with MT, 
homecoming w/ PH, Mr. Browne's bait shop, 
JK-easy cheese, pancakes with LD and LR, rein- 
forced nylons, wrestling in snow suits, "sweet 
concerts", sleepless night from NS, prom with 
DD, #12 Cape Cod crusaders, hurricane Bob, 
horseneck with AS and MH, 16th surprise w/ 
BM, breakfat w/ Betty, flicks w/ Melinda, 
thanks Emo, to all my friends-thank you for ev- 
erything and I'll miss you. Dad, Mom, Sara and 
Alex-I love you. Good luck class of '95! 


Kris, Krissy, Miss Whit, Kris-Kringle, Kit, Mike 

"What is popular is not always right, what is 
right is not always popular." 

Summer '92. February 13 and 24 '94, Pretty 
Woman, Princess Bride, Siamese Twins, Pool 
halls, P in the Pits '93, Flying Kites, The Days in 
Black, Smile, Sprees, Quabblesquat, Black Pond, 
Alarm clock nights, SAT Study Jr Yr. English, 
Prom '94 Football games, F250's, Senior Por- 
traits, Battle of the Bands, Swahili Bars, Uno's, 
Chilis, Fridays, Tennis game. All of those nights 
w/JV! Pizza w/Police '92, French movie, Trust, 
Honesty, Jr/Sr Cruise '93, The Economy Pack 
Late night chats, 143, France '94, Italy? Coffee 
talk, Sparrow, Sulli, Rosie, Ms. V., Horse shows: 
U.S. '94, Canada '93, Canada '94 w/Jay, 
Tuckerman's Ravine, Snowfort "94, Poetry, 
Paintings, Anniversaries, Boyz II Men, Garth 
Brooks, Billy Joel, 71.5X2, Schoolyard nights, 
Gaffield Park, Late night chats, McD's, Lunch 
cookies, "How's those Patriots?" "3" Take the 
bad with the good, Thank you everyone! Jen, 
there will never be an end. Jason, we have only 
begun, Good luck to all my friends; Keep in 
touch! Mom, Dad, and Gram-I love you. I can 
never thank you enough. Look out, here I come! 
You'll be proud. Bye NHS . . . I'll miss you all! 


Beth, Biff, Biffy, Bethy, Any, WHITTY 

"Do not follow where the path may lead, Go in- 
stead where there is no path and leave a trail." 

Cross Country 1-4 (Capt 3-4), Winter Track 1-4, 
Spring Track 1-4, Outdoor Club 4, 

Name that Tune, "Kate, don't spill the popcorn", 
pizza truck!, Luck, Rocks, River, squeaky play- 
ground, Duck, Duck, Goose, BV, grape juice in- 
cident, 18 hours, untuckable-inable, drippy cone, 
stream, Ms. Clair's 5th period class, Billy Joel, 
Jimmy Buffet, "Dance with him, Jen", Gardner, 
NY, X-C camp, those 6.2 mile runs, surprise 
party '90, Spain, boxes, boxes, brrr, Beach, Raul, 
NY mills, snake shop, rock hard bread-with ev- 
erything, horse burgers, Prom '94, Nantasket, 
SS s random notes, Soph, lunch, looth win, BK 
rainstorm, Freshman study, Gummy Bears, 
YPST, Snapple Caps at midnight, hr. long gym, 
Didn't I see you at the SAT's? KM's army men, 
van ride from Northfield, Attitash w/Melissa, 
meetings on the rock, yo man, stop playing with 
the pennies, those cheap Spanish beds, Is this a 
4x400 or a 4x 200? Bike rides, "Blister in the 
Sun", you gumdrophead! What?! Florida, Buck, 
Can't think of anything else, so, That's All Folks! 


Willy, Will Dog, Donald 

"You're never lost, you're only temporarily r 

-Jay Braba 

Football 1, 2, 4, Basketball 1-2, Track 1-4, Sp 
ish Club 1-2, Outdoors Club 4 

Road trips to Boston, Aerosmith w/ JH, P 
LF, KN, AA, PV, JH, fried tomatoes w/ 
Boston Common w/ BL, New Year's Eve "S 
"Secret Missions", Nantucket w/ DM, KN, P 
BD, NR BOAT, episodes w/ MP, "Big Fo< 
Night on the rocks w/ LF, Preppie, MF, B(! 
"92" Skip day, Hog relay w/ JN, TB, JO, pi 
hockey, "Hey baby, what's up?", jello on Ci 
Street pond, GHM, gas dock with Preppie, 
Fest '93 at Blueberry Island w/ BOD, PV, , 
JH, MF, Halloween '92 at DM w/ TB, DD, . 
BC, mellencamp w/ DV, AA-"Definately gc 
next year", Football on Cross St. Field, Bra 
and his Mary's experiences. Park benches, F 
ing trips w/ AC, ML, TB, JN, DM, To my fcl 
ily, thanks for everything with all my Love, 
to my friends. Best of luck and thanks for Ev( 

— 5 — r 




Willy, Todd 1 

". . . to know even one life has breathed easier be- 
cause you have lived. This is to have succeeded." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4, Track 1, Spanish 
Club 1-2 

August 25 1993! TB elastic golf, raspberry gin- 
gerale-Green Harbor, late night prom '94, Beach 
MTV, Baltimore night '94, JJ concert, July 8, 
1993, Cross St. football, Summer nights-beach 
house, NR BOAT, '93 football season, JV ball, 
River Rat, Pre-Season football field, Aerosmith, 
Friday dinners, Starland after, Car-carring, BC 
TB ML-Mary's, Skipping school, EM stretchy 
skin, wiffle ball, My turn-fun, Christmas tree 
run-TB, upstairs thrill; nights in town, who's 
right tackle? mouse w/OD, line pals, rainy docks, 
fishing expedition, EMO's class, camper nights, 
dudo, Night missions, Tuna-fishing-Cutty Hunk; 
Virginia '94; tackle buddy-MW. To my football 
team whom I love and care about very much, 
thanx for everything; To all my friends who I 
love, JH, BC, TB, DM, BOD, DD, PV, BM, EM, 
MW, AB, BL, KN, SD, PH, JN. I want to thank 
my family and friends for everything, I love you 
all. Sandra, I love you more than anything and 
always will. 


Shelby, Shel, Sheldog, Shelly, Shelaylay 

"When others demand that we become who they 
want us to be, they force us to destroy who we re- 
ally are." - James Douglas Morrison 

Soccer 1-4, Spring track 1, 4, Nat'l Honor Soci- 
ety 3,4 , Yearbook 4, Amnesty Int'l 1, 4, Outdoor 
club 4, French club 1, 2, 

That'll be $7,500!, Crossing rivers w/dogs, Bra- 
bie's giggle mode. Deep thoughts w/PH, Hist, 
class w/KW, MC, & DD-DENIED! summer '91 
w/LS & HH, Jerrybladers! sneaking drinks 
w/KM, cat attack @ Newmie's, Tropicana guy, 
8th gr. Hist. & Soph. Spanish w/PH-"Our best 
friend, Jon," EB home haircut, Rosie the pig 
w/EE, LD shriek Freshman year, BM-"I feel 
NO PAINI-OW!," Spanish w/KW-you kept me 
sane!-Speak up! Brabie, JL & BM-"Ooh Shelena 
walking down the street," Scituate game, '94 w/ 
Cyn, Jack, Ray & Clarence Cali-SFO-"Dork", 
Hawaii, Aa, NY, Ga, Me, Canada, Ohio, Texas, 
Utah, NJ, CN, RI the rest "The Nerd" 8th ski 
trip w/JC stuck between 2 trees, family w/Mags, 
Cole School gang, Fab-"Oh Oh the Right Stuff!" 
cookies w/Hud, to everyone-thanks for the mem- 
ories and I wish you all the happiness and success 
in each of your futures. Don't be a stranger, 
Mom, Dad, and Lance- Thanks for everything. I 
love you. 


Yuri, Yurof 

"I'll ride wave where it takes me. "-Pearl Jam 
Wrestling 1, Soccer 1-4 

Big Wed's, ND, JT, MF, Road trip ND, AF, 
MC, coffie & cumb's & surf, AF, ND, MC, JT, 
BM, BK, CS, MF, Wake & BK's, AF, ND, MC, 
JT, DP, "Its Babby, 6:00 AM", AF & ND & 
DB, Monastar, ND, AF, BK, BH's w/SK, JR, 
DB, Skiing w/AF, ND "It'll take off paint 
boom!" AF, ND OMAHA, AF, ND, MC, BK 
w/EM, MC, SD Pearl Jam AF, MC, ND, 2 
month's KK, Fabulous Foursome, AF, ND, EY, 
KK, Swampy, Pond fishing, MC, AF, JN, ML, 
JT, ND, D2 & Ron, Prome AF, KK, EB, AS, 
JT, MC, ND Ski tapes ND, MC, nf BK, TM, 
BM, NJ, And then there was 2, ND, Fulla's 
party w/MF, TM, AF, MC, AF, MW, JL, ML, 
Soccer '94, Boston "I'll drive", AF, AF, ND, T 
Bones at 2:00, It's party, Tigers Eye, KK, Dun- 
gon ND's, seccians, Parte EM, Sleepin in the 
Subaru, OH, OH Black Betty, Thanx Scott for 
making me kind, Purple Haze four feet of lovin. 
TM's party, Timmy are your parents home. 
Sarnies, Run Fulla she's home, Busted, The jour- 
ney of life began. Brett's boat 10:10 again, Eri- 
ka's parents are kind. Times will change but good 
times will last forever. Special thanx to all my 




The u&ars [we passed quickly, anJ 
is_ 4imfi V as 4-oj£wve oji A14K 

<tf NHS, 

Hayd bo4k 
with and 



have ole-feec! wh<? we are. l-f mot memories begin 
h fod^kJthcpi ttiai -flu's yearWk ivill uniit 
-Hwse sca-W-ered pieces, (tie w\%h wa. -fAe bds/ ot 
luck in yocir ta-lare endears 4.rtj u/£ Hcpeihal 

you. will always be able jo ref/eci- on jfoci wdrd. 

ahs cmc^ y^ar -J-zmes ter£. 
(tanks Ulrs-Dai-m and-ffid 
enfi'r^ yearbook ihtt. 




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617-826-2306 617-749-4551 





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I know you will all be a great success! 


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